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  • New Design
    Great Flex
    Offset Design
    Legal for all levels of play
The Blueprint line of heads is modeled after the Clutch Line. Many consider it the "clutch killer" because of the similarity in design and the lower price point.
This is a great choice for players looking for a high end head design without the high end price tag.
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Attack - 6/02/13 reply

I just got this yesterday, it looks pretty solid and on the tag it says designed for all positions.
defense - 4/19/13 reply

this or eve 3 for d
great attack/middie head - 4/16/13 reply

works great for attack men and middies. BUY THIS HEAD!
Best D heads? - 11/03/12 reply

Im on varsity and i have the Edge and X10 for Defense. Can somebody name me some other really good D heads?
best d head - 12/14/12 reply

i play varsity also and use this head and absolutely love it
(no subject) - 1/16/13 reply

Brine clutch 2
(no subject) - 6/28/12 reply

this looks terrible
Which one? - 6/23/12 reply

This or the clutch? I play middie
(no subject) - 6/28/12 reply

clutch all the way
lsm heads? - 5/07/12 reply

whats the best lsm head
a few - 5/12/12 reply

i use this and really love it but i also like the evo pro og
(no subject) - 4/07/12 reply

does this pinch itself like the clutch x does?
what? - 4/05/12 reply

I play d-pole... should I get this... x10... or proton u?
(no subject) - 4/17/12 reply

I would personally get the x10.
X10 - 5/03/12 reply

x10 all the way! it has the stiffness you need and you can throw and shoot very well when needed!
(no subject) - 2/08/12 reply

this or edge? in terms of stiffness and gbs
D? - 2/02/12 reply

This or Proton U? I play LSM and D and i want something with more pinch than the x10.
(no subject) - 2/20/12 reply

Well the proton u has slightly less pinch than an x10 so if you want more pinch this is clearly your best bet. An edge also has a moderate amount of pinch, and a cyber pro has a good amount of pinch while still being very durable and stiff
(no subject) - 3/20/12 reply

i also play lsm and i have this head, this is perfect for getting gb's and stiff enough to retain its shape after checking some1
(no subject) - 10/08/11 reply

i heard that the maverik prep is pretty flexible
Stiffness??? - 9/18/11 reply

I want a FLEXIBLE head that is NOT very stiff. Is this a good head for what i want??
m80 - 4/20/13 reply

go with m80 it starts stiff then it gets a good amount of flex on it.
DEFENSE - 9/09/11 reply

is this good for d?
YES - 11/21/11 reply

i just got this for D and it is awesome good checks and picks up GBs like butter
edge x vs blueprint x - 9/09/11 reply

i play hard d(also some lsm)and run it up alot which head is better in your opinion? does this head warp quickly? please get back quickly
(no subject) - 8/04/11 reply

all this is is a clutch with a differnt side wall
(no subject) - 8/02/11 reply

should I use this or get the spyne x for d?
rocket pocket - 7/14/11 reply

Should i get this with a rocket pocket? is it any good oe should i get a different head with one, and it what head ?
(no subject) - 7/18/11 reply

This head is really stiff. If that's what you're looking for, then you found it. Although for a rock-it pocket I would go for something with a little more stringing holes. I bet it would work great either way, though!
(no subject) - 7/14/11 reply

Great head, especially with a high pocket. (A LOT WIDER THAN IN THE PICTURE, BUT GREAT EITHER WAY!!!)
(no subject) - 7/07/11 reply

this is an awesome middie head
(no subject) - 7/03/11 reply

hows the factory stringing on it? i personally have found that brine factory strung heads are pretty good
(no subject) - 7/03/11 reply

This looks just like the clutch...
(no subject) - 7/03/11 reply

pretty much is bro they just took 1 sidewall bar out of it other than that its basically a clutch for 40 bucks less
(no subject) - 6/27/11 reply

The xcalibar sucks really, it's for fraeken noobs who can't play lacrosse and that need a huge as$ head just so that they can catch properly, blueprint or gospel ks the way to go for d
(no subject) - 6/25/11 reply

is this head good for stringing tranditonal and im middle and attack
buy this head - 6/22/11 reply

i love this head and it's by far one the best ncaa heads out there. but the super power is just a bit better:)
(no subject) - 6/19/11 reply

is this any good for face offs?
(no subject) - 7/07/11 reply

I think it's too stiff (that..... is what she said)
(no subject) - 5/02/12 reply

good one haha
(no subject) - 6/18/11 reply

This looks awesome in green and if you get it strung its too soft
(no subject) - 6/13/11 reply

This head is amazing for a defender who throws some hard nasty checks and wants a head to keep up. it is really light, ive had it for months and hasnt even started showing signs of warping, highly recommended
(no subject) - 6/09/11 reply

dgn - 5/10/11 reply

This is my first year at D and im on a traveling team and want a new head right now i have an av8 Im 12 will this be a good head for me
suggestions - 5/11/11 reply

this is a pretty good head for d (like that guy dr. lacrosse said) but here are some other suggestions:xcalibur, proton u, x10, spyne, and bionic peace, bro
(no subject) - 6/12/11 reply

go for the gospel little more expensive but it really good d head..and then if you need to fall back on the blueprint..
Cool Head - 5/03/11 reply

this is a cool head because I got it for a d-pole head (it's stiff enough for that), but put it on my shorty, instead, and worked just as amazing.
advice asap - 4/29/11 reply

this or the gospel for middie?
(no subject) - 6/04/11 reply

This CJ Constible uses it
(no subject) - 6/12/11 reply

if your middie go for the bluprint,, the gospel is really good D head.. im attack and i use the maverick rize(i love it)!!!!
(no subject) - 4/20/11 reply

