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  • Ideal for breaking in a new pocket.
Putting the wand away for a little bit ?? Remember how long it too k to get that perfect pocket? We slap one of these inside and keep her in tip top shape. Also perfect for after your pocket getting wet. If you don't want it to dry up and ruin your pocket, put this in and maintain shape.
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(no subject) - 4/04/15 reply

Y'all make it like it's only good for regular heads. What if a goalie needed to pound in their pocket? Goalies can't use a butterknife or a chopstick with a ball.
pocket stretcher - 10/01/14 reply

It is 4 dollars, is it really that expensive that you cant get it. I am just going to get and try it.
sick - 1/19/14 reply

This is pointless if your not stringing traditional or other leather pockets. It is a lifesaver if you are stringing all types of leather using pockets.
worth it - 10/24/12 reply

Is this worth it
(no subject) - 5/30/12 reply

perfect, thanks.
(no subject) - 1/19/12 reply

i have a pocket pounder and i constantly pound it in wet or not and it does no good, should i get this?
(no subject) - 1/21/14 reply

made home - 6/24/11 reply

all you have to do is after you string a head wet the whole head including the mesh, put it on the shaft and then put a ball where you want the pocket. after that make sure the shaft is on an incline and just put a 5 pound weight one part on the ball and one part on the top of the head. leave it there over night and you willl have a perfect pocket
home made - 6/23/11 reply

all you have to do is after you string a head wet the whole head including the mesh, put it on the shaft and then put a ball where you want the pocket. after that make sure the shaft is on an incline and just put a 5 pound weight one part on the ball and one part on the top of the head. leave it there over night and you willl have a perfect pocket
is good - 12/20/10 reply

this really is better than an ball and knife and it never breaks
(no subject) - 3/02/11 reply

mine broke, metal went right through the wood
ya this mite not break - 6/13/11 reply

but it would break your stick if you make it to tight
(no subject) - 6/16/10 reply

(no subject) - 6/15/10 reply

this is so pointless... dont get this get a ball and a pencil and stretch your pocket like that dont pay 20 bucks for this thing its a rippoff
(no subject) - 4/27/11 reply

yeah you are true cause i just did what you said and it does the same
dont need it - 6/09/10 reply

its easier and way quicker to put a butter knife between your head and a ball but i bent 3 butter knives whoops but i had a really shallow pocket
(no subject) - 7/02/10 reply

u should use a screw driver there better...they dont bend as easy
(no subject) - 6/24/11 reply

i used a metal shishcabob stick and that worked (i know i spelled shishcabob wrong)
(no subject) - 6/07/10 reply

Does this stretch your mangina? i bet it feels good....will you give me your moms number so i can ask?
(no subject) - 4/26/11 reply

(no subject) - 4/26/10 reply

this works good if.... just glue one of the wood things on so it cant screw off... then u can make it compact the put it in ur head and then screw it until ur poccket stretches. this might be what ur ment to do haha but if u dont glue it when u take it out the wood this will just come off and u cant get it ou. hope i made sense
(no subject) - 4/25/10 reply

these are awesome. better than pocket pounder
(no subject) - 4/23/10 reply

how does this thing work it doesnt make any sence
BUTTER KNIFE BALL =FREE - 4/20/10 reply

very good - 12/03/09 reply

butter knife + ball = free. - 8/10/09 reply

Great, but... - 4/15/09 reply

they should put some grip on it, if you are trying to move your pocket i recommend a ball and a screwdriver, this thing will slide to wherever ur pocket already is, other than that, its wonderful i got a warrior pocket pounder for free via lax points with it...DO NOT BUY THE WARRIOR POCKET POUNDER, i know it looks cool and all, but its poorly built, its a ball with a screw through it on the end of a scrap piece of could make one in 5 min that is better
HOW! - 4/18/09 reply

k so seriously i need a detailed instruction cuz i hav no freakin idea how tis thing works
(no subject) - 5/04/09 reply

you drill a hole in a ball about the same size as the screw driver heat them up a little and put it in you can also glue it in the hole if your worried about it falling off but if you drill the hole just a little smaller it should be fine w/o
WOW - 6/20/09 reply

not at all, you put either end in the pocket, force it down as far as you can and put the metal bar through both ends of the sidewall section
grrr - 5/24/10 reply

no he is talking about how to make a pocket pounder
Goalie sticks - 3/21/09 reply

can it be used for goalie sticks
(no subject) - 5/01/09 reply

no dude it is too small
(no subject) - 6/10/10 reply

thats what she said
nope - 5/07/09 reply

it fits into the side of your head to stay in place so it will only work for normal sized heads
Pretty good but... - 3/06/09 reply

