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  • Gait ICE Lacrosse shaft series
    Extremely lightweight C555 alloy
    High-strength alloy with anodized finish
The Gait Ice is our best seller for four years running. Pick one up and you will know why. Cryogenically treated to -310 degrees for extra strength and durability, this impressive shaft is complete with a new Ice finish.
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Hellp - 8/19/15 reply

This or STX amp?
(no subject) - 9/07/15 reply

Ice is the best shaft i ever used. The stx amp is a very low end shaft that will no boubt break the second you step onto a competitive field. If you are going to play for any length of time get the Ice.
(no subject) - 9/07/15 reply

Ice is the best shaft i ever used. The stx amp is a very low end shaft that will no boubt break the second you step onto a competitive field. If you are going to play for any length of time get the Ice.
HELLLLLP - 8/19/15 reply

GAME CHANGER!!!!!!! - 7/30/15 reply

Dood this ice shaft changed my game!!! LIKE LITERALLY!!! I went from averaging 0 goals per game to like 12.5 goals per game... only problem is in still confused about the whole ice thing works... Im in arazona ind its like uber hot here how does it not melt?????????
Best shaft - 7/24/15 reply

This is an amazing shaft I played with it for 2 years not one dent and l like the butt end they have on it
Get it - 7/03/15 reply

This is a great shaft but if you want something Better get the polar ice
Which one - 5/19/15 reply

this or warrior burn for an attack player
Will It Fit - 5/13/15 reply

Will This Gait Ice Shaft Fit my Stallion head or my STX Proton Power 2 C-Channel Head?
This or Maverik A1 - 5/08/15 reply

This shaft Is light along with the a1 but which is better
(no subject) - 5/11/15 reply

the a1 has better grip but a different shape. plus it has that weird butt end, if you like a sand blown grip like the warrior diamond series go with the a1, but if you dont need it go with this
(no subject) - 4/16/15 reply

DO NOT GET THIS SHAFT!!!! It broke within the first week I had it.
(no subject) - 4/10/15 reply

I have a trikor pole and a gait ice pole. im looking to get another one. But idk what one to get. Any suggestions?
grip - 2/26/15 reply

this shaft doesnt have much grip. When i was shooting around without gloves it was fine but when i put my gloves on, i had no grip, NEED TAPE
Grip - 12/10/14 reply

Hows the grip on this shaft because I'm used to a lot of grip because I've played with the warrior dubbs for so long.
(no subject) - 2/01/15 reply

This shaft barley has any grip of any at all
Icey hot - 11/18/14 reply

I love this shaft and it's amazing but it gets dented pretty easily but is still very very light great shaft if you don't care about dents oh yeah and the concave is great
(no subject) - 10/29/14 reply

i had this for a few months. the first time i played with it, it got dented pretty well. it got dented again. it's really light, and i love the shape on it, but it's not too grippy and not durable at all, but that's just me. if you want something light, get the warrior krypto pro diamond
(no subject) - 10/29/14 reply

Does this shaft really break easily
ice - 10/07/14 reply

Will this work with a stx surgeon head?
(no subject) - 10/11/14 reply

all heads fit
(no subject) - 10/05/14 reply

Will this fit on a brine clutch 3
(no subject) - 10/06/14 reply

Yea it will fit
(no subject) - 8/30/14 reply

This or the vapor elite
This or Krypto Pro Diamond - 7/30/14 reply

(no subject) - 7/20/14 reply

does silver make it more expensive
(no subject) - 7/01/14 reply

will this fit on a nozx
(no subject) - 7/01/14 reply

ill take it
Brine clutch superlight - 5/26/14 reply

Will the brine clutch superlight head fit on this shaft?
stx proton power - 5/19/14 reply

will a proton power fit in this? and the proffessor? thx!
Stx proton power - 6/23/14 reply

I just got this shaft and a proton power 2, it's fits on the shaft but I just had to make a hole to fit the head on. All you need is a drill
stx sheild - 5/15/14 reply

does this stick fit on the stx sheild or stx eclipse
(no subject) - 5/14/14 reply