i just got this and its amazing
(no subject) - 4/18/11 reply

is this head to wide for a middie/attack to use?
(no subject) - 6/04/11 reply

(no subject) - 4/09/11 reply

How is this for LSM?
(no subject) - 4/22/11 reply

REEEEEEEEL good. CJ Constible uses it
Answers 4 U - 4/08/11 reply

wel yeah its a good head but its all on how you lay and if you feel conforitable with it. equipment is suppost to fit you and suit you with what your capable of doing on the field.
(no subject) - 4/17/11 reply

cool story bro
(no subject) - 4/07/11 reply

Is this good for defense. Right now I have a x 10 but it is getting really flexible. I know that cj contsable uses one but is it a good head for d.
Answers 4 U - 4/06/11 reply

Great head for Attack and middi by FAR D players. its your oppnion on how you play not all D players like the offence so the may want a wider head for clearing and scooping. NOT a cranke shaft head and wll fit good on most shaftes but some might be tight but i onley know of one purson with that problem. You can take this advice even though i did have a Q below but thats for other ppls oppinion for dont think im stupid my uncle is in the NLL for orlando.
??????QQQ????? - 4/06/11 reply

I have had bad expirience with hard mesh s should i get soft mesh or six dimand. im thinkin i like six dimand but wats the softes of it.
(no subject) - 4/12/11 reply

get 6 diamond after a while soft just gets whippy
ADVICE ASAP !!! - 4/03/11 reply

This or an Addidas Grant??????
(no subject) - 4/06/11 reply

niceness - 4/03/11 reply

this head is as light and stiff as a clutch, has the exact same shape, (just less stringing holes) and its $20 less. no brainer. get the x for d, regular for middie or attack. the x is just a little wider.
(no subject) - 3/30/11 reply

I have it as a backup and its served me pretty well, good performance for a decent price
(no subject) - 3/27/11 reply

this or the torque
(no subject) - 3/27/11 reply

this. this is basically a simpler version of the clutch. i have this and the clutch and honestly cant tell the difference when i dont look. the torque sucks
#1 - 3/25/11 reply

stiff, light, perfect pinch. all around great head.
Great head - 3/04/11 reply

The ppl who talk this head down obvi dont have it, if u are looking at getting it, you should. This head is a great buy!
(no subject) - 2/27/11 reply

(no subject) - 3/27/11 reply

nah bro your just jank.
Really Good head - 2/25/11 reply

great head, really good shooting
do not get !!!!!!!!! - 2/10/11 reply

do not get this i got it and it a lil less stiff than clutch which means it will warp faster than the clutch!!!
shut up - 2/24/11 reply

your dumb stop talking
(no subject) - 2/25/11 reply

(no subject) - 1/22/11 reply

This or X6?
(no subject) - 2/24/11 reply

x6 is just for ncaa
sauce can in hand - 1/19/11 reply

just swooped up this spoon with a maverik phenix... enough said, its like and orgasm on the field
(no subject) - 1/09/11 reply

is there any big difference between this and the clutch x?
. - 2/09/11 reply

it's cheaper
Great Head - 1/09/11 reply

it has great hold and durability but it didnt fit on my shaft when i got it. all you have to do is heat up the end a little bit and work the shaft in there and your good
(no subject) - 4/11/11 reply

i was wondering how to go about heating up the end cuz im unable to get my shaft on so i would like to know how exactly u did this
(no subject) - 12/26/10 reply

i have this head great hold durablily and accuracy get it custom string and it s amzimng
(no subject) - 2/10/11 reply

no this head sux way to flimsy and breaks to fast
(no subject) - 2/25/11 reply

no, its really good, durabilitys fine
(no subject) - 5/03/11 reply

thats the biggest lie ive ever heard bro
D Head - 12/22/10 reply

Im lookin for a head that is super light and durable. Any suggestions?
(no subject) - 2/23/11 reply

evolyte or evolyte x they so lite and strong
(no subject) - 12/16/10 reply

is it a crankshaft head cause it wont fit on my brine rocket al6000 shaft
(no subject) - 12/26/10 reply

no get its a really tight fit but i made mine work
head - 12/13/10 reply

this or answer pro??????? idk
ROCKS - 11/28/10 reply

- - 11/24/10 reply

just ordered one with the custom stringing :D good deal
attack - 11/17/10 reply

this head is best for attack or attacking mid. little stiff for faceoffs, but not too bad so it should be fine. this head is just as good as the proton powers and clutches. and alot less.
Good Head? - 11/14/10 reply

Is this a good head for an attackman?
Just Bought It - 11/06/10 reply

This heads awesome...70 bucks gets u a great stiff head. i play middy and its awesome gotta add lots a hold but if ur good at stringing ur good to go
(no subject) - 11/04/10 reply

not good 4 d but good mid and att
Just Bought It - 11/03/10 reply

Just ordered this head last night ill try to leave a good review once i get it since it looks like im the first one to buy it
(no subject) - 10/29/10 reply

how do i take off something from my cart?
(no subject) - 4/06/11 reply

were it says how many orders of the idems you want click and erase then type 0 and the order will go away
should i use it for dpole - 10/29/10 reply

plz respond, i play dpole and need a new head respon d
(no subject) - 10/04/10 reply

neon green with black maverick phenix shaft.... SEX
(no subject) - 10/08/10 reply

It is sex should i get it for my son?
(no subject) - 10/01/10 reply

when did this head even come out? its like 80 some dollars on
(no subject) - 9/23/10 reply

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