Cascade Pro7 Mohawk Lacrosse Helmet Accessories
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  • Available in a variety of colors.

    Removable adhesive decals.
Helmet stickers for the Pro7 that fit in between the vents.Add team spirit to your gear with Cascade® Pro 7 Lacrosse Helmet Vent Covers. Choose your team color or whatever color suits your aggressive style. Stand out on the field with these removable eye-catching add-ons that adhere to the ridges around each vent hole.
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The new r - 4/23/13 reply

Will this fit the new R
(no subject) - 2/02/12 reply

where do u even put these?
Glad you asked - 9/26/12 reply

On your wiener
HELP! - 1/28/12 reply

will this fit on a cpx please help
cpxr - 8/11/11 reply

will the pro7 mohawk fit on the cpxr
Kinda - 12/03/11 reply

You just have to cut it a little. But if you have an exacto knife it should be easy
cpx-r - 7/23/11 reply

will these fit on the cpx-r
(no subject) - 4/08/11 reply

Do these mohawks fit on the cpxr
(no subject) - 4/08/11 reply

will these fit on my brine sugardaddys?
(no subject) - 4/07/11 reply

will these fit on my brine sugardaddys?
(no subject) - 7/14/11 reply

what are you talking about the warrior sugar daddys are gloves and theses are helmet stickers
which one - 7/30/10 reply

i got a red helmet so i guess it would be stupid to put red stripes on it, right?
(no subject) - 10/04/10 reply

No thats a great idea, duh
(no subject) - 11/01/10 reply

no red would be the best choice you could get
(no subject) - 7/10/10 reply

team colors navy and orange i already have a navy visor what should i get for the vents? and the stripes?
(no subject) - 6/20/10 reply

is this like a sticker that can be put on and be pulled off so you can change the colors or is it like you put the sticker on and then your stuck with that color
Fit on Trojan? - 5/12/10 reply

Wil this fit on the Trojan?
(no subject) - 1/05/11 reply

probly not like thats y there called pro7 stickers...
will they fit cpx??? - 5/04/10 reply

sorta - 5/05/10 reply

my team has pro7's with these stipes and i tried to put one on my cpx and it worked pretty well, a little wide but it still worked out well
help me - 3/07/10 reply

i have a white helmet the colors for my team are black and green should i get black stripes or green ones or can i just get both
(no subject) - 3/08/10 reply

black strips with green vents if you can get them
removable?? - 12/04/09 reply

once you put 1 of these on can you ever get it off without messing ur helmet up??
yes - 1/24/10 reply

all it is is a thick sticker so u can take it off
readddd - 11/10/09 reply

will it fit a Cascade: CPX
(no subject) - 2/13/10 reply

it says for the pro7 bro, read!
Read this - 4/08/09 reply

These will make your helment look cooler and would give u team spirit
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