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  • A must for any goalie wearing a PROt, CPX, CPX-R, CLH2, CS, CPV helmets,
These goalie throat guards are the most popular throat guards around. Cascades passion to protect really shows true not only in their helmets but their throat guards as well. Do not stand in front of the cage without one.
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(no subject) - 6/30/15 reply

will this fit on a cpv?
(no subject) - 2/25/15 reply

Can this be put on a Brine Triumph helmet at all? I have a clh2 but I prefer not to use it
(no subject) - 2/25/15 reply

Cascade Guard on T2 - 11/02/12 reply

This guard does fit on a T2 and it works well. You just have to be careful where you drill. Helps if you have a pro 7 with a guard on it to compare but it can be done and works great, if you have to use a T2!
Doesnt Matter - 6/13/12 reply

It doesn't matter at all which color that you have. I've used to black one and it's just fine. I recommend the black one because it's cheaper.
Throat piece - 5/28/12 reply

It doesn't really matter what one you have they both serve the same purpose.....but the clear one allows you to see shots below you and it helps a lot on fast shots that are coming at your feet. Plus the clear gives you more swag, especially when put on a cpx-r or a pro7
neck protectors - 5/15/12 reply

does any1 use the white neck protector over the black neck protector, and if so why
clear - 3/15/13 reply

I use the clear because you can see balls at your feet easier
WORTH IT?????? - 7/08/11 reply

HELP!!!! - 6/24/11 reply

im switchin to goalie and i am doin scrimmages on saturdays and im on a small budget 1so shud i get the cheap bib thing for 10 bux or shud i just get the nice one and just use it for the entire season?
(no subject) - 6/01/11 reply

i use the clear becuase when the ball bounces out of your stick and lands in the crease you can see through the throat guard so you can pick it up
(no subject) - 5/10/11 reply

Will this fit a brine triumph? it has the little metal holes for tying it on but i don't know if its too wide or narrow to fit around the chin
warrior t2 - 2/21/11 reply

does this fit on the warrior t2?
T2 - 11/02/12 reply

This guard fits the T2 well. Just get someone with a pro 7 so you can compare where to drill holes.
(no subject) - 2/10/11 reply

fells like its not even there the shooting strings work really good
(no subject) - 1/03/11 reply

i kno it fits on the cpx but does it fit on the cpxr??? plaese answer
(no subject) - 2/23/11 reply

prob. cpx and cpxr r the same exept for a bump in the back of a cpxr
no - 4/23/11 reply

cpx-r has the seven technology in it and the cpv fitting system
? - 12/25/10 reply

whats nicer the black or the clear
(no subject) - 1/03/11 reply

(no subject) - 10/29/10 reply

do they make a throat gaurd that fits a pro 7??
(no subject) - 11/24/10 reply

this throat guard fits on a pro7. i have one.
question - 12/22/11 reply

So if I get this do I have to screw it on or what?
REPLY - 10/18/10 reply

will this fit a cs youth ? pleaseee reply
CHECK IT!!!! - 6/25/10 reply

Alright so by far best throat gaurd. The best thing to do is ditch the screws and just use some shooting strings, lets the throat gaurd move freely and doesnt get caught on your chest protector or anything. And one dude, theres no rules on painting it, i just dont think anyone knows how, if you know how tell us, or better yet put a video on youtube
(no subject) - 6/15/10 reply

and this as my cup!
Painting a throat guard - 5/13/10 reply

Say I were to buy a white throat guard, is it acceptable (no against the rules) to paint it much like hockey goalies? I was merely curious, because I have yet to see any lacrosse goalies do this, and I really wanted to try it, but still use it in a game.
(no subject) - 6/25/10 reply

yo dude theres no rules, go for it, i just dont think people know how to do it. If you do tell us or put a vid on youtube
(no subject) - 8/07/10 reply

jesse swchartzman painted his silver this MLL season
(no subject) - 5/02/12 reply

to paint it you should sand it using sandpapaer and then when the surface is rough then paint it
painting - 1/09/13 reply

I dont know about painting but there are throat guard wraps available for customization and such
(no subject) - 5/09/10 reply