Will this fit on a brine clutch 3
Easily breaks - 5/08/14 reply

Mine broke today in a game as I was getting hit. I had it for about a month and it had no dents in it, but I got cross checked and it snapped. I would not recommend this because of how easily it breaks, unless you are the type of kid who gets new sticks a lot or who doesn't play.
Price - 5/08/14 reply

Is it just me or does it say that the retail price is 99.90 and their price is 119.90 ?
stx superpower - 4/26/14 reply

will either a viper2, superpower, or lacota u go on this shaft?
A1 - 4/19/14 reply

This or Mavrik A1
(no subject) - 4/18/14 reply

Nike vandal - 4/14/14 reply

This or nike vandal
awesome shaft - 4/06/14 reply

This shaft is definitely in the top 3 greatest shaft. It is crazy light and incredibly strong. The grip, I would give a 5-10, but nothing grip tape can't fix. It does only have one screw hole that does not fit on all heads, but you can drill a hole if needed. If you're looking for an incredible shaft that will last you with no regrets, then get the Gait Ice
head - 4/05/14 reply

Will this fit a proton power 2 c channel?
same question - 4/16/14 reply

will this fit on proton power 2 c-channel
Which one? - 4/03/14 reply

ok, which combo should i get, this with a proton power, or stx scandium pro with a maverik metrik?
LSM - 3/30/14 reply

What is the best shaft for a lsm? I'm think this, surgeon sc-ti, or stallion sc-ti. Any other suggestions?
(no subject) - 4/01/14 reply

(no subject) - 3/30/14 reply

This or a kryptolite please respond asap
(no subject) - 4/28/14 reply

Gait ice no question. Much lighter and a bit grippier. Pretty much same shape. Go for the ice
Sticky - 3/26/14 reply

Is this a sticky shaft?
(no subject) - 3/19/14 reply

Is this shaft lighter than the surgeon sci-ti?
(no subject) - 3/16/14 reply

Will a evo 3 head fit on this shaft?
Proton Power Gait Ice - 3/15/14 reply

Will a Proton Power fit on this shaft?
Proton Power Gait Ice - 3/15/14 reply

Lime green cork? - 3/13/14 reply

Does the navy one come with a lime green cork or a black one?
Great Shaft - 3/09/14 reply

Incredibly lightweight, sleek, and powerful. Get it now!!!!!!!!
(no subject) - 3/04/14 reply

Why does sell the ice made with 803 alloy and lacrosse unlimited sell it made with c555 alloy
HELP - 2/24/14 reply

This, a vandle or a kryptolyte
D-Pole? - 2/01/14 reply

If I got the d pole and cut it in half would each half way more than a regular attack shaft?
D-Pole? - 2/01/14 reply

(no subject) - 2/01/14 reply

Review - 1/06/14 reply

For anyone who wants a serious, legitimate review of this shaft, here you go: It's light, decently durable, and inexpensive. Over time of usage expect minor dents because it is scandium ENHANCED, not made from scandium itself. It isn't nearly as durable as a scandium shaft but it's definitely cheaper. The grip isn't amazing but you can feel it. The butt end is NOT supposed to be removed, but can be with a hammer. Overall about 8/10 for any offensive player, wouldn't recommend this for a dpole (LSM's could use this).
great shaft - 11/05/13 reply

I got this about a year an a half ago, and its been the greatest shaft i've ever used. i've maybe noticed like 2 dents in it, but even then i would still say it is a great shaft. Very light, very durable, great product
amazing. - 10/24/13 reply

I got this shaft about three years ago for defense and it is by far the best out of the four dpoles ive ever bought. its light and durable, and my favorite shaft of all time
Have one for trade - 9/09/13 reply

I have a brand new black one that Ive only used in 3 practices kik me at laidbacklax if youre interested
trade - 10/23/13 reply

i dont have kik, but if you have twitter direct message me at @denizpiatt13 I have a good trade for you
(no subject) - 10/28/13 reply

