Brine F22 Lacrosse Shafts
  • Premium grade C405 Alcalyte for lightweight and high performance. Up to 25 percent lighter than leading titanium shafts at a better price. Anodized finish protects shaft without adding weight and is bright dipped for extra sizzle.
The F22 is a great value shaft for players looking to step up there game with a reliable classic with great graphics. The 7075 metal mixture on this shaft has the best ratio for
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It will change you forever - 6/12/13 reply

Amazing shaft. Anything with C405 Alcalyte is durable and not so light you think you will break it over your knee. Balanced, sleek, perfection.
(no subject) - 4/28/13 reply

this is not that good
Awesome shaft - 3/21/13 reply

I played with this for 2 seasons and not a single dent has shown up. I love the graphic on it but the paint chips really easily.
(no subject) - 7/13/11 reply

just ordered one and my friend says its amazing and super light!!!!!
(no subject) - 6/24/11 reply

alot better than the new one this is a mad good deal
(no subject) - 6/22/11 reply

should I get this stick (looks good but looks kinda feminine), the Brine SC21 Air Lax Shaft which is 6 or 7 bucks more expensive but doesn't look as feminine, or should I get the STX Summit Lax Shaft which is 50 bucks?
F22 - 6/16/11 reply

This is the most amazing shaft i have ever used, The paint doesn't chip or peel for about 2 seasons, (i play u15) and not even close to one dent. And i play full game, midfield and goalie
Does it fit - 2/05/11 reply

Does this shaft f-22 fit the warrior Mojo head?
Does it fit - 2/05/11 reply

REDDDD - 1/19/11 reply

i want this in red just for the hell of it because it's cheap and i like the brine F series
red - 1/20/11 reply

they ran out of red about 2 or 3 days ago, i ordered this stick and its great for the price.
f22 - 11/23/10 reply

f22 is better than f15 cause the alloy is higher grade in the f22
F15 or F22?? - 11/07/10 reply

need to know asap, anything you know to compare helps
f15 orf22 - 10/20/10 reply

ive been considering these two shafts but i was wondering what the differences were, and also which is lighter and more durable
Reply ASAP - 9/29/10 reply

Is this lighter than the F15?
please read.. - 8/02/10 reply

I bent mine at a 156 degree angle this weekend at a tournament and it was the first actual game I've played with it. I play defense and it was literally the first check I threw. It is very light and has alright feel, but durability is crap
(no subject) - 8/02/10 reply

thats bull, i've had mine for four years and there are only a couple very little dents
you think so? - 8/03/10 reply

Were you at the Battle of Bull Run in DC? Were you the kid I bent it around? no you werer't. And the reason you've probably had yours so long is because either your a crappy D-pole who is afraid to get aggressive, or your an att/mid who is pretty damn good at protecting your stick. I'm the D who throws hard checks and makes you remember me.And this stick is bad for that
hm... - 9/06/10 reply

Sounds like an illegal check, most likely. Good job. Also, that fact that you know it was a 156 degree angle is even more impressive.
(no subject) - 2/11/11 reply

I broke one that I had but it was when I first started playing and it was previously used by a friend for about four years. but I went and bought another one recently and I'm pretty sure I'm a little stronger than you and mine is barely dented and the one that was a couple years old just had a few. I freakin love this stick haha
(no subject) - 8/01/10 reply

im gettin this with a red p2 hell yeah
yeh thats what i have - 7/30/10 reply

btw - 7/28/10 reply

is this as good as the brine ignite supra???
yya - 1/31/11 reply

the ignite supra is to heavy
combo help - 7/28/10 reply

would this be a awesome combo with the clutch X????
(no subject) - 6/17/11 reply

i used to have a clutch on it and i liked it but i put a gait torque on it and i like that better
DONT BUY ROYAL!!!! - 7/27/10 reply

when you buy royal itll change into the color of the water in flordia. some kid on my team got it and he was playing outside and it completley changed color if your goin for the royal look get navy
what!! - 7/28/10 reply

is anyone believing this??????
savee - 8/28/10 reply

nahhh theres only three left so he probably wants to save it for him and his friends or sumthing lol im getting royal blue anyways
Awww only one left - 7/22/10 reply

dibs on the forest green one
(no subject) - 7/17/10 reply

the more stars the lighter
im confused - 7/14/10 reply

for the star ratiings above, im confused. is it "the more stars the lighter it is" or is it "the less stars the lighter it is."???
(no subject) - 7/21/10 reply

plz tell me u were joking?....the more stars the lighter
(no subject) - 7/11/10 reply