Any 1 want to buy a clear 1 for 20
(no subject) - 5/13/10 reply

i would like to buy it ive searched all over and cant find one used if you havent sold it already i would like to buy it off of you i dont know how to check my pms so just reply through here
(no subject) - 10/18/10 reply

i was lookin at your pro pic and how did u make your pocket so big?
yes - 6/07/10 reply

yea ill buy it from u if u didnt already sell it
ONLY FITS ON C2 - 4/25/10 reply

this throat guard only works on C2 which is a cascade helmet made like 10 years ago.... btw, marksde, if you go too your neighborhood lax store you can order a throat guard for The RIDELL REVOLUTION
bs - 5/01/10 reply

that is not true i have a clh2 and it is perfectly fine on my helmate
(no subject) - 4/14/10 reply

why is the clear $10 more?
(no subject) - 6/27/10 reply

because it is made of a stronger material
(no subject) - 3/30/10 reply

would it fit on a riddel revolution???????
yea - 5/11/10 reply

it does but use string because it'll be too tight if you don't
(no subject) - 3/26/10 reply

im a middie i use this its nice. keeps me from choking on my mouthpiece
(no subject) - 3/29/10 reply

is that supposed to be funny?
how to put it on - 3/21/10 reply

can i just use zip-ties to put it on?
yeah - 6/30/10 reply

you can use zip ties, thats what i did
(no subject) - 12/27/09 reply

its kind funny but during a game i took a shot right at my throat and this thing broke clean in half. but i still recommended this over anything
help - 5/23/09 reply

does this throat guard fit on the pro 7
yes - 6/06/09 reply

does it fit brine helmet - 6/15/09 reply

does this fi
(no subject) - 4/26/10 reply

no only c2
(no subject) - 4/26/10 reply

no only c2 a crappy haelmet made like 10 years ago
liar - 4/02/12 reply

2 goalies on my team have this and they have pro7s and it fits perfactly fine
drilling helmet - 5/05/09 reply

what is the measurement to drill into a cpx helmet
dont - 6/13/09 reply

dont drill into your helmet odds are your going to ruin it. just tightly tie string around it or somthing like that
URGENT!!! - 4/30/09 reply

My school's helmets are the old 1995 versions of Cascade helmets (I assume they're the C1s?) Does this fit c1, since I don't see in my helmet any place that I can drill to fix the throatguard to?
THE HELMET - 4/30/09 reply

it's classic - the chin part is different from any other existing models from cascade
yes - 5/18/10 reply

yes - 5/18/10 reply

yep, i had a classic that i used during shitty muddy practices last year, and i just drilled a hole in the chin guard on the helmet, and fit it perfectly, and then drilled a hole in the front right under the facemask for the front strap. it works perfectly fine, in my oppinion, snugger and more streamline than a pro 7 with a throat guart
does it fit cpro - 4/29/09 reply

warrior venom - 1/28/09 reply

does this fit on the venom?
(no subject) - 3/08/09 reply

what grade are you in? i live in your town
(no subject) - 4/26/10 reply

Pro7?? - 1/25/09 reply

would these throat guards fit a pro7??
yea - 3/11/09 reply

yes it does fit the pro 7 my team wears pro 7's and our goalie wears 1
(no subject) - 4/26/10 reply

nope only c2
(no subject) - 3/15/13 reply

dude youre so annoying it fits pretty much all helmets you just have to drill holes
how to... - 10/27/08 reply

i lost the instruction and how do you put it in
does it fit??? - 10/21/08 reply

does it fit a cascade pro 7 ????
(no subject) - 9/29/11 reply

u are all such retards, of course it fits the pro 7 r tatrds, it fits every cascasde heklmet, jesus, u are such dumbasses who probly suck
dumb - 7/14/08 reply

i dont understand how anyone can mistake this for a visor
thingy? - 6/27/08 reply

does it fit all the helmets wtf????
better if see through - 6/25/08 reply

dude - 4/20/08 reply

i bought this because it looked sick as a visor. then when i played with it, they said it was illegal. i was p od cuz i couldnt see at all wen i had the ball. if i even had it. PLEASE DO NOT BUY. the only good thing is it doesnt fog up like some football visors do.
stupid - 4/21/08 reply

this is a goalie throat guard, not a visor. How the hech did you expect to see through it when it has the cascade logo right in the middle. way to waste 40 bucks.
Seriously... - 4/22/08 reply

