C12 Lacrosse Dirty Midfield Lacrosse Shafts
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  • The Dirty Line of Handles by C-12 are a high performance carbon fiber and designed for specific positions. Attack, Midfield, Defense, LSM, and Goalie. These handles feature a textured grip and are very lightweight.
The dirty one is super light weight and super strong. If you prefer a thinner shaft, this is a super high end option. No real flex in the goalie model. It feels so solid you wont believe it, yet super light weight and sturdy. As the price dictates, this is top of the line gear for advanced players. Our Pros play with dirty for the punishment and versatility they dish out. You will see these on top players wands more and more this year as word spreads. The midfield model is slightly heavier and beefier than the attack shaft.
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c 12 - 5/29/13 reply

i had mine for a little over a year and in one of my games i broke it in half and 6 month before that my friend broke one too
(no subject) - 4/23/13 reply

Should I get this or the stx amp
STX amp - 4/28/13 reply

The amp is way better
Hahaha - 9/05/13 reply

Im so dead xD the amp is way better lmao
Idiot - 5/28/13 reply

You are stupid to even compare this to the amp. I dont know anything about this shaft, but i know that the amp is a joke of a shaft!!! its only $5 for the amp and thats because it is the worst shaft ever
amp all the way - 6/19/13 reply

nahh i am still getting the amp because the graphics are way better
Moron - 8/18/13 reply

Shafts aren't all about graphics
(no subject) - 8/08/14 reply

just take a joke
FIRST - 4/02/13 reply

Anyway, my friend has this shaft and it's really light and feels extremely strong. This is actually a good price for carbon fiber as well.
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