Its pretty good but it normally only works where you want the sweet spot, which leaves a little hump to where it would catch the ball. It works nicely with a pocket pounder because the stretcher starts the area then the pounder makes the whole head broken in. I'd say buy this and make your own pocket pounder with a screwdriver and a ball. Thats what I did.
terrific - 1/04/09 reply

great tool to break in pockets. works on all heads and requires no effort. see if you can borrow a friend's though, 19 bucks seems a little steep
kind of a waste - 8/20/08 reply

take a ball, put it in the pocket, and stick a butterknife through the sidewall strings and wall. leave it overnight. unless your like a store, then it seems useful.
(no subject) - 12/20/10 reply

or buy this and have a better pocket
great - 7/21/08 reply

its really good 2 pound pockets with escpeccially cuz all u do is tighten it and leave and u got a pocket
(no subject) - 5/09/08 reply

i luv this!!!!!
(no subject) - 4/24/08 reply

1. take lacrosse ball and put in lacrosse head 2. put butter knife in through sidewall over ball 3. thats it. so if u buy this ur really lazy and retarded.
(no subject) - 5/15/08 reply

that's what I thought too, but this is faster and breaks the pocket in better, and it is a must have for breaking in trad and custom pockets.
is it really nesisary? - 4/20/08 reply

i take a ball and leaveit in my stick using pens and it seems to work just fine is it worth it to get this
ya - 4/22/08 reply

it makes a rounder pocket
(no subject) - 5/15/08 reply

and takes way less work, and breaks in the pocket even more.
maybe - 7/21/08 reply

pens might work ok but this is more adjustable and gives u a better pocket
Depends - 3/10/09 reply

If you have canadian mesh then this is on the verge of being an absolute necessity. You could use a ball and a pen but this is cooler.
ILLEGAL - 4/16/08 reply

I tried to use this in a game and the Ref gave me a 5 minute penalty... It isnt very easy to catch either...
Wtf? - 4/17/08 reply

This has to be the funniest thing I have ever read.
yup - 4/22/08 reply

about to cry - 4/20/08 reply

are u kidding me? i think im going to cry by the way the ref should have given u a 10 minute penalty :P
(no subject) - 4/27/08 reply

????? wat did u do to get a 5 min. penalty... by the way it saunds:did u put it in ur pocket while u were playing???
yep - 4/03/09 reply

yep the retard put the ting in his pocket
OMG - 5/06/08 reply

the reff should have taken your stick and told you to go home and never play lacrosse again, wow, r u serious kid
(no subject) - 5/15/08 reply

that's hilarious whether you're making it up or not!
SAME! - 5/16/08 reply

i couldnt pound my pocket the night before with my glow-in-the-dark dildo because i was pounding my tight anus instead. so i put this in my stick before the game and got penalty :(
great. - 5/21/08 reply

i'm sure everybody can relate to that
DUDE!!!! - 5/27/08 reply

ur effed up
LMAO - 5/27/08 reply

due tht hilarious even if ur making it up
watever - 7/21/08 reply

thats becuz u left it there too long and its ur fault not 2 adjust ur strings 2 were u can throw good
ur so dumb - 10/01/08 reply

well for starts, the more you crank it the deeper of a pocket you get, so obviously you cranked it to much
you see the trick is.... - 1/07/09 reply

to conceal it in your shorts and when your team is on offense to secretly put it in your head and when you're playing defense continually beat the s#!t out of your attackman with all natural hickory.
haha - 3/10/09 reply

the same thing happened to me I went in with my brand new pocket stretcher and idk why but it made me play like CRAP! I couldent catch anything and ground balls were impossible. I think it may have been taking up too much of the pocket but it may have just been a coincidence. Anyway as soon as I removed this apparatus from my head I went back to normal.
OMG!!! - 4/03/09 reply

dude, r u retartded u need to just stop playing lacrosse.
retart - 4/26/09 reply

the ref should have taken ur stick made u go home and tell u to never to play lacrosse again
Good stuff right here - 4/10/08 reply

this things works perfectly every time, i recommend buying it
(no subject) - 8/11/08 reply

nice nice
? - 4/05/08 reply

how does it work?
(no subject) - 4/07/08 reply

you put that middle bar under the plastic on both sides and twist the crank(but before you do that you'll want to wetten the net first
be carefull - 3/05/08 reply

this thing can break your head if you stretch it to much
wow - 5/09/08 reply

thank you
ok - 2/17/08 reply

it works pretty good but breaks pretty easy if u like a deep pocket
(no subject) - 2/09/08 reply