Is this and the torque a good combo?
(no subject) - 6/17/11 reply

this f15 or zirconium???? - 7/10/10 reply

should i get a f15 a zirconium or should i get this f15 has best ratings but im not sure
READ - 7/10/10 reply

does the warrior helix head fit on this
(no subject) - 7/04/10 reply

why dont you just buy a gait shaft dumbass.... then you kn ow itll fit.....
fit - 6/30/10 reply

will the gait torque head fit on this???
(no subject) - 6/17/11 reply

yes thats what i have on mine and it is awsome and supper light, the shaft is good but i have lots of dents in mine and its bent a little bit
this - 6/22/10 reply

the bull isnt that great but the dolomite is way to expensive. i mean i would buy it if i was into warrior but the f22 is the beat stick for your money
need an anwser, please. - 6/22/10 reply

which one is an all round better shaft: the dolomite diamond, bull, or the f22?
D POLE - 6/17/10 reply

its an ok d pole if you actuallt play the game right if you slah the shit outa people than no. if you play the right way then its a great shaft
idk - 6/16/10 reply

is this a good long pole?
fit? - 6/16/10 reply

will this fit on a warrior mojo
yeh - 6/16/10 reply

i have that combo mits real good. light and great control.
fit? - 6/14/10 reply

does this fit the clutch x head?
(no subject) - 7/04/10 reply

yes theyre both brine
(no subject) - 6/10/10 reply

i just got this shaft ! and im loving it ! i bent my last one bt this feels solid
(no subject) - 6/09/10 reply

This shaft is so fuckin beast
grip - 6/07/10 reply

i have this and there is NO grip at all
(no subject) - 6/01/10 reply

is this much deferent to the f15
CLEARANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 5/28/10 reply

Sweet - 5/27/10 reply

Super Power and F22 = sexiness
(no subject) - 6/09/10 reply

actually proton power and kryptopro equals sexiness and that equals sexiness for noobs
(no subject) - 6/11/10 reply

are you stupid? super power is ncaa legal, proton has ridiculous pinch and cant be used in ncaa.
who cares - 1/31/11 reply

if ur not playn d then the pinchier the better
agree - 6/19/10 reply

I have thaqt for lsm and it does work on its own hhaa
your choice - 5/27/10 reply

both shafts are good the f55 is sick! but idk if money isnt an abstacle than get the f55 its so nice
(no subject) - 5/26/10 reply

is it worth it to put out the extra money and get the f55 for long pole middie or just get this?
GOOd - 5/25/10 reply

this is a great shaft but kind of heavy
(no subject) - 5/25/10 reply

this is sexy - 5/24/10 reply

its good - 5/24/10 reply

I mean its a good shaft. the grip is still really good but you cant go wrong with the f22 air. if you play d gett the f22. the air has ther air holes now and its awesome and loos kool as shit
(no subject) - 5/22/10 reply

whats the grip feel like? is it like the wonder boys?
READ - 5/17/10 reply

This shaft is a little heavier and the feel is not as great as the f22 air i would spend the extra 10 bucks on the f22 air. brine makes a nice sshaft
(no subject) - 5/11/10 reply

i rlly want this my friend has it and its so light and durable i want it A lot
wierd - 5/04/10 reply

when did this and the f55 get to be the same price?
Good? - 4/16/10 reply

I am an 11th grader defender. I bent to shafts in arow and they were a gait shaft and a brine alloy 7005 ignite shaft. Will this one bend like the others?
(no subject) - 4/18/10 reply

save up for a titanium so u kw it wont break and u save money by only buyin one shaft
GOALIE??? - 4/14/10 reply

is this a good shaft for goalie?
F15 or f22 - 4/13/10 reply

I am a agressive 7th grade d man. I have a brine ignite supra unfortunitly my freind cut it down too shart so i am looking for a new d pole for under $100. f15 or f22 or any other nice shaft for under$20
(no subject) - 4/18/10 reply

im in 7th and i love it
ignites and f series - 12/28/10 reply

Just to clear a couple of things up 1. If you are worried about what head will fit on this shaft, wtop worrying about it. all heads fit on all shafts, worst case scenario you just have to drill a new hole, which is not hard. 2. The f series is exactly the same as the ignite series, they just brought back the f label because everyone liked the old f series shafts. The f15 is the same as the ignite (7005 alloy), the f22 is the same as the ignite optra (7075 alloy), and I believe that both the f55 and the ignite supra are a scandium enhanced alloy (I'm not entirely sure on this one). From experience with the ignite series, I can say spend the extra money on the f22, the 7005 alloy is so flimsy that when my ignite bent, I could bend it back with my hands.
f22 - 4/12/10 reply

i just got mine and it is the best shaft i have ever owned. i love it. it is very durable and very light weight
(no subject) - 4/13/10 reply

joe thats the only shaft you have ever owned
(no subject) - 4/26/10 reply

shut up epnis its still amazingly light
???help??? - 3/30/10 reply

is this a durable handle,, light,, fits clutch is this worth it?
(no subject) - 3/28/10 reply

