Brine Swizzbeat Lacrosse Shafts
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royal blue
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  • High-performance 7075-series alloy
    Mikey Powell zone-tak finish
The newly improved Swizzbeat is a modern take on one of Brine's best sellers. The highest quality grip shaft without weighting up with tape. A real players shaft for those that want the best grip.
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(no subject) - 5/17/15 reply

How easy does this shaft dent?
Brine swizzbeat - 4/19/15 reply

This shaft is very good for d-pole very light and and durable the grip comes off but it still works fine over all it is a great shaft I recommend it!
shafts - 2/12/15 reply

hey should i get this shaft or the eastcoast carbon if not those shafts any other recommendations
swizzbeat - 9/17/14 reply

I am currently looking to buy another swizzbeat for a new stick ( I still have my first one which is great, no complaints) this just shows how much I love them.
WITH RABIL - 4/26/14 reply

which shaft do you guys think would go with the Rabil at the same price range of the swizzbeat?
Swizzbeat vs A1 - 3/29/14 reply

I was wondering which shaft would be better for a middie that is very durable. So which is better swizzbeat or A1
(no subject) - 12/10/14 reply

Get the A1
screw a hole - 1/26/14 reply

People are do annoying with "will this head fit on this shaft"
Lax - 1/23/14 reply

Will this shaft fit on the stx proton U
(no subject) - 7/15/14 reply

it will fit on it but u might need to drill a hole for ur screw cuz last Christmas I had to screw the hole in
What head - 6/16/13 reply

Would a maverik flight 17 fit on this
(no subject) - 7/02/11 reply

(no subject) - 7/02/11 reply

Is this a good begginers stick... because i have the money to buy it
(no subject) - 5/01/11 reply

this shaft is pretty good but the grip is shitty. go get the swizzle scandium 2011..grip is so much better and is SO much stronger than the 7075 swizzbeat. i should know because i have the swizzle, swizzbeat, and swizzbeat composite
(no subject) - 4/21/11 reply

i have this shaft with the clutch SL its amazing
LOVE IT - 4/20/11 reply

i have this for d pole and its awesome, nice and light and very durable
grip - 4/19/11 reply

the grip is still there but a very thin coating comes off but still feels the same
(no subject) - 4/19/11 reply

how light is this
which one - 4/18/11 reply

which shaft with a NOZ this wonderboy or the brine swizzle scandium 2011
(no subject) - 4/17/11 reply

Need Help - 4/17/11 reply

This or the wonderboy ill be putting this on the Proton power
hey - 4/17/11 reply

I think this is better than the wonderboy because i like the grip it helps me keep my hands firm on it soo the ball doesnt drop when i sprint across the feild
HELP!!! please? - 4/08/11 reply

should i get this or the wonderboy?? which would be best for the midfield? thanks
Wonderboy - 4/24/11 reply

wonderboy is the lightest shaft in the game. even lighter than the gait ice. def get the wonderboy
(no subject) - 4/26/14 reply

the wonderboy is also the weekest shaft in the game..... my friend broke his yesterday in his game.
Best shaft - 3/30/11 reply

Best shaft the design is smexy and it's so sick with the super power ! If anyone knows if the f22 air is better?
(no subject) - 3/27/11 reply

I have d-pole's on eBay. Search "Brine Swizzbeat" and my seller name is brich2012seller
(no subject) - 3/27/11 reply

how much
(no subject) - 3/27/11 reply

paint - 3/19/11 reply

What is the easiest way to take the grip off of this shaft???, i dont like it on my top hand... plz help!!
Beast shaft - 3/15/11 reply

got it a couple weeks ago with a super power. The only bad thing about it is it chips, but who cares when you have grip tape
(no subject) - 3/08/11 reply

how is this with the STX Proton Power as a D pole?
(no subject) - 3/08/11 reply

or a brine clutch?
(no subject) - 3/09/11 reply

i wouldent get the power as a D head, go for a wider head, like th X10, and this shaft is chill for D
(no subject) - 3/04/11 reply

