63 Hawk
63 Hawk
63 Hawk
63 Hawk
Epoch Hawk Lacrosse Heads
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  • Designed from the ground up, for today's evolving style of offensive minded players, The Hawk offers a high-pocket design coveted by the top scorers in the game. The Hawk is manufactured with pride in the USA and comes with an industry best 1-year warranty.

    The laid back profile and lowered scoop keeps the ball tucked under the shooting strings when cradling and dodging for maximum hold. Additionally, it provides an optimal release point, improving ball trajectory vs. conventional offset heads when passing and shooting. The Hawk is universal spec and is legal for high school and college play.

    Epochs exclusive dual layer architecture ensures The Hawk remains light and strong (durable) by removing material and weight from non-essential parts and increasing the strength throughout the essential structure. The trusted trestle sidewall is a proven design providing increased lateral, torsional and vertical compression resistance, in addition to overall stiffness.
One of the most anticipated head releases for the 2015 season. Epoch has simply taken the high end shaft and mesh market by storm.. and we see no stopping that with this new release.

Our pros loved the pinched down throat and when we strung this up with Otter Mesh this puppy simply ripped corners. Our offensive guys loved the control and feel of this head and the stringing setup allowed either a mid or high pocket flexibility. This head will start making its way onto fields this fall and we will get a better feel for the durability (always a question mark with these new releases...) But from what we can tell this is the real deal !!!
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the hawk - 10/07/14 reply

Love it so different and unique not like any other great choice for any player
(no subject) - 10/07/14 reply

faceoffs - 9/15/14 reply

team epoch if you notice this would this be a good faceoff head
Epoch - 8/20/14 reply

So happy to see a lacrosse company like this from Minnesota do well and create great products like this and there shafts.
I WANT THIS HEAD!!!! - 8/08/14 reply

Why cant it be cheaper!
(no subject) - 8/07/14 reply

I play Ref is this going to be too flexible for that?
Updates? - 8/06/14 reply

Hey, does anybody know if they are going to make a stiffer version (i think Flex Iq 1) soon?
fit? - 8/06/14 reply

i ordered a ecd signature shaft will this fit?
faceoffs - 8/06/14 reply

is this head good for faceoffs
face - 8/06/14 reply

faceoffs - 8/06/14 reply

is this head good for faceoffs?
(no subject) - 8/20/14 reply

Epoch hawk warps really easily
Please email - 8/21/14 reply

Henry - can you please email info@epochlacrosse.com, we would like to know more about your experience. We have actually hear just the opposite from players. Thanks Team Epoch
(no subject) - 8/02/14 reply

Is this just the flex 5?
Hawk - 7/30/14 reply

Out of the box thinking with this head. I cant wait to see how it performs.
Review - 7/29/14 reply

check out @Vegas_Strings on instagram. When he gets his hey said he might do a full review on the head. Go give him a follow too! he strings traditional and mesh, and is very good at it.
New idea - 7/26/14 reply

This head is different from all the heads nowadays which is not something that happens a lot. They all seem to be remakes now.
The Hawk - 7/28/14 reply

ZRod, Thanks for noticing. Let us know what you think.
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