Brine Lax Wall Lacrosse Goals and Nets
  • Heavy Duty
    1.5 inch aluminum steel frame.
    Generous 3x4 target.
    Fully adjustable.
    Folds easily for storage.
    Perfect for the backyard.
This is the "you get what you pay for" standard here at This heavy duty, sturdy piping frame and tramp will last for years. If you want to put something in your back yard that will get you to the next level and you don't want to worry about it… this is your rebounder. Rain, snow, whatever … don't worry about it with this one.
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(no subject) - 11/23/13 reply

best rebounder on the market, the price says everything. Have had mine for 3 or 4 years now, still works like its new
Brine Rebounder & Lax.Com - 10/18/11 reply

The rebounder is great. But even better is the outstanding customer service at Lax.Com. I received this order within 3 days of ordering and NO DELIVERY FEE! The rebounder arrived with a wrong part (but still workable). When I called Lax.Com, they immediately shipped me a new rebounder - had the new one in a day. My son loves this! Only wish Brine made a Maryland one!
(no subject) - 3/22/11 reply

its different from a bounce back that throws it harder at you but then again if you miss it... ur chasin the ball... if i had the $$ i'd get both but i'd get this first
MAybe - 3/25/11 reply

try it thats basically what this is
read - 10/20/10 reply

the baseball ones rip after awhile and don't work as well as these.
(no subject) - 1/02/13 reply

y would you yous a baseball pich back with a lacrosse ball it is not ment to tack that much impact
Im waiting - 6/12/10 reply

when is going to order some more in and if they get different teams.
(no subject) - 10/20/10 reply

the baseball ones rip after awhile but if you already have one just use that.
(no subject) - 11/24/10 reply

i have a HUGE baseball pich back...and it SUCKS because it always breaks. i just use my freinds rebonder most of the time
I like it - 5/09/10 reply

Bought this off a friend who's graduating this year, really good to practice on. Recommend it for anyone who enjoys practicing outside of team practice.
I like it - 5/09/10 reply

Bought this off a friend who's graduating this year, really good to practice on. Recommend it for anyone who enjoys practicing outside of team practice.
(no subject) - 4/30/10 reply

(no subject) - 4/27/10 reply

Should I buy this or just get a pitch back?
Hi - 4/26/10 reply

HI Hunter
Hi? - 5/01/10 reply

Hello matthew?
(no subject) - 3/16/10 reply

yea i wana cheap one to
help please - 2/26/10 reply

i'm looking for a decent rebounder for a low price. this is the cheapest one i've found but does anyone know of any cheaper ones?
(no subject) - 2/26/10 reply

and there is no good wall around me for miles
good - 12/31/09 reply

This rebounder is very good. I have had mine for abot a year and it shows no wear what so ever.
which is the best rebounder? - 6/26/09 reply

which is the best rebounder to buy? like which one lasts longest, is most durable, has a good bounce. anyone know if the harrow rebounder is good?
Just use a wall - 6/27/09 reply

its bounces better and its free
(no subject) - 5/30/10 reply

lol true
READDDDD READ - 5/17/09 reply

if you are going to buy this you have to take care of it, me and my pal bought one at the same time, he puts his in his shed after he uses it and it works wonderfully, bounces hard and everything. i leave mine out in the rain and snow and it is shiiitttyyyy.
OBVISouly - 6/01/09 reply

if his is ssacrue and yours isn't what do you thinks gonna happen duh duh duh
(no subject) - 6/06/09 reply

i have a warrior one and i keep it outside 24/7 and it works beautifully
Which one? - 4/25/09 reply

does anyone know what brand of rebounder works the best?
Whats the best rebounder 2 get - 4/18/09 reply

warior - 6/06/09 reply

i have a warrior one and i keep it outside 24/7 and it works beautifully
WHICH IS BETTER - 4/18/09 reply

would anyone recomend this brine bounce back over the harrow one? and why?
soft passes - 3/21/09 reply

are team has one and we use it to practice soft passes like in a line get it and go it doesnt bounce very far back u need to be pretty close
not mine - 4/15/09 reply