Would this be a good shaft to go with a stx revolver head?
awesome - 3/28/10 reply

i use this with a proton power and its an awesome duo. The shaft is very light and pretty durable, great for attack. with a little tape on the bottom its got great feel with gloves on.
I like it - 3/27/10 reply

got it a few months back. its really light. i have a red one and it dosnt scratch easy. no dents at all and i played a winter league and the first couple games of this season with it. its a really good shaft for the money id buy a second if had the money lol
durability - 3/26/10 reply

If u get a dark color it scraches easy
this or gait ice - 3/23/10 reply

it would be cool if u could help this or the gait ice
weight - 3/14/10 reply

SUPER LIGHT i had this w.a clutch a few months back, one of the best setups iv had i switched to the gait ice w.the clutch
(no subject) - 3/26/10 reply

I know, i had it with the clutch x
IDK wat do get - 3/11/10 reply

OK im a D player and i cant deside from the F22 or the Zirconium Which is more durable
(no subject) - 3/14/10 reply

i woul say zirconium
? - 3/01/10 reply

would a stx super power fit on this
f 15 - 2/26/10 reply

i have the f 15 from like 5 or 6 years ago and its been my main shaft for that long and is still great but my crap kryptopro just broke after a f_cking week
(no subject) - 3/15/10 reply

Just get another one it has a warranty
Amazing - 2/10/10 reply

great shaft, very light and durable, and at an affordable price
(no subject) - 3/15/10 reply

F15 no doubt about it u can get it for around 50.00 give or take a couple of bucks
Which is better - 2/08/10 reply

I play D and i was wondering which is better for a dpole F15 or F22. p.s. I'm getting a Brine clutch head
One Q? - 2/07/10 reply

Ok don't laugh at me, but I have been playing for about 6 seasons or 3 years now. I'm in a U13 team so I'm wondering, how can a lax stick possibly break? Does it snap in half? Explain.
(no subject) - 2/11/10 reply

sometimes it is just a matter of repetitive hits and it either bends until unuseable or snaps
its snaps - 2/24/10 reply

actually just today one of tghe defenders on my team snapped the stick of one of the attackmen on my team
muy bueno - 2/05/10 reply

i just got this dpole and i love it
worth it - 2/01/10 reply

Do you guys think this is worth the extra like 35-40 bucks over the f15.Im in my first year of lax and I know my al6000 is gonna get beat up so I cant decide whether to get this or the f15 when that happens. And hopefully I'm gonna get a revolver on it at the end of the season for my birthday. So basicaly 15 or 22(value for the money wise)
F15 Deff - 2/02/10 reply

Believe it or not F15 is way better then F22 but faulty reviews make it seem otherwise go with the F15 :)greattt and durable shaft.
(no subject) - 3/15/10 reply

F15 no doubt
Love this Stick - 1/28/10 reply

the f15 is the smallest bit lighter but not really to noticible when playin. the f22 is stronger and though i was told the grips on the f15and f22 are the same i like the f22s grip better
(no subject) - 12/26/09 reply

ok so whats the difference between the f22, the f15 and the f55???
difference - 3/15/10 reply

The difference is the F15 is lighter than the F22 but i dont think its lighter than the F55. the higher F55 is the strongest out of all of them f22 is stronger than F15.
This or... - 10/28/09 reply

kryptolyte with a revo pro, evo pro, or an evo 2.0 for d. and hows the grip on this?
f22 - 10/23/09 reply

i have this for attack and i love it i feel like its pretty light and it has a good feel
this shaft - 10/17/09 reply

im think orange f22 with my new evolution 2.0 how does that sound
this, kryptolyte, or zirconium - 10/11/09 reply

which one and why
Heavy? - 8/28/09 reply

is it a heavy d-pole
(no subject) - 6/17/11 reply

DONT BUY THIS BUY K-LYTE - 8/17/09 reply

noooooo - 7/05/09 reply

the new f15 and 22s suck idk about the 55 but i jsut got mgnum and its sick
Which is lighter? - 6/16/09 reply

