Blackfeet Woody Buttends Lacrosse Stringing Supplies
  • These solid wood buttends are not just great looking; they are the best buttend on the market for performance as well. Your hand comes to a complete and definite stop, just what you require for competitive lacrosse. Made of Solid Maple or Brazilian Cherry you push them into the hollow of your metal shaft while holding the waxed hockey lace. Very simple, just don’t jam it onto the cement – this is wood bro. While pushing the buttend in, the thin metal walls of your shaft flex out just a little, held strong by the waxed hockey lace. Perfect every time. You can then pull them back out but with force.
    Approved for use by NCAA and NFHS regulations.
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Lacrosse - 5/29/15 reply

Will this work on a warrior Levitation
(no subject) - 8/29/14 reply

Easton Legend Kanuga Grip? - 7/08/13 reply

Anybody have a Kanuga Legend? I know it has the tear drop shape so I'm wondering if this will even fit. Not trying to waste $6
FIT - 4/20/13 reply

will it fit on a sc-ti stallion D
FIt - 3/01/13 reply

Would this fit a nike vandal?
Fit - 10/25/12 reply

Does this fit the Easton legend?
(no subject) - 8/24/12 reply

How would this look on an easton Beast since its a wood shaft? Also im getting an easton beast with a black x10 what should the mesh and string coloring be?
yes - 6/12/12 reply

yes it would fit on the bazooka cuz of the bazookas shape
? - 5/30/12 reply

would this fit on a maverick bazooka?
STOP!!!!!! - 5/24/12 reply

i just bought this butt and it doesnt fit into concave shafts!
(no subject) - 5/07/12 reply

This doesn't even look legal and 8.90 for a butt-end that's insane!
But End - 2/28/12 reply

If your one of the the people who tapes their but end this is a great way to make it legal and fill the hole at the end of the shaft you can still tape a ring around the shaft
(no subject) - 2/06/12 reply

i have one my shaft and its so beast! Perfect stop, looks great, very deadly. Can't get it off though...
(no subject) - 12/19/11 reply

since non of u guys said first I'll be first,
(no subject) - 8/27/11 reply

stoppers at the end of a shaft but are really fat so ur hand stops. but Im guessing they would only look good on a woody
(no subject) - 6/26/11 reply

what are these?!!!
(no subject) - 6/22/11 reply not gonna be tht guy who says first
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