how it works - 1/22/08 reply

for any one who has no idea how it works don't worry about it, i had no idea how it worked but i ended up buying it anyway, its hard to explain without a picture but once u get it u can figure it out. works really good
(no subject) - 2/08/08 reply

that description didnt help at all to explain how it works
HOW!!?? - 4/18/09 reply

k can u like giv me a detialed instrustion of how this thing works cuz i hav no freakin idea
pounder or strecher? - 11/04/07 reply

which one makes the pocket deep and how long does it take to make it deep?
stretcher - 12/05/07 reply

i like the strecher better but it really depends on what you want. if u put it in at night and leave it in it should be perfect by morning but the pocket will ook kinda wierd
pound vs stretch? - 12/17/07 reply

get it wet first, then pound it for a while. after it gets nice and pounded in take it and stretch that out... god im a pervert
:) - 4/19/08 reply

read this - 12/31/07 reply

ur a retard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read da rules homie
(no subject) - 5/15/08 reply

what are you talking about?
(no subject) - 4/09/08 reply

water - 1/11/07 reply

do people soak the pocket first like with the butter knife and ball trick?
i have - 3/02/08 reply

I've done it before but its only a temporary thing
(no subject) - 5/15/08 reply

you pretty much have to soak it in water with a brand new pocket before you break it in.
Pocket former - 12/24/06 reply

This is not made to break in your mesh pocket. This is made for stringers that string custom pockets around a ball.
pocket former - 4/13/08 reply

it is made for custom stringing, but it will work with mesh.
Sux - 12/13/06 reply

Just go out and play wall ball or just break it in yourself or just do it with ball and knife in warm water lawlz.
not perfect pocket - 11/13/06 reply

you put it in...and you get one of those pointy pockets...and it isn't even that deep of a pocket...
how does this work? - 10/29/06 reply

Perfect - 11/27/03 reply

Just got one of these today and strung up my proton. I slapped the pocket stretcher on the head and left it there for a few hours. After about 5 hours, i took out the stretcher and the pocket was formed perfectly. I don't have to deal with pounding the pocket or using the butter knife trick (it worked, but not all that great) This stretcher works wonders. I'm leaving it on my stick over the night so a nice pocket forms.
(no subject) - 12/01/03 reply

what is the butter knife trick??
butter knife - 12/21/03 reply

all you do is put a ball in your pocket and slide a butter knife into the mesh or the sidewall, so that the ball is putting pressure on the net.
very good - 2/26/03 reply

I have a matrix and the screwdriver/pencil and the ball wern't working so I bought one of these and its great. It isn't hard to use at all, just put it in and twist until it starts getting hard. Once you get it, you will understand what to do. BUY ONE
(no subject) - 12/29/02 reply good too
warrior pocket pounder better? - 11/19/02 reply

Is this good or should i get the Warrior pocket pounder
stertcher - 8/21/03 reply

get the pocket stretcher it is sweet the pounder is to much effort and it dosent work as well get this!!!!!
stretcher - 4/07/08 reply

i don't have it but i do have the pounder and all it is is a ball on a stick thats it.... im guessing that the stretcher is much better
uh - 11/16/02 reply

how does it work
Buy one - 11/12/02 reply

The work great.
dont buy make own - 9/17/02 reply

all u need is a butter knife & ball put ball where u want poket slide knife thru stik or mesh over ball make sure it is applying pressure on mesh wen u dont tuch it leave overnight
dont werk - 3/09/03 reply

wat if yo have a matrix? it wont werk
yea - 10/24/03 reply

it friend did it (the knife thing) with his matrix so... yea it works
BE CAREFULL!! - 8/22/04 reply

use 2 pens, i accidentall used a serrated butter knife and it cut some of the fibers of a custom pocket i strung. the next day i caught a hard pass right before a game and it broke the pocket i worked on for hours. BE CAREFULL
Help! PLEASE!!! - 9/14/02 reply

Should i buy this, i have a vapor and i pinched it slightly, its not that narrow but would it work, help me please. should i leave this and buy some Debeer enigma shoulder pads, HELP!!!!!
Y es - 6/05/03 reply

buy this it is the best thing i have done to improve my Game!!!!!!!!
how? - 8/27/02 reply

how does it work
umm yeah...... - 11/14/03 reply

its self explanitory
worth it - 8/03/02 reply

is this thing really worth 17 bucks!? and has anyone found a better way to break in pockets?
Goalie Sticks - 7/23/02 reply