would my warrior spyne fit this?
Which one? - 3/03/11 reply

Should i get this or the composite?
(no subject) - 2/28/11 reply

Whats the difference between this and the composite
swizzbeat - 3/08/11 reply

The composite swizzbeat is not made of metal it is made of some carbon fiberglass mix that is supposed to be indestructible. If you play in cold weather you should get the composite. The metal one dents while the composites paint chips off. The grip on both has about the same lifetime. Also the metal one is slightly heavier but less expensive if you put a light head on it you should not feel the diffrence . Hope this helps
(no subject) - 3/09/11 reply

different grips
(no subject) - 2/27/11 reply

this shaft is so sick get it!!!!!!!
(no subject) - 3/15/11 reply

u stole my name
Haha - 2/24/11 reply

Haha I got this for 50 bucks at academy
(no subject) - 2/20/11 reply

Its a overall great shaft. I personaly like more grip at the top of my shaft, but this is really good for the money. Ive only got one dent in it and that was from a super hard check when I was getting a ground ball.
grip! - 1/30/11 reply

can i take the grip off? and if so, how?
(no subject) - 1/31/11 reply

No you cant but if u get checked enough it chips then u may be able to but without getting checked u cant
(no subject) - 2/13/11 reply

actually yeah u can some what, keep wrapping it around with tape & the tape pulls it off. i accidentally did it lol
(no subject) - 1/19/11 reply

Very nice shaft...eirth the money...the grip does NOT peel off mine just chipped off in little the tiny sections great shaft overall
(no subject) - 1/11/11 reply

lax stick - 1/11/11 reply

i hav this stick with a stx duece it is a great bhead and shaft
Good - 12/12/10 reply

Great intermediate shaft!
grip - 12/03/10 reply

grip came off first day i bought it didnt really matter tho its still good
This or Kryptolyte 9 - 11/28/10 reply

(no subject) - 11/27/10 reply

should i get this or the scandum i have a voyce now... i pretty sure it will fit but my gravity is old and stuff... so swizz beat or scandium?
(no subject) - 11/27/10 reply

used it for a year on defense now. this shaft still has no dents. It's a little heavy and the grip peels easily but overall, great shaft.
STX Surgeon? - 11/25/10 reply

Will the STX surgeon fit on this?
Proton Power - 10/26/10 reply

Does the Proton Power fit on this?
AMAZING - 10/11/10 reply

I love this shaft so much it's my favorite I've ever had. Everyone get this. The only thing comparable are Maverick Wonder Boy, STX Axe, and the STX Katana. GET IT!
(no subject) - 12/20/10 reply

swizzle. sciti pro, summit, swizzbeat ti, and a lot more
stx viper? - 10/02/10 reply

does a stx viper fit on this?
(no subject) - 9/11/10 reply

I got this stick for like 35 bucks . But the grip starts to peel like the first time u use it.
decent shaft - 8/17/10 reply

This shaft is decent and the grip is great but the end of it shattered in a box game.
is this perfect or what - 8/03/10 reply

this with superpwer headdd
new model? - 7/31/10 reply

is this the new design? the d poles are showing it as old and the new version is a lot nicer in my opinion. its lighter and not as grippy, just wanna make sure i know what im getting.
its good - 7/28/10 reply

i have swizbeat long pole and i realy like it its realy light compared to most d poles and the grip is good so you dont have to use a lot of tape.
PLEASE ANSWER!!! - 7/25/10 reply

would this be good with warrior evolyte x. im thinkin about getting them both
Help!!!!! - 7/27/10 reply

this or the maverick wonderboy?
(no subject) - 7/20/10 reply

(no subject) - 7/14/10 reply

why wont you het this shaft in carolina blue??? HUH!!!! i didnt think so
(no subject) - 7/13/10 reply

this stick is s**t...i bent mine in one game with a 1 handed trailing slap check...DO NOT BUY... OR if you do just dont hit or get hit...If you want a Great shaft save up and buy the wonderboy from maverik
Shaft - 7/10/10 reply

