Brine Element AG Lacrosse Arm Pads
  • Triple density slash protection for the forearm.
    Full wrap molded elbow cap.
    Full coverage on outside of arm and elbow.
    Anatomical design minimizes bulk.
    Comfort-orb liner provides air flow for breath ability
Super duper value here !! We stole these from Brine on a closeout deal. Perfect for newer players looking for a starter pad that will offer superior protection and not break the bank. We liked these so much we incorporated them into our large starter set models as well.
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awsome - 1/15/07 reply

I personaly love these. They do tend to slid down your arm a little while playing, but if you put on some wristbands it keeps em up, and less sweaty. Lots of protection, but doesnt restrict movement much.
(no subject) - 9/09/06 reply

these pads suck they slide down ur arms all the time
ok for the money - 6/03/06 reply

i got these my first year of playin def., they were better than the schools so i wore them, they didn't fit the way i liked but they kept my arms from getting destroyed, awesome protection, crappy fit. any suggestions on a good pair of AG that are good priced would be a lot of help
dont suggest these - 5/09/06 reply

i baught these at the begging of the season not only are the uncomfortable u have to readjust them every five seconds Look for a pair that offers a little more comfort a lot of the other competitors have same protection with better fit look for those...
?? - 4/29/06 reply

Grow some arm muscle or pick a smaller size? Maybe then they wouldn't fall off.
This is what I did - 6/08/06 reply

This works trust me.Cross the top strap of the arm pad and the arm strap of the shoulder pads.It's works really well.I had the same problem
? - 4/11/06 reply

do these pinch your arms
yea. - 10/09/06 reply

these arm pads suck...if you have small arms they slide down your arms, and if you have big arms they pinch you like crazy! however, they do provide nice protection
Decent pads - 4/07/06 reply

These are good, but they kinda fall apart if you play really hard. I have had them for one season and they are frilling already. I would recomned the Warrior MPG 5.0 instead of these. I would definatly pick these if you want some color choice though.
truly disapointing - 4/02/06 reply

these are very very bulky, they pinchvery badly they slide an dinterfere with your glove movement... i was looking forward to these but im not gonna lie, they suck
I agree - 4/28/06 reply

I got these and they are way to bulky. You might as well dress up in a suit of armor.
ok pads - 3/25/06 reply

these are pretty good for 4o ucks but they are kinda big
(no subject) - 3/20/06 reply

These are alright. They gave me a rash!
aye - 3/18/06 reply

i like this but they slip down a lot but over all they provide nice mobilty and protection
do this - 6/08/06 reply

Cross the top strap and the arm part of the sholder pads.It works really well!
sweet - 12/31/05 reply

these have gr8 protection, especially 4 the price
DELAWARE - 12/31/05 reply

THese are ok pads. I tried them on at a lacrosse store, if you wanna get good pads for a low price get these. BUt if youve saved up the extra money get Warrior: MPG Elbow Guard 5.0.
(no subject) - 12/29/05 reply

nice arm pads if u have element gloves mathces pretty nicely
nice - 12/10/05 reply

i have these in orange and there pretty nice. i got slashed the other day and i saw the kid wind up and i heard the smack but didnt feel a thing. great for the price
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