Are you that dumb??? how in the world does THROAT GUARD TRANSLATE INTO VISOR?!?!?!?!
wow - 4/24/08 reply

i was kidding u i was seein wat stupid and obvious things u would say 2 me.
(no subject) - 4/25/08 reply

mmmi wouldent joke if it made me sound like a retard
dude - 4/27/08 reply

this is for goalies not a viser to put in your helmet
lol - 4/27/08 reply

SAME THING - 4/27/08 reply

Your an idiot. - 4/28/08 reply

Does it not say C2 THROAT GUARD?
Dear God - 5/28/08 reply

Wow. Thats probably the stupidest thing I've ever heard. In all honesty, I think you should quit right now before you do something even dumber.
wow - 5/17/08 reply

you are such an idiot like honestly your the dummest person i have ever herd talk
disagree - 6/05/08 reply

you've probably never heard him talk before. and you're the stupidest person i have ever seen type because you misspelled heard.
u r stupid - 7/14/08 reply

this is supposed 2 be 4 goalies, not used for a throat guard. IT'S EVEN CALLED A C2 THROAT GUARD.
um - 8/08/08 reply

this isnt a visor at all it donsnt even look like a visor
UR SMRT LOL LOL LOL L9OL - 9/01/08 reply

haha - 3/10/09 reply

you people cant take a joke
wowowww - 5/02/09 reply

? - 4/20/08 reply

will dis work 4 D?
will this - 4/12/08 reply

will this work on a cs youth helmet
Riddell helmets - 3/04/08 reply

does it work for them
WHO KARESSSSSS - 9/01/08 reply

(no subject) - 2/07/08 reply

is it good?
READ READ - 1/22/08 reply

This thing works even though it needs to get drilled in on a lot of helmets it works.
Read this plz - 11/24/06 reply

i hav a chl2 and need a guard, would this work?
(no subject) - 12/26/06 reply

yeah it works with any cascade helmet, be ready with a drill though
do you have to driil the - 1/04/07 reply

or the guard for it to fit the Cascade CLH2?
riddell? - 11/07/06 reply

riddell helmets - 11/07/06 reply

does anybody kno if this will fit one of the new riddell helmets
(no subject) - 2/05/08 reply

ya it will, I don't know where you need to drill the wholes though
How about on a PLH 2000 - 11/05/06 reply

I jus got an old PLH helmet and i was wondering if anyone knows if it fits on these
gait throat guards - 7/30/05 reply

help me out here i have a gait helmet and i had to use a bib which sucked i was wondering if gait came out with a throat guard like this one yet
just drill it - 11/26/06 reply

if you see kip turners or harry alfords they use this one you need to drill the holes
clh2? - 11/27/04 reply

does this thing fit on to a CLH2? im gonna buy one and i dont want to waste 24 bucks. RESPOND

OK, I play Golie and middie for my team, and ive got a C-Pro. The foam blocks are not the best for this helmet and I've been thinking about getting one of these. But there are some draw backs. Now, it looks liek it screws in. Is that true? If, so can I easily undo it or put in back on at the half if I only play one half? any other helpful comments? ANYTHING would be helpful. thanks a lot
i feel ur pain - 9/11/03 reply

i have the same problem u hav my friend, i wanna get one of these too and im pretty sure it can come off or else if it cracked or something u would hav to throw the whole helmet away. and by looking @ the clear 1 it looks pretty simple to screw off of ur helmet.
(no subject) - 12/30/03 reply

hey i've got one and its great protection and when i got a c-pro, I took my throat gaurd off of my c2 and it was no problem. If you r gonna buy one, have no worries.
ur problem... - 3/02/08 reply

ya i play goalie too. but i also play hockey goalie. so heres my advice. my throat guard that i use is a hockey one. you can easliy tie and untie it. it is also usually cheaper than a lax throat guard. so you could probably get one of those at ur local hockey rink for $15 - $30 dollars.good luck in ur season!
Will this work - 2/14/03 reply

Will this throat guard worl for a c pro
yes it will - 5/18/03 reply

yes this will work check about the product it says a must for a c2 helmet if you play goalie
will this fit a STRYKE PRO Z?? - 11/11/02 reply

yeah - 11/30/02 reply

yeah, ive seen and heard that this thing does fit on the pro z, just drill it in the right stop they tell you to when the ysend it to ya
it depends - 10/17/06 reply

i have a stryke helmet that i got from my school and i hjave a similar cascade throat guard on it. i just ghetto rigged it all together and it worked fine
(no subject) - 8/07/10 reply

didn't they make a strike throat guard
cpro - 8/05/02 reply

does this work on cpro
foam - 6/19/02 reply

cant u just put a foam block tied under ur helmet?
(no subject) - 7/04/02 reply

no this doesnt get caught like the foam thing does
(no subject) - 6/03/02 reply

is this better than most neck protectors, do they get in the a lot cuz mine does
protect - 5/26/02 reply

these things look like they dont even protect youre whole neck, please correct me if im wrong...
it does - 5/18/03 reply

you screw it in to your helemet at certain points so it hangs just below your chin and its 3 inches wide so it covers it
surprise - 5/08/02 reply

i am surprised that this hasnt come out sooner.i play ice hockey goalie and i have been using a neck guard just like this for hockey for years.
clear - 5/05/02 reply

