Brine Goal Fasteners Lacrosse Goals and Nets
  • Quick Lacrosse Net Repair Fasteners
    Attaches your Net to the metal goal frame
    Easy to use
Easily pop up some new twine in your goal with these fasteners. Quick tip - in super cold climates these may tend to "pop" off the rails a bit. Designed for those of us lazy enough o leave the lashing cordage in the box and start shooting without all the hassle.
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(no subject) - 7/16/13 reply

Just get some grip tape and tape it to the net
zip ties work reall welllll - 9/18/10 reply

Zip Ties - 6/04/10 reply

I bought a bunch of zip ties thinking that my net would stay up better and look better than with string. I was right, but I kept breaking the zip ties by hitting them or grazing them with the ball. I'll probably go back to using string when I get the chance to find some. You can try the zip ties, as they aren't expensive, but I've just had a bad experience with them. Right now my net is just hanging down with it only being connected to the top right corner and the right side, I'm too lazy to get more zip ties and put them on again.
anything else? - 4/10/10 reply

i use these to hold my shooting target on my goal, and i break one almost every day, and i am only in high school. does anyone know of something other than these or zip ties that works well?
break - 9/14/08 reply

i dont even shoot that hard. mid 80's or so and these things break. you are better off buying a 100 pack or something of the heavey duty zip cord things. its about the same amount of money.
How many? - 4/20/08 reply

how many do you get?
nice - 8/03/07 reply

i got these and i used them on my "pitch back" and they are very nice, they are made of stiff elastic and it takes quite an amount of force to stretch them so the ball bounces back v ery fast now and i like it, a must for anyone with a pitch back that has a lot of cheap, broken connectors
THESE ARE OFF THE HOOK!!!! - 10/23/04 reply

you gotta have these, they improve your shot speed by 15 mph. any true lacrosse guru must have these. these fasten on goals so tight i love them more than my stick. i polish them everyday!!! They are my best and only friend...seriously.
(no subject) - 10/01/07 reply

WOW, how can u love these more than ur stick? I'm pretty sure these do NOT add 15 miles to ur shot. This guy is ridiculous. They are good, but not that good. Work well, but will NOT add 15 miles on ur shot unless ur shot is about 0 miles per hour.
Party POOpER - 4/07/09 reply

WOw - 3/25/08 reply

wow is all that i have to say to a freak like you
(no subject) - 4/08/09 reply

how do they improve your speed
(no subject) - 4/10/10 reply

it is not possible for these to improve your shot speed because they only hold your net/ shooting target in place. unless the mere sight of them gets you your adrenaline pumping enough to add 15mph to your shot, you're hallucinating.
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