57 Carbon Matte Black 2014
57 Carbon Matte Black 2014
57 Carbon Matte Black 2014
East Coast Dyes Carbon Matte Black 2014 Lacrosse Shafts
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  • The East Coast Carbon Shaft. Made with Advanced composite materials and manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality and performance. The advanced carbon fiber allows the shaft to have a very high strength to weight ratio, this shaft is very durable and the attack shaft weighs only 176 grams, making it one of the lightest shafts available.

    The Carbon features Reach Technology, so while shooting and passing the shaft will FLEX to increase shot speed, snap, & feel. The Carbon is a 5 out of 10 on the flex scale, which makes it an easy transition from a standard shaft.
    The Carbon also features a textured grip. It has a classic octagonal shape with slightly concave sides for the perfect feel in your hands. Its textured grip has a slight sandpaper feel for increased grip, feel, and all weather performance. This means less tape on the shaft!
WOW !! East Coast Carbon Shafts just hit the loading dock here and we are blown away. Not sure who they cut a manufacturing deal with, but they basically robbed someone. For $99, these guys are producing a shaft that others charge almost double for. The big manufacturers are not gonna be happy about this one.

The coolest difference between these and the others is that they have a diamond type textured finish that eliminates the heavy tape monster from visiting your stick. Our pros put these on their own heads the day they came in and they haven't taken them off yet !!!
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(no subject) - 5/28/15 reply

Why did the discontinue it?!
(no subject) - 5/12/15 reply

Got mine for 99$
Arrival - 5/01/15 reply

What is the estimated date that this shaft for short poles will be available? And Does this shaft come with the butt end or do I buy that separately?
Decisions - 4/26/15 reply

This, The Stx stallion sci-ti ocs, or one of the EPoch Dragonfly gen 5?
(no subject) - 4/07/15 reply

So Excited to get mine!
Stick Choice - 2/24/15 reply

Should I get this or the Maverik A1? I play middie for a high school team.
Chipping - 2/17/15 reply

This shaft is a solid shaft but it chips a TON and you feel it when you are playing because it is very thick layer of paint. Thats all i have to say tho
awesome - 2/14/15 reply

This stick is amazing. I have a defense stick and it is lighter than my maverick h2 attack and is really durable it gets me hyped for lax season.
(no subject) - 12/20/14 reply

Is it gonna fit on a maverick flight head?
yes - 3/17/15 reply

it will fit on any head because of the rubber grip.
bad international shipping - 12/12/14 reply

i ordered my shaft a few weeks ago and its still never came in yet and i live in canada, any reason why its taking so long? im sure this wait better be worth it
Amazing - 12/10/14 reply

I would recommend this shaft to anyone who likes a light, grippy, flexy, and awesome shaft. Just make sure to tape up the butt end because it WILL fall off.
Grip - 8/15/14 reply

Is this shaft as grippy as the alliance
Grip - 11/12/14 reply

I have both, and this has much more grip to it.
incredible - 7/01/14 reply

this shaft is absolutely amazing. should cost double than what is is now.
(no subject) - 7/08/14 reply

do you actually have one, or are you just speaking from exitement, i'm torn between the cutter c155 and this, and was wondering how these feel
(no subject) - 6/22/14 reply

its just the maverik range but more money.
Maverick Range - 6/28/14 reply

The range is an alloy shaft and this is a carbon composite shaft. This has flex is is worth the very low price point for carbon flex shafts.
First - 6/13/14 reply

Man are these gonna be awesome. And only $99.99? Doesn't get much better.
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