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  • Pro-Pinch
    Max patented Truoffset
    Open sidewall design
    Quad-Cross beams
    light weight and stiff.
    Legal for Universal play.
Lax.com Pro's love the ball control the Houdini X offers with the Pro-Pinch. The open sidewalls reduce weight while the quad cross design adds strength. The pro's recommend this head for Attackmen looking for optimum ball control. The Houdini is legal for all players except NCAA. The Houdini X gives college players the opportunity to use this weapon.
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which head - 6/29/14 reply

this or ceo
houdini x - 12/24/13 reply

Just got this the other day and i've played around with it quite a bit, it's a great head. Great ball control and very easy to pass and catch with. I'm not sure about the durability because I haven't done face offs or played a game with it yet. I'm a middie by the way and it would work for middies or attack. Probably not defense. Definitely worth it.
Faceoff head - 12/09/13 reply

Anyone know the durability on this head as a faceoff/ middie head?
(no subject) - 8/17/13 reply

It's face shape is very similar to the warrior swarm x. This head is just more offset. If you're thinking about this head consider the swarm x. It's a lot cheaper but they're both good
FIT? - 5/17/13 reply

Does this fit on a warrior kryotolyte?
Broke first game - 3/24/13 reply

I play attack and it broke in the very first game I use this
(no subject) - 12/03/12 reply

this or ceo u
(no subject) - 6/28/12 reply

why does it say brand new warrior head if its a brine head?
(no subject) - 7/10/12 reply

warrior/brine are owned by the same company now, but who knows why they put Warrior
fit - 6/24/12 reply

does this fit on the warrior kryptopro diamond
fits?? - 6/10/12 reply

will this fit a scandium pro??
fits?? - 6/10/12 reply

(no subject) - 6/03/12 reply

is it just me or is this on the related products 75% of the time
hahahaha - 6/03/12 reply

it says not college approved but in the description it says legal for all play..HAHAHAHA
idiot - 4/18/14 reply

it says that for the regular one... if you read one sentence after that it says that the X version makes it legal for college.
Ummmm - 6/01/12 reply

It is an X version and it says it is not collage approved haha
(no subject) - 12/03/12 reply

scoll up next time bud
face off - 5/31/12 reply

is this a good face off head
(no subject) - 5/28/12 reply

should i get this or warrior m80
(no subject) - 5/14/12 reply

Should I get this the cobra or m80h
(no subject) - 5/12/12 reply

Hah "warrior houdini" I know brine and warrior are shared companies but still get it right lol
First - 5/09/12 reply

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