Anyone know if this shaft fits on a proton power?
(no subject) - 7/10/10 reply

Any one know if this shaft fits on a proton power???
lightness - 7/06/10 reply

which shaft is lighter, the swizzle or the swizzbeat?
swizzbeat i think - 7/08/10 reply

ive never used the swizzle personally but i think the swizzbeat is lighter. swizzbeat dents a little easily tho but better bang 4 ur buck in my opinion
(no subject) - 7/08/10 reply

swizz beat. swizzle is pretty heavy
(no subject) - 7/06/10 reply

which shaft is better h2 hybrid or swizzbeat
pipe city22 - 7/03/10 reply

No it dosent fit u had to use a hammer to wedge it on
(no subject) - 7/03/10 reply

Does the Gait Mutant fit on the Swizzbeat?
swizzle or swizzbeat - 7/02/10 reply

is the swizzbeat or swizzle better, and which grip last longer/doesnt chip
(no subject) - 7/22/10 reply

the swizzbeat's paint doesnt chip off as much but the swizzles actually grip stays longer
(no subject) - 6/28/10 reply

the grey looks excatly like the murder swizzbeat tghat the murder swizzbeat?
New Gray vs Murder - 6/29/10 reply

I have the murder swizzbeat. The murder has a darker black /gray beat color and one red beat. They are similar but not the same.
Color - 6/30/10 reply

what ive noticed is that mine swissbeat murder turns blue when it gets wet. uve played in the rain a couple times n the top 3/4 of the shaft turns blueish.
(no subject) - 6/28/10 reply

is it the new swizzbeat
New Swizzbeat - 6/29/10 reply

For every color except for carolina, the attack shaft shows the new graphics while the pole consists of the old model.
2010 SWIZZBEAT - 7/03/10 reply

yes its new
2010 Swizzbeat - 6/21/10 reply

The newer version swizzbeat has a nicer grip and is much lighter than that of the old one.
crap - 6/11/10 reply

this shaft is Shugah Honey Iced Tea
Which One? - 6/11/10 reply

Swizzbeat or the swizzle
(no subject) - 6/20/10 reply

the difference is basically design. choose whichever one you think looks better.
(no subject) - 7/04/10 reply

(no subject) - 6/10/10 reply

is it light
grippy? - 6/10/10 reply

Is the swizzbeat grippy or smooth
(no subject) - 6/12/10 reply

(no subject) - 6/10/10 reply

prety good shaft. i got one for christmas and its prety good but has one monster dent. just try to stay away from huge kids throughing poles.
(no subject) - 6/09/10 reply

this is a good shaft, i got it for christmas, i play attack, played three seasons so far with it, and its got no dents, very tough shaft. however, the grip doesnt last to long, and its not that light of a shaft
(no subject) - 6/07/10 reply

dont buy this the grip doesnt allow you to do a split dodge and it chips really easily. its weight is decent though
plz answer - 6/05/10 reply

does the new swizzbeat peal and when it peals does the design come off plz answer!
(no subject) - 6/02/10 reply

mp swizzle or the f55
(no subject) - 6/02/10 reply

mp swizzle or the f55, i have the clutch x
X10? - 6/01/10 reply

Does an X10 fit on this? Also, would you rather pick this or the Warrior Gnar for D?
(no subject) - 6/01/10 reply

this it is awesome, it is my back up dpole, it is a little heavy thought
(no subject) - 5/31/10 reply

dose the paint chip off
(no subject) - 6/01/10 reply

yes today i was wacking my swizzbeat against a punsher and i destroyed the punsher but the paint and everything came off my swizzbeat, whats left of the swizzbeat is just alloy or whatever the swizzbeatit is made of, so bascily it messed up the swizzbeat too
lawl - 6/20/10 reply

what possessed you to think this was a good review? maybe you should read your post again where you said you deliberately tried to destroy it.. It seems to me that this would be common sense...don't try and break it an it will be fine.
Shaft - 5/30/10 reply

Which shaft should I choose, between this and the MP Scandium Swizzle with a Warrior Helix Head??????
(no subject) - 6/20/10 reply

