Clutch Factor

Here is how it works:

The Clutch Factor is mathematically designed to determine who has the most impact when their team needs them the most. So a goal against a superior opponent, or a point in a close game is given more weight than a blowout against a weaker team.

Here is the math:

1. A player’s total points per game divided by the total team goals. (This represents the percentage of offense that player generates.)

2) This number is multiplied by 5% decreases based on the goal differential. So if you won or lost by 5 goals then the number above is multiplied by .8 (100% - (4 x 5%) ). If you won or lost by 1 goal then it is multiplied by 1.

So the Clutch is the sum of each factor for each game and identifies which players mean the most to their teams when it counts. A players points are magnified or discounted by the amount they win or lose by.

The Clutch factor will change each week as new games are entered in the system so be sure to look for who made the most difference each week!!