Mine always comes back. Yours must be very used
(no subject) - 7/24/09 reply

throw it harder
Get One? - 3/07/09 reply

yes - 4/15/09 reply

Its amazing. You can throw it light or hard and it will stuck go back to your stick. Good for practicing accuracy
jus got - 2/07/09 reply

jus got this and its great... if ur goin to get one of these dont get one with the college logos or it will not come back nearly as fast
(no subject) - 1/26/09 reply

good...i got it for christmas...deffently worth the money if u want to work on both ahnds and stick skills
no point - 6/25/08 reply

not worth the $ - 5/27/08 reply

my school has one of these and it works really well, but idk if its worth all the money, for that price i'd just go find a brick wall
I see your point - 6/01/08 reply

However if you don't have a brick wall available to throw off its a really good way to improve your stick skills
stick skills - 6/03/08 reply

how does it improve your stick skills?
retard - 7/23/08 reply

hand i cord retard
prices - 6/27/08 reply

yea this seems really pricy. i jus used the pitchback i had from baseball. it throws grounders and reg. throws. and they r much cheaper.
(no subject) - 11/28/11 reply

brick walls dont work unless you throw it underhand because the topspin will make it go down. Get this it is great.
(no subject) - 5/27/08 reply

just use the side of your house!
It knocks the mortar loose - 6/01/08 reply

umm - 5/19/08 reply

ok i want a rebounder. but the baseball ones ive used broke because of netting issues. this looks like u can take it places which is a plus for me, but i want to buy somthing that will last awhile. so wats everyones take on this?
opinion - 5/22/08 reply

yeah, i went to a camp and they had a couple of these there. They looked really solid and durable. I'd get one if i were you.
dude - 5/19/08 reply

wat about passing harder to it? does it have any effect?
lolz - 12/02/08 reply

???READ??? - 3/23/08 reply

If I need practice shooting but i still also want practice catching and trowing. Should i get a this or goal(i have no wall)
baseball rebounder - 3/21/08 reply

i got one made for base ball and it works just as good and its bigger and less expensive
no chance - 6/01/08 reply

baseball rebounders suck becuz u are throwing down low which u never do in a game
Yeah...... - 9/12/08 reply

Because nobodies ever taken a shot that went to the ground before. And these aren't so much for your passing skills as they are for your catching skills. If you want to pass better always pass with another person so you can get your muscle memory coordinated with where the sticks usually going to be positioned.
(no subject) - 2/03/08 reply

this thing is great play with it a cupple days a week and u will improve alot, and it lasts through all weather.
read - 1/13/08 reply

this just gets nocked down dont get it
height - 12/03/07 reply

how tall is this???
(no subject) - 7/05/10 reply

7 or 8 feet
i had this for a couple years - 9/13/07 reply

it got beat up bad, if you miss the rebound area and hit the sides, you might break one of the springs, but it lasted me a long long time in all kinds of weather before i had to get a new one. worth the money
hows it throw back - 9/12/07 reply

my neighbor has one and when i throw against it, it doesn't come back as fast as i want it too, so does this one give more bounce back, or is it kinda like a slow feed
find a brick wall. - 12/06/07 reply

a smooth one though - 5/23/09 reply

or else you get a funky bounce
throw harder - 5/27/08 reply

worth your money - 5/29/07 reply

the thing works great, alright
truely amazing - 5/29/07 reply

heck of a thing
great... - 5/18/07 reply

works really well with everyhting and easy to move/adjust, etc.. a little bit pricy but thats what you get when your looking for a bounceback.. 30 mins a day at least on these will make you a better player trust me.
(no subject) - 5/17/07 reply

i have a bigger one of these. its called a wall.
idiot - 1/28/08 reply

some people dont have walls around them for intance some houses in america are made out of wood and a lacrosse ball doesnt do so good up agaist wood
retard - 5/23/09 reply

some people have a lot of window around there house and it make is to difficult
omar u is dummmmbbb - 7/05/10 reply

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