Brine Method Target Rings Lacrosse Goals and Nets
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  • Four targets that fasten to the corners of a regulation goal. Great for hitting the desired sports while leaving the goal open for regular shooting.
Cool backyard targets keep it fun when getting your time in o the goal. Wont break and easy to set up. Good stocking stuffer or birthday gift for any age group.
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BROKE IT ON FIRST SHOT!!!! - 6/03/10 reply

WARNING To EVERYONE CONSIDERING BUYING THIS: These are PLASTIC rings with FOAM inserts. These are pieces of crap tie coke cans to ur goal and use those these are absolutely useless!
yeahh - 5/09/10 reply

i agree with the people saying they use coke cans and stuff. i cut 2 liter bottles in half and tie them down. works real well.
Ok - 4/26/10 reply

Cans and fishing line.... tie em to the corners and you got pretty much the same thing
weak - 12/09/09 reply

i was at a camp and i broke two of these easily
SICK - 6/06/08 reply

these make your shot so much faster!!!!
(no subject) - 6/17/08 reply

how in the hell do they make your shot faster??
(no subject) - 7/03/10 reply

(no subject) - 12/11/08 reply

how do they make ur shot faster? theyre just a target
(no subject) - 3/07/09 reply

a foam target
haha - 4/28/09 reply

they make your shot faster? really?
(no subject) - 6/10/10 reply

stupid - 6/19/07 reply

i just put up soda cans or bottles of some kind.strap them on with some old shoelaces or doesnt cost AYTHING!!
woops - 6/01/07 reply

i tried to make my own out of frisbees, but i hit them and they all just exploded into tiny pieces of sharp plastic. i might buy these because everything i duct tape in the corners breaks.
agreed - 5/01/10 reply

yeah I strapped my cat to the corner and it broke too
pointless - 4/25/07 reply

it's a good idea but it would be pretty easy just to tie a small cardboard sign there without paying the money
yea - 5/05/07 reply

yea and you might as well make a goal of twigs.... but if you want to be able to fool around with your friends and still have an open net, this is a good bang for the buck
its a good idea - 4/14/07 reply

these work well because you can put them on your backyard goal and practice with them and then you could still fool around with it because the net is still open.
horibble - 3/26/07 reply

broke like 8 of them so i stopeed getting them
how easily do they break??? - 6/01/07 reply

i shoot a little above 70, is that fast enough to break them????
easy - 5/18/08 reply

if you hit the plastic once it will snap
yeah - 1/21/09 reply

at camp we were just doin an accuracy game for a prizes and i broke one barely tossing it at it. it wasnt even a shot.
good or not? - 3/11/07 reply

i was thinking of buying these but i can't tell how you would attach them and if they work well. Can someone who has bought this please tell me how it is.
(no subject) - 6/25/07 reply

important - 12/07/07 reply

One day in practice our coach put these on the net and mt fellow teamate brodie merrill broke it on the first shot.(Brodie sorry I dont know how to spell your last name its been a while)
Brodie Merril??? - 8/06/08 reply

The 2006 NLL Defensive player of the year???
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