Which is lighter wonderboy, gait db803, or brine f22?
db803 - 7/15/09 reply

question about chipping - 6/09/09 reply

I've been looking at shafts and i have the brine swizzbeat(defense)and it peels. I hate when shafts peel and for some reason it annoys me alot. Out of these three shafts which peel/chip and which dont: Brine f22 Brine f15 Brine f55 Brine scandium Brine Magnum Thanks and PLEASE reply
f series is best - 7/31/09 reply

the f series is the only series of brine that doesnt chip other than the Ti22. ive had an f15 for almost a year and the paint has come off a little bit. no dents though. its crazy. i spent 37 dollars thinking it wud be my backup behind my doley diamond. this is 34234234 times beter than the doley diamond. this shaft is the best thing EVER
This and K-Lyte the same? - 6/06/09 reply

Now i've never used either shaft but aren't this and the klyte the same minus shape of the shaft, they're made of the same c405 alloy, i dunno , i guess its like coparing a brine , stx, warrior, and maverik titanium shaft
plz answer - 5/21/09 reply

f22, kryptolyte or gait ice for a helix
ice - 5/21/09 reply

the ice is lighter, and more durable
(no subject) - 6/17/11 reply

gait ice
Love it - 5/19/09 reply

Love the shaft. Great grip, extremely light, relatively durable. I would recommend it for anyone going for a shaft less than $100. Goes great with Proton Power
Great - 5/16/09 reply

i just got this shaft last month, and i love it. Its very light and has a great grip and even better with the right tapeing. The only bad thing is that it does chip after a month. I have like 5 small chips on my red one already. but that doesn't matter. Overall:A-
need an asnwer fast !? - 5/05/09 reply

is the F15 more durable than the F22?
f22 better - 5/18/09 reply

f15 just breaks wi'll the f22 only dents witch is better
(no subject) - 6/17/11 reply

help - 4/30/09 reply

wuts the best shaft for D under 110
This - 5/05/09 reply

Get this for sure if our price range is under $110
Kyrpto pro - 5/16/09 reply

this stick sucks it broke on me in three games with it the krypto pro is a way better shaft
kryptoLYTE - 5/25/09 reply

k-lytes and the f22 are basically the same shaft.whichever has thicker sidewalls is stronger.
goalie - 4/22/09 reply

is this a good shaft for goalie?
question please anser ASAP - 4/13/09 reply

this or the wonderboy and why
DONT GET - 4/19/09 reply

i bought this as a d-pole, and it SUCKS. heavy, no grip, and there were dents in it after my first game with it. wonderboy is way better(as a d-pole and a short stick).
Get this!!! - 5/05/09 reply

I got this shaft and I am so impressed by this shaft. It is so light weight and very durable. The other D-poles on my team were really impressed with how light it was... I put a Proton Power on my F22 and too be honest there was no weight difference at all. And this shaft has a great grip. Its a must buy or something you should really think of!
? - 4/13/09 reply

Will this shaft break or dent alot when i play in high school?
yes - 4/19/09 reply

it dents easily & i play middle school
How for Goalie - 4/11/09 reply

how is this shaft fo goalie anyone
idk - 4/28/09 reply

i just bought it ill tell you how i like it in like a week
head - 4/06/09 reply

how do i know what heads will fit what stick(first year in lax) also is this a good middey shaft
heads? - 3/31/09 reply

will a revo pro head fit this or the f15?
How much lighter is the db803? - 3/28/09 reply

How much lighter is the db803? I dont need an exact number, just give me your opinion about how much lighter or heavier the f22 is compared to the db803. thanx
new to defense - 3/19/09 reply

im torn between the kryptolyte, f22, and f15... help me please
Proton power?! HELP - 3/18/09 reply

Would this shaft go well with a proton power head?
yup - 4/25/09 reply

just got a carolina pp with it, freakin sick
Yes - 5/05/09 reply

I use this shaft with a Proton Power and I can catch every pass and throw perfectly. You must be stupid if you don't use a Proton Power on this
Really?? - 5/18/09 reply

breaks easy - 3/16/09 reply

my friend had this shaft for 3 weeks and its already bent 45 degrees
HELP! - 3/10/09 reply

F22 or kryptolite on an answer
gvshnvdyhjnrebjshta - 3/11/09 reply

Plz help!!!! - 3/10/09 reply

i am lookin for a new stick and i think the F22 is pretty good but the f15 also looks good what should i get. i also have a stx:bionic and i like it a lot should i get the F22 or F15+bionic or F22 or F15+answer
this swizzle 7075 or swizzbeat - 3/03/09 reply

they are the same - 3/07/09 reply

they are all made out of the same 7075 aluminum alloy material so they have the same durability and weight... unless there is a difference in sidewall thickness. thicker sidewall means heavier and more strong. so really it comes down to what grip you want. BTW it says on this site that the F22 is made out of C405 Alcalyte which is just another name for 7075 alloy...
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