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  • The Cascade R is the most advanced lacrosse helmet that Cascade has ever created. For years, Cascade has set the bar when it comes to impact management and they have exceeded expectations once again with the Cascade R. If you thought the PRO7 was good, wait until you try the R which is the 2015 version of the bestselling PRO7.

    Like the Pro7 the Cascade R reintroduces the ground-breaking SevenTechnology liner system that effectively transfers energy from direct high energy impacts. When a collision occurs, the SevenTechnology liner system compresses laterally displacing energy within seconds, and then resets to its original state for the next hit.

    One new feature that the Cascade R offers is the PoronXRD comfort liner foam that works with the SevenTechnology to disperse impact pressure while also providing maximum comfort. The PoronXRD is a pliable yellow material that dissipates linear force from low energy impact.

    A feature that stands out in the Cascade R is the NEW HardTail SPRfit which is an adjustable occipital pad system that can be resized on the fly to get a better 360 degree contoured fit. This will ultimately allow the player to tighten the helmet to his liking while also keeping it in an optimum position for protection.

    The Cascade R is encapsulated by the SuperMono R Shell that is a one-piece shell and visor combo. This design creates a more rigid system against frontal impacts by dispersing collision energy evenly around the body of the shell. Cascade also moved the balance point closer to the middle of the helmet to establish a lighter and more symmetrical feel when the helmet is sitting on the players head.

    The innovative technology instituted in the Cascade R is astounding, making it one of the most sought out lacrosse helmets on the Market. Get yours today. It is only taking Cascade 1-2 business to build and ship!
Basically, this is the hottest selling lacrosse helmet of 2014 and 2015 !! Combined with the rear adjustable fitting slider...the PoronXRD foam makes this the best fitting and feeling helmet on the market. To top it off, one of our Pro's is wearing these in the MLL right now.
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Helmet Colors - 8/10/15 reply

Probably a dumb question but I'm a little worried ill end up ordering something I cant use. My high school requires our Cascade R's to be all Black but with RED chin guard, If I order a R from with a black shell, visor, and mask, but with a RED Jaw (Chin Guard) will it come as such? or will it arrive to my home like it is in the picture as an all black helmet?
r/cpxr - 7/31/15 reply

I have a CPXR. Is it worth the $250 to upgrade to an R??
R v. CPXR - 6/17/15 reply

I play goalie which helmet should i get
This or cpxr?!?!? - 5/22/15 reply

Hi. I have been thinking about saving for a new helmet. I don't know. I want either the r, the cpxr, or pro 7 people tell me other helmets aren't as good. Please. I need help.
helmq - 12/15/14 reply

should i get this or the stallion? i play ref
READ THIS - 6/25/14 reply

Just so you know. R fits a little smaller than a pro-7 and is lighter than a cpxr. Trust me I hav two
DOESNT MATTER - 6/25/14 reply

It doesn't matter wat position you are. A helmet is not going to make you perform differently.
Need help - 5/05/14 reply

Is the R really all that better than the CPXR. I don't know if i should pay the extra money if it's not all that better.
D - 2/25/14 reply

Is this good for d
(no subject) - 4/05/14 reply

good for any position
Positions - 4/13/14 reply

This helmet is great for any position. I play defense with this helmet, and its a high quality helmet.
Cascade R - 2/14/14 reply

Is the silver color of the "R" the same as Matte grey?
Cascade R - 5/05/14 reply

I think you have to order the matte colors separate from this so no
This or cpx-r - 11/17/13 reply

I have a small head I had a warrior t2 that was too big and sent it back
(no subject) - 11/26/13 reply

both fit good, I have a small head and found that a cpx r fit better. This helmet is so comfy though but is a little bigger then the cpx r
to michael - 10/20/13 reply

yea it has the thing on the back of the helmet that makes it tighter or looser so one size fits all
THX - 10/27/13 reply

Ok thx for telling meh!!!!
? - 12/16/13 reply

Are you being sarcastic
HELP ME!!! - 10/14/13 reply

Hey im 13 4'8 1/2 and i was wondering if this helmet would might fit me... i have the money and my season is coming up soon so HELP!!
!!!!!!!!! - 12/16/13 reply

Just give me the length of your big toe and we'll find out what size helmet you are kiddo, No one size fits all you son of a gun
Advice - 7/29/13 reply

I play at an elite level but I am only 13 i have the money tht doesn't matter currently i am using a CLH2 should i get this, a pro7, or a cpxr?
Advice - 7/30/13 reply

Get the R helmet. The pro 7 will be too big. The R helmet is a mix between the Pro 7 and CPXR
(no subject) - 7/29/13 reply

(no subject) - 7/21/13 reply

If you can afford the r then get it
Wich one - 7/16/13 reply

Should I get the cpxr or r for mid field
Wich one - 7/16/13 reply

Should I get the cpxr or r for mid field
(no subject) - 11/26/13 reply

depends what you want if you can afford the r get it, but if you cant get the cpx r. Don't get the pro 7 if anything.
Wich one - 7/16/13 reply

Should I get the cpxr or r for mid field
cant wait - 6/28/13 reply

if we pre ordered it how long do u think its gunna take after it comes out to get it, with customs colors
cant wait - 6/28/13 reply

Colours - 6/21/13 reply

When will the matte grey be available?
THEY NEED... - 6/19/13 reply

For goalie - 5/11/13 reply

Depends on how fast you need it...if you need it ASAP then get the pro7 I have it for goalie and its amazing....if you want it for next season wait till July and get this
For goalie - 5/09/13 reply

Pro 7, this, or Cpxr for goalie
Quality - 5/04/13 reply

I want to say that it looks cheaply made... The chin piece looks very likely to snap and the piece that holds the facemask onto the side of the helmet has shrunk....By the looks of it the pro7 is better quality
jellous - 6/28/13 reply

my friend says the same thing but hes just made that he cant hav one and hes stuck with his regular old pro 7
color - 5/03/13 reply

any chance they'll come in matte black too?
holy hell yes - 4/24/13 reply

its like a mix between the 7 and the cpx r
(no subject) - 4/24/13 reply

(no subject) - 4/25/13 reply

thats wat i thought
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