1 King IV Glove
1 King IV Glove
1 King IV Glove
Brine King IV Glove Lacrosse Gloves
  • The Brine King IV

    The ultimate experience in fit , protection and performance.

    New " skylight" fingers are a new lightweight protective technology that features ABS caps on each finger break giving max protection against hard stick checks.

    New Floating "ARCH" back hand increases protection and flexibility while maximizing airflow to the hand .

    Re-designed palm with less material overlap helps provide an up close feel on your stick.
The new King IV carries on the legacy of dominance from Brine's past best seller. Our college and high school players raved about the King IV's perfect combination of lightweight construction, incredible stick feel, and protection. What really shines on the King IV is the new arched backhand and skylight fingers, which give unparalleled impact distribution when taking hard checks to the back of the hand. It is quickly one of our best sellers and receives our highest marks in all areas. The perfect glove for any position in advanced levels play.
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Great Gloves - 5/16/14 reply

Most comfortable gloves to wear, except the thumb is a bit tight at first, once you break it in its great though
GET THESE - 2/20/14 reply

I have a pair of these they are very protective, flexible and they feel great with my sick
Thumb Holes - 2/08/14 reply

I have gone through two pairs of relatively cheap gloves in the last six months due to thumb holes. I am looking for gloves that are lightweight, well-protected, and have thumbs that won't get holes. I'm thinking about these, Rome NXTs and Stallion HDs. Any help?
what should i get - 12/02/13 reply

(no subject) - 6/25/13 reply

should i get these, romes, or MD4's?
(no subject) - 10/28/13 reply

MD4, I would also go with the Regulator 2
(no subject) - 6/03/13 reply

i got these custom for my travel team. neon green and navy blue so sick!
(no subject) - 6/02/13 reply

these are better than romes
(no subject) - 5/22/13 reply

These or romes. Money is not a factor
(no subject) - 5/30/13 reply

Color - 4/28/13 reply

Why does the royal blue look purple? is it just the pic or do the look like that?
which - 3/17/13 reply

these or romes for goalie
which ones? - 3/16/13 reply

Should i get these or romes
Glove Fit - 2/25/13 reply

Tried a pair on in size 13" and it fit (sorry for this) like a glove. a nice tight fit to my hand. I currently have MacDaddy 3's and they are a bit loose all around. recommend these if you can afford them.
cookies - 2/24/13 reply

Why did that idiot ask if we wanted cookies?
Just got mine - 1/29/13 reply

I used them my first practice of the season, today, and they were perfectly flexible and usable straight out of the box. They have incredible stick feel and the best protection i have ever felt in any glove. The padding dosnt make them heavy or even limit your movement. They are the perfect glove for any position. I would highly recommend these gloves for high school players and above. These gloves aren't only worth $190 dollars. For what they give you, I would be happy to pay between 200-220 dollars
(no subject) - 2/19/13 reply

Dont give Brine any ideas...
(no subject) - 11/06/12 reply

r these any different than the king 4s
Derp - 1/28/13 reply

These are the king 4s ya goof troop
wooow - 10/07/12 reply

i jus bought the king 3s over the summer...i didnt know theyd be releasing these so fast...
SICK - 9/22/12 reply

these gloves are so sick, just ordered custom vapor elites wasn't sure what to get at first
Snerpin - 9/25/12 reply

Man what the snerp are you talking about?
gloves - 9/27/12 reply

where did you get custom vapors?
hs - 10/02/12 reply

from my high school
(no subject) - 10/23/12 reply

ahaha my team beat team one in a tournament in colorado
(no subject) - 6/24/13 reply

What team do you play for?
im second - 9/21/12 reply

im firsttttttttttt - 9/18/12 reply

(no subject) - 9/23/12 reply

want a cookie?
Snerp? - 9/25/12 reply

What da snerp?
snerp - 2/24/13 reply

What the check does sheep mean
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