Does it work on goalie sticks too?
Answer - 8/03/02 reply

No its WAY 2 small only on regular heads
FUNNY - 6/19/02 reply

I took one of these on a plane to a lacrose tournament and it took like 15 minutes to get it past security
????? - 6/16/02 reply

i am juststarting out in net and wantd to know if this works on goalie sticks.
(no subject) - 4/19/08 reply

pocket stretcher - 6/10/02 reply

This thing worked awesome for me. I have a cyber and it fit well into one of the slits but you have to put it in vertically and then twist it because the cyber is fairly pinched. On somethng even more pinched like a matrix it might not work at all. However, if you get it to work for you it makes a kickass pocket.
wat in the heck - 6/09/02 reply

all the reveiws say it works but how?? how does it work how do u even ge tit in it looks really weird
easy - 1/22/03 reply

nothin - 6/08/02 reply

this suck
How bout a Revo? - 6/04/02 reply

I wasnt quite sure how it works in the first place so i need and explanation also would it work on a revolution?
y?? - 6/04/02 reply

y buy 1. I made my own. Its a little crude but it works. In stead of spending 15-20 $ i made 1. Unless u r not a craftsman dont have tools by 1. otherwise dont mak it.
Worth it - 5/21/02 reply

Its great for the lazy player (me) to pound a new pocket or one ruined by the rain, damn I hate the rain...
wut - 4/30/02 reply

how dus this thing work? i dont have it but its wierd lookin
mkay - 6/01/02 reply

u put the metal things in the side walls and the screw the wooden things until the other side starts pusing into the pocket
how does it work? - 4/29/02 reply

how does it work?
? - 3/13/02 reply

matrix - 2/28/02 reply

i have a matrix head, and the throat is really narrow, think this will work on it?
itll work - 3/07/02 reply

sorry im posting so much on this but its godlike...yeah it works on the matrix.. and that movie kicks ass
(no subject) - 3/10/02 reply

yea my friend has one
no - 5/03/02 reply

no it does not but the pocket pounder does
(no subject) - 2/06/04 reply

actually i just got both a matrix and a strecher and i pretty much does really easily
(no subject) - 5/10/02 reply

yeah definently
yea - 5/12/02 reply

yea, it just takes some work to get it in and out.
yeah - 4/06/03 reply

dude i have a bionic and its super piniched even more than a matrix and it works like a dream
wait a tick - 8/13/03 reply

do u put it under the sidewall or in on of the holes (on the bionic)
this thing is great - 2/19/02 reply

If you are serious about your lacrosse this is a must have it really works
(no subject) - 4/22/02 reply

hey i ve used this thing to, and i think its great. but i also want to know if you play for Roxbury in NJ? do you?
ok.... - 2/14/02 reply

forget my last comment, i figured it out. look, i bought the thing and its amazing. perfect pockets in no time at all. BUT: i have a vapor and its nearly impossible to get it onto the sidewalls without chewing up the sides and exerting alot of effort. be careful in buyig this if you have a narrrow or pinched head. otherwise- IT RULES!
Which side do you use? - 2/10/02 reply

is the little ne for womens or what? is thebig or little one better?
different - 3/07/02 reply

the bigger side is mainly for building the pocket, the smaller one is the exact size of the ball, so when it is used, a perfect little home for the ball is formed
Another Question - 12/19/01 reply

What type of stick do you have, and what type of stringing. Because I heard from somebody that it doesn't work on certain types of sidewalls.
x2 - 3/07/02 reply

i have an x2 with hard mesh...since the sidewall stringing on monster mesh and all of its imitations are different im not really sure.
Does this work - 12/12/01 reply

Does this thing work on all sticks, or does it only work on certain shaped sticks.
Yeah - 12/16/01 reply

Not only does this thing work, it works like you wouldn't believe. I had what i thought was a perfect pocket, but this thing made it even better. The ball feels like its glued to my stick.
o yeah - 12/17/01 reply

it works on all sticks, thats me, always avoiding the initial question
well answer this one - 3/03/02 reply

how long does it take to break the pocket in?
pretty quick - 3/07/02 reply

i dont depends. if you leave it in for one night youll get one good day of practice with a nice pocket. in my case, i went on vacation and left it in, and now my pocket just stays in place, i still use it though, just incase
working - 5/26/02 reply

how do you get the thing to work
(no subject) - 6/27/02 reply

You put the metal piece flat thingy under your sidewall, both ends sticking out. Then you screw in whatever end you want into the pocket and leave it there for awhile. come back after awhile and you have a perfect pocket!
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