63 Otter Mesh
63 Otter Mesh
Epoch Otter Mesh Lacrosse Stringing Supplies
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  • Otter Mesh is made of military grade ultra lightweight composite fiber. The same material used to make the ropes for Navy Seals.

    Otter Mesh has no coating or resins added to it, which makes it break in quickly and never changes in hardness/feel over its lifetime.

    Otter Mesh is a semi-soft mesh that has a slightly rough surface that enhances ball retention without adding whip.

    Otter Mesh is hydrophobic, meaning it will not absorb water. It may feel wet to the touch, but the water will never affect the performance of your pocket.

    Otter Mesh is resistant to extreme cold (-76F) and heat (140 F). No more shrinkage (tennis rackets) or expansion (bags) due to changing weather conditions.
Brent Adams who works here.. yes the one on Rabil's line with the Cannons.. strung up his whip with this and said he is never playing with anything else again. If you know how to shoot, this stuff literally rips the ball like no other, and it is consistent. It feels like soft mesh but without the whip.. if that is even possible. Science seems to have won the day here. We don't know how or why this stuff works, or the fact that the Navy SEALS use the same stuff in their helicopter ropes.. all we know is this stuff just revolutionized pockets forever.

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(no subject) - 9/17/15 reply

A little tought to strung, but with a good pocket, It works well. Woukd take stringking over this but its still great mesh
Otter mesh - 9/17/15 reply

Otter Mesh is still over priced. Ninjalax.com Shogun mesh is just as good or better and $10 less
Quality over quantity! - 3/22/15 reply

I've been stringing sticks and playing lax for 20 years! Even though this mesh is a lil pricey, it's well worth the cost! If u want to play at your top level, your stick has to be tuned in at the best level. If your a soft mesh guy, this is what u want! Trust me, you won't care u spent $40 when ur stinging corners with a proper mesh piece that strings a perfect pocket! The fact that it doesn't get dirty is just a bonus! (Gamestick:Epoch hawk,Otter mesh,H1 pocket,Maverik A1 shaft)
Mesh Choice - 2/04/15 reply

Personally I've used this, Stringking 2X and Stringking 2S and I love all 3. Don't get me wrong East Coast Dyes and Throne of String are great and I've used their products as well but Stringking/Epoch just feel different, a good different.
Otter mesh or string king 2S? - 12/23/14 reply

Should I get otter or string king 2s?
(no subject) - 10/29/14 reply

the one thing epoch does best is create overly expensive products. but their products are worth the money, so.....
(no subject) - 8/31/14 reply

i like it but not as consistent as sk or ecd
(no subject) - 8/07/14 reply

Just gave in after months of thinking it was too much I've had it for about a week and its worth it, its so durable and doesn't get dirty at all, its the best mesh I've used and Iv'e used ECM, Jimawax Marc-mesh throne mesh and string king mesh. Although string king 1s is a cheaper alternative its similar but less durable.
Great stuff - 8/03/14 reply

Good doesn't get dirty easily I play in dirt/grass but it has barely turned brown. Strong stuff had it for 8 months. got ECM a while ago only lasted 2 months. This stuff will last longer than all your other meshes and that's why it's expensive but really quality stuff. Get this or string king
Otter Mesh - 7/15/14 reply

Ripping after 4 weeks sounds strange... I have had Otter in both my sticks for 4 months now and it is in perfect condition. If I were you I would contact Epoch or StirngKing and they should replace it for you. Sounds like you may have had a defective piece
Otter Mesh - 6/23/14 reply

Great stuff, but it ripped in less than 4 weeks.... Used it properly, if anything I handled it with extra care. Maybe I got a faulty mesh. Hopefully I'm not dissappointed again.
Otter Mesh - 4/08/14 reply

This mesh isn't all bad my friend has it and in md we have had so much rain and it feels like new its $40 and it may seem pricey well its not. what about the people spending $40 on dyed pieces of mesh which are bound to get real dirty real fast those meshes aren't like otter mesh its actually great stuff. also look its sold out i don't see other meshes that are sold out
Otter Mesh - 3/30/14 reply

To everyone bashing otter mesh because of the price, although the mesh is $40 it is worth every penny. The mesh will outlast any other mesh. It is the same thing as buying 4 or 5 pieces of any other mesh while otter mesh is still holding up. So think before you post.
size - 3/18/14 reply

is this 15 or 20 mm
size - 7/20/14 reply

size - 3/18/14 reply

Otter Mesh - 3/18/14 reply

Otter Mesh is more than light. It strings a perfect pocket every time. I strung it up in a Stallion and it throws SICK! It is soft and has a ton of feel. Trying it out on a snowy field later today at practice. I will let you know if water has any effect.
hardness - 3/17/14 reply

which is harder this or stringking 1x mesh
Price - 3/16/14 reply

I'd rather get 2 pieces of ECM..
What the hell? - 3/16/14 reply

I hope there aren't any crazy people buying this mesh. You can buy 10 pieces of normal hard mesh.
(no subject) - 3/22/14 reply

Mesh hoarding is a serious problem, haven't you watched TLC before? I don't get this argument because you can only play with 1 piece of mesh at a time... Why buy 2 or 10 crappy pieces of mesh when your gamer only needs 1?
(no subject) - 12/27/14 reply

yeah but this piece will outlast 10 pieces of hard mesh and it will be lighter and better hold
$$$$$ - 3/15/14 reply

Would rather get 2 pieces of ECM than this
(no subject) - 3/14/14 reply

Jesus christ $40?!
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