Brine Collegiate Goal Lacrosse Goals and Nets
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  • For official collegiate and high school games. Sturdy 2-piece construction with heavy duty 1.9 inch powder coated steel pipe. 3 inch flat base bar.

The big dog of the Brine family. You will see these on TV on Saturdays. This goal is for the serious high school player and for high school varsity, collegiate and club level play. A real beast. Flat bottom bars make this a favorite of youth programs that want to buy quality and not be bothered with buying new goals for years to come. Basically the best there is.
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(no subject) - 3/17/11 reply

is there a big difference between collegiante and pro nets
(no subject) - 6/11/10 reply

you shmuck
stevo6402 - 4/03/10 reply

thats not hard
(no subject) - 4/23/08 reply

i was screwing around before practice the other day and i hit triple posts and it went in. its so hard because you have to makle it either hit one of the side posts and hit the top and hit off to the other or the one i did was it hit the left post hit off to the right one and hit the top center of the crossbar and i broke 3 zip ties for each post
(no subject) - 3/28/09 reply

That'd be cool if it happened.
(no subject) - 4/03/10 reply

not hard at all
goal - 7/15/07 reply

its a goal
??? - 6/22/07 reply

what is the size of the Playoff Goal?
size - 2/21/11 reply

its the same size man 6X6
excellent - 5/06/07 reply

It is the best goal ever. This is a guarenteed sucess and worked very good for 10 years. Used for hockey,lacrosse,baseball, and even soccer.
What - 3/26/08 reply

base ball doesnt use a net
actually - 4/08/08 reply

they sometimes use these to throw into and crap
(no subject) - 6/09/08 reply

it doesnt matter if you are a woussy play baseball lax is a real sport
Amen - 1/06/09 reply

Baseball is to slow, and no contact
corners. - 5/03/07 reply

the difference between this and the colligate or the backyard goal is the corners and the netting. The Corners are at a 90 degree angle instead of curved. this makes it good for corners. the net is also very strong.
dummy - 3/02/08 reply

it does not come with a net
try again - 4/12/08 reply

No, it does not come with a net. The real difference is this goal has a 3" basebar and the pro goal has a 4" base/back bar.
(no subject) - 4/13/09 reply

dont buy one. you can make one out of pvc pipes easily.
(no subject) - 1/24/10 reply

But if you can actually rip then good then it is poinless to make one out of pvc cause it will just crach the piping
(no subject) - 2/21/11 reply

yeah but then when u hit pipe ( if you have a good shot) the pvc pipe cracks
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