I dont have a twitter... email me at
(no subject) - 9/08/13 reply

Why is the Navy one like $5 cheaper
(no subject) - 8/20/13 reply

Does the evo 4 fit in this
(no subject) - 8/19/13 reply

This or a scandium pro for defence? Or If you have any sugfestions for a dpole
(no subject) - 9/26/13 reply

epic dpoles are good and light
(no subject) - 3/10/14 reply

surgeon sc ti
Goalie - 7/04/13 reply

This or a stx outlet?
good shaft - 7/01/13 reply

This is a great shaft. I have used it for two whole seasons, Two winter seasons (which are brutal on equipment)and two summer seasons. The shaft has held up well. However, I count about fifteen decent sized dents and a bunch of scratches. Bottom line it's a great shaft and I reccomend it for anyone who is a pretty serious player.
(no subject) - 7/01/13 reply

What's better gait ice or nike vandal
(no subject) - 7/04/13 reply

Gait ice is lighter
end cap - 6/30/13 reply

can I get the but off??
(no subject) - 8/02/13 reply

I broke mine off with a hammer haha, but I'm sure there's an easier way.
shafts - 6/23/13 reply

should i get the gait ice or gait scandal??
(no subject) - 6/24/13 reply

get the gait ice lighter and stronger but sometimes those things break easily if some one takes a cheap shot at it
Tape - 6/20/13 reply

Would you need to tape this shaft?
grip - 8/16/13 reply

put like 6 inches up from the butt and ur good
(no subject) - 6/19/13 reply

if i got an ice bigstick and cut it in half, how big would each half be?
(no subject) - 6/20/13 reply

A DPOLE would be 60" and a short stick is 30" so yes
length - 6/27/13 reply

would the cut bigstick be as long as the attack shaft?
What head - 6/16/13 reply

Whats a good head for a middie that's not to expensive
head middie - 6/17/13 reply

Tribe7 ghost7 head
(no subject) - 6/27/13 reply

nike lakota, warrior evo x, stallion($90), super power(Also $90)
(no subject) - 6/08/13 reply

Is this better than a wonderboy? Reply quick
wonderboy - 6/17/13 reply

(no subject) - 6/17/13 reply

no, i have both and the ice is way stronger and lighter
(no subject) - 6/18/13 reply

i hade the same question
Surgeon - 6/01/13 reply

Will an STX Surgeon fit on this?
(no subject) - 5/30/13 reply

does the maverik spider 17 fit on this shaft
(no subject) - 5/30/13 reply

does this shaft dent
(no subject) - 5/30/13 reply

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo heavy. i can hardly even cradle with this thing. if you are considering this don't because it sucks. get the amp or alloy 2000
(no subject) - 6/29/13 reply

your high
(no subject) - 7/01/13 reply

you need to start lifting if thats truly what you think
(no subject) - 8/12/14 reply

???? hahahah
Great!!! - 5/30/13 reply

This shaft is so nice becasue of it's lightness and becuase of the built in butt it doesnt need tap making it even lighter
Ice vs Krptolyte - 5/25/13 reply

Is this shaft better than the warrior kryptolyte?
Ice vs Krptolyte - 5/25/13 reply

Is this shaft better than the warrior kryptolyte?
Ice vs Krptolyte - 5/25/13 reply

Is this shaft better than the warrior kryptolyte?
I've - 5/25/13 reply

(no subject) - 5/16/13 reply

will a warrior rabil x fit on this?
Gait Ice - 5/08/13 reply

Should I get the Ice or Sc-ti?
(no subject) - 5/13/13 reply

get the Ice its lighter and stronger
(no subject) - 5/16/13 reply

get this
permanent but - 5/08/13 reply

Does this have a permanent but a saw that some had the gait permanent but on it
Yes - 5/11/13 reply

All Gait shafts have the permanent end cap on it.
(no subject) - 5/13/13 reply

yes it has the end cap
black is more expensive - 5/07/13 reply

if you get black it is more expensive
amazing shaft - 5/07/13 reply

i have had this shaft for a pretty long time now. i just bought a dpole and cut it in half and sold the other half.
Does the stallion fit?? - 5/06/13 reply

This is a great shaft but i need to know if the stallion hesd fits on it
(no subject) - 5/13/13 reply

yes my friend has a stallion on it and he said it fit perfectly
Which is lighter? - 4/30/13 reply