You can get the clear throat guards basically any place they sell these things. Lacrosse unlimited sells clear ones, if you dont mind spendin 5 dollars more.
This Thing - 5/04/02 reply

howdy - 5/03/02 reply

i have a c2 with this throat guard. im not saying anything against this, it's a good throay guard, even tho a throat guard is a troat guard i guess. but just the other day in practice, a bounce shotcame up right under me, and the ball came right up under the throat guard and lodged itself on the inside of my face mask- true. i guess that could happen no matter what throat guard you have, and its sort of a one in a thousand type situation. so i dunno...
holy crap - 6/03/02 reply

man i cant believe that happened
yup - 7/07/03 reply

ya man thats happened to me to my first year this year and second day my coach did that to me and i had ur every day gard on
how does it go on - 4/19/02 reply

it looks like it has screws does that mean that you have to drill hols in the chin guard?
one problem - 3/28/02 reply

Unfortunately, I keep having the screws coming undone(no matter how tight I screw them to start). One side of the throat protector keeps falling off, sometimes even during a game and often times losing the screws or small metal & plastic spacers on the field. They need to develop it with some kind of lockwasher or find some way of keeping the screws from falling out from play.
locktite - 11/19/04 reply

Go to the auto parts store and get some stuff called locktite. You put it on the threads of the screw and it glues the screw to the nut. Only use a little, tho, it's stroooooong stuff (more than a drop and you may never get the guard off again).
All image - 3/19/02 reply

They really don't protect any better than the old throat gaurds, I even had a friend who had the edge of this throat gaurd slam into his neck, once. Albeit it's rare, the thing really hurt him, Sporthelmets only made it so that they can charge you and extra ten bucks. It only is really for the image, I own a C2, but I only use the old throat gaurds.
TPC2 - 3/15/02 reply

Its a great throat guard, but its a pain in the butt to put on the helmet itself.
Cool - 11/25/01 reply

These things are cool i have one but i want to get the clear one like the bostan cannons goalie has does any one know where i can get it?
clear c2 guard - 3/20/02 reply

they sell the clear C2 neckgaurd at, but it's $40
(no subject) - 4/07/02 reply

go to
Bacarach - 4/24/02 reply

this is where you can get it
Does it fit the C1??????? - 9/09/01 reply

I wanted to get one of these but I have a C1 is that a problem? does it still fit? Someone help me out.
Nope - 11/08/01 reply

I've got one, and it's shaped to fit the C2. Hell, you actually have to drill holes in the helmet.
Other positions - 8/13/01 reply

Can you use it for other positions? Does it work w/ the other Cascade helmets?
OTHER POSITION?!?!!? - 10/24/01 reply

What the hell?! What kind of wuss would wear it in another position? And no it only fits the c pron adn c 2
come on - 2/28/02 reply

really man, y would u want to wear this for any position? ud think it would kinda weigh you down, huh? if i were you, i would be more worried about taking checks the the body, hands, and stick then havin a ball or stick catch you across the throat
(no subject) - 6/24/01 reply

Gotta get used to it, but these are great
(no subject) - 2/07/02 reply

best protection I have ever had from a throat guard, got hit right on it in practice. you can even tell roughly were the rebound will go as well!!!!
yea - 6/21/01 reply

one more thing i'm a golie/defender (i play both) and this makes it very easy to see ground balls in the crease witch is a must i recomend this very highly
yea - 11/08/01 reply

that and it looks cool
clear - 2/28/02 reply

it looks cool, but have you seen a clear one..those are really cool looking
(no subject) - 5/14/02 reply

I know the make em. I'm Midie, but I was lookin through a magazine and every pro goalie witha C2 or a Cpro had a clear one
(no subject) - 5/26/02 reply

wow lets all go out and get a clear one kuz all the pro's have em', thats just bein a poser................
umm..... - 8/15/07 reply

the clear is lexan = stronger plastic so its more durable to stand up to 90mph shots
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