1 Clutch X Elite
1 Clutch X Elite
1 Clutch X Elite
1 Clutch X Elite
Brine Clutch X Elite Lacrosse Heads
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  • Designed for Elite Players

    Cored inner sidewall to reduce weight without sacrificing strength.
    Maximum offset for great accuracy and control.
    Legal for all levels of play.
When we first received the Clutch Elite X from Brine, our Pro's immediately noticed several key features that set this head apart from others. First the new Core Tech makes this head extremely light, allowing offensive players to rip fast and accurate shots. We also loved the strength to weight ratio here. The unique placement of the stringing holes allowed us to put the pocket where we wanted it, something all players can really appreciate. Overall this is a premium head, one that is great for the college or high school level and is sure to be one of our best sellers.
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(no subject) - 3/27/15 reply

i have an elite hs, and am considering making the switch to an x spec head. how does this head compare to the hs version if at all?
(no subject) - 7/24/13 reply

this or the reg clutch
Great head overall - 4/18/13 reply

I've had this head for a while now and I really love it. Its very light but extremely durable too. I like how the head is shaped at the top because it narrows the channel. So when you shoot, you'll be very accurate. The lax.com pro stinging is nice for a while, but overtime you might have to redo the shooters and get a new mesh. Overall, this head kicks ass. I made the great decision to buy it and you should too.
x head - 3/09/13 reply

does anyone know if this head is to wide compared to the evo x? please help, thanks
Really light - 1/12/13 reply

I just got this head in the mail today and it is super light. I thought that only the side panels were hollow but it turns out it is the whole thing is hollow. It is very stiff good for defense the feel of it is really nice. for my first brine head I am very impressed with it.
Mini Review - 1/08/13 reply

I currently have 2 of these heads. They are definitely a light head, a little lighter than my noz but heavier than my emperor x6, which also fits in with what they say about this head. Feels pretty sturdy, but I feel as if it will become a little flexible over time, for the simple fact that it is a clutch and the sidewalls are thin. It is stiff, I would say it wouldn't be good on a face-off, it feels like the plastic would either kink weird or break. Unless you are an LSM I would not use this on a d-pole, because once again I feel like it will become too flexible. All in all this is a great head for offense. Midfield would see the most benefits from this head. I use to use a CEO and I feel that this head performs better than a CEO. If anybody has any for trade please contact me, laxxmann7@gmail.com or (216) 224-3220.
Defense - 1/02/13 reply

anyone know if this is stiff enough for defence?
(no subject) - 3/14/13 reply

you mean defense...
(no subject) - 5/05/13 reply

well arent u helpful
Subject - 11/29/12 reply

First just order this
cool - 11/29/12 reply

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