MP SC swizzle
(no subject) - 5/29/10 reply

does this fit on the proton power?
(no subject) - 6/11/10 reply

(no subject) - 5/23/10 reply

how long does the grip on this last
(no subject) - 5/25/10 reply

i got it on one of my tournaments and the bumpy part of the grip on the side stays for quite a long time but can get chipped off by a check and the rubbery coating started coming off the same day i got it get the scandium
(no subject) - 5/29/10 reply

not very long i have had mine since the very begining of april and it is pealing like crazy and i only use it around the house
ummm - 6/20/10 reply

again, this is probably because you smashed it off your other stick TRYING to break it...don't post if your using your shaft for things unintended
(no subject) - 5/18/10 reply

this (for 70), wonderboy (for 100) , or scandium pro (for 150)*
(no subject) - 5/19/10 reply

scandium pro brah, way stronger
sp - 5/26/10 reply

scandium pro
(no subject) - 5/18/10 reply

i just ordered it good??
Good for D? - 5/16/10 reply

Is it: - Light? - Good Grip? - (Dont care about durability)
(no subject) - 5/17/10 reply

it is very light but the grip can get annoying. after a while though, the grip wears off.
head - 5/15/10 reply

does the stx proton power fit the swizzbeat
(no subject) - 5/18/10 reply

yea my friend has tht... tht stick is SEXYYY im gettin it
head - 5/14/10 reply

would the warrior evolution 2.0 fit this?
(no subject) - 6/11/10 reply

grip - 5/14/10 reply

which grip is better, this (swizzbeat) or the scandium swizzle
(no subject) - 5/18/10 reply

swizzbeat. scandium paint comes off.
grip - 5/13/10 reply

(no subject) - 5/11/10 reply

i have this, it was good at first and then all the grip fell off and it got reatrded and pisses me off on how bad it got
?????? - 5/10/10 reply

will i gait silencer, the one head with the weird fitting crap where you dont have to drill holes fit this shaft?
Evo x - 5/07/10 reply

will the evo x fit on this??
(no subject) - 5/07/10 reply

??? - 5/07/10 reply

Should i get this or the warrior kryptolite
(no subject) - 5/10/10 reply

(no subject) - 5/04/10 reply

does the old one have more or less grip
(no subject) - 5/03/10 reply

does the stx proton power fit this
drill a hole - 5/15/10 reply

its weird all warrior and brine heads fit together but stx heads have the screw hole at the like very top of the shaft
HEYYY - 5/01/10 reply

i was going to get this shaft but i got the f55 white and i love it
(no subject) - 4/27/10 reply

i hav som crappy shaft and and a pp should i get this or somthing else o and i play attack
(no subject) - 4/28/10 reply

I play attack too. Get these defenitly. I got one that is custom to the store that I got it from. It is black and lime green. The only problem is that the rubber coating peals off over time. Its not true when people say that they peel when wet. Even when it does peel, the heartbeat grip always stays on. Get 'em now.
(no subject) - 4/29/10 reply

if you like a lot of grip on you shaft then this is a great shaft only problem is that it rips up your gloves
(no subject) - 4/25/10 reply

does the brine clutch fit on this
(no subject) - 4/25/10 reply

yes all brine heads fit on this
JUICE - 4/24/10 reply

will a maverik juice head fit on this?
(no subject) - 4/25/10 reply

no u have to drill another hole.
SWIZZBEAT!!! - 4/21/10 reply

the swizz beta is an amazing stick, i ve had it for 3 years and not evan a dent or anything, i think that this stick is amazing!!
Good? - 4/16/10 reply

I am an 11th grader d player and i played with a gait (not sure what it was) and bent it. I had practice tommorow so i borrowed my bro's stick (The brine ignite 7005), and it bent. Will this stick bend like those ones?
Good Shaft - 4/08/10 reply

I had it and the weight is very good and it might scratch but its never dented the only downside is the grip peeling off
so bad - 4/07/10 reply

this shaft seems good but its not as light as the gait ice and i got a huge dent every game with it. i snapped it in half my third game i played its definatly not worth it.
(no subject) - 4/06/10 reply

will the deuce fit on it please answer asap
yes - 4/23/10 reply

yes it will fit BUT you have to drill a new hole....i have this with the deuce, i am not a big fan of it and its my back up, so its up to you
(no subject) - 4/04/10 reply

best shaft around
(no subject) - 4/04/10 reply

this is a great shaft been using it for a couple moths barely any dents
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