Gait Ice vs Maverick Wonderboy? I'm looking for the lightest shaft for a decent price.
(no subject) - 5/13/13 reply

Gait Ice, its lighter and more durable, I have had it for 4 years and I have a few scratches on it but no dents. The Wonderboy is 5 dollars cheaper but the Gait Ice is a better shaft.
(no subject) - 4/30/13 reply

This is a great shaft. I got it in royal blue a couple weeks ago and it is awesome. I totally recommend this shaft to anyone considering it.
(no subject) - 4/28/13 reply

should i get this or another outlet?
(no subject) - 7/25/13 reply

this you idiot
fitting - 4/08/13 reply

does the Warrior Evolyte X fit on this shaft (gait ice) because im trying to make the lightest custom stick
(no subject) - 4/01/13 reply

I have a stx stallion d pole and im stuck should i get the gait ice or a dolomite for my new d pole
(no subject) - 5/14/13 reply

dolomite by far. A lil heavier but 200% stronger
Super power doesn't fit - 3/19/13 reply

This is a sick shaft but my super power doesn't fit with the shaft so I have to drill another hole in the shaft which is a hassle but this is a sick shaft
(no subject) - 3/13/13 reply

First dent, second game. Not bad while it lasted
(no subject) - 4/29/13 reply

Way to be repetitive
(no subject) - 4/30/13 reply

(no subject) - 3/13/13 reply

First dent, second game. Not bad while it lasted
(no subject) - 3/13/13 reply

First dent, second game. Not bad while it lasted
(no subject) - 3/05/13 reply

Ive been playing D with this for over a year now and there isnt even a dent. Super light and durable. Its good for any position and i think all heads fit on it.
Evo 3 - 2/25/13 reply

Will the evo 3 fit on this
(no subject) - 2/21/13 reply

This or rabil shaft
(no subject) - 3/06/13 reply

Lax - 2/21/13 reply

Anyone know if a superpower head will fit on this? And if it is good? I'm a middie looking for a very light shaft but durable
(no subject) - 2/21/13 reply

broke in my third game ever using it. loved it before it broke though
(no subject) - 2/20/13 reply

Is this too light for goalies
(no subject) - 3/20/13 reply

there is no such thing as too light young grasshopper
Can't decide - 2/20/13 reply

Krypto pro vs gait ice?? I play attack and I'm looking for a stick that is light but durable. I have the warrior evolyte head, so what would be best?
(no subject) - 2/20/13 reply

Gait ice vs krypto pro? I'm looking for a stick that's super light but durable for attack.
Best shaft - 2/16/13 reply

This is the best shft ever. It has the perfect grip that doesn't need tape but can have tape and still be great. The butt end is the best in the world it looks dumb but is amazing
I agree - 3/12/13 reply

Yeah I love mine the butt end is like an advanced version of my beer bottle cap with tape on it. that works great too though.
Help - 2/10/13 reply

This, Nike vandal, Nike vapor, or scandium pro?
Gait Ice royal blue - 1/28/13 reply

Great shaft, very light. Grip was decent, had to use a little tape. Does dent easily though. The color was very bright in a good way. The end cap is a big problem though. It is plastic and it is very difficult to take off and it is actually very obnoxious. Overall a good shaft. 8.5/10
stuff - 12/09/12 reply

this shaft split to two pieces when a ball hit it. embarasment...
(no subject) - 12/07/12 reply

this or the nike pursuit
(no subject) - 2/06/13 reply

Nike vandal
HELP - 12/03/12 reply

I play highschool lacrosse and right now i have Proton power and stx katana, i have played 3 seasonns, and my shaft was getting too beat up and hangs a little too much. Any idea for a good shaft for a middie/attack that goes well with a proton power?
(no subject) - 12/28/12 reply

reebok 7k zendium pro
(no subject) - 11/29/12 reply

this shaft is insanely light but will dent and break extremly fast. kid on my team went through 3 of them last season alone
(no subject) - 11/28/12 reply

this or h2 - 11/28/12 reply

should i get this shaft or the maverik h2???
(no subject) - 11/09/12 reply

does it fit the clutch?
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