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The GOOD to GREAT lacrosse staff is made up of experienced collegiate coaches. Our camps are designed to highlight our philosophy: Individual enhanced skill development can truly transform a young man from being a GOOD lacrosse player, into a GREAT lacrosse player. It is the attention to detail and the clarity of communication which can help a GOOD coach be recognized as a GREAT coach. At GOOD to GREAT: you will be coached by college coaches. With over 30 Colleges In attendance at our GOOD TO GREAT SHOWCASE: players can expect top caliber coaching, as well as high level evaluation. The coaching staff at GOOD to GREAT have been hand selected based on success during the previous 24 months of coaching. These fine coaches represent some of the finest academic institutions in the world. They have also proven that they have a passion and a creativity to teach the game at the highest level. Our coaching will NOT be beat.