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  • The Gait Torque introduces "Gait Canted Technology" which creates maximum offset by gradually canting the lower rail. Shortened flat bottom rail allows for perfect pocket formation in both upper and lower areas of the stick. Full-length inside support rib provides for the narrowest channeled pocket allowed.

The Gait Torque is an old school throwback that veteran players covet. The Torque has withstood the test of time as a powerful offensive head for field dominating middes. The agressive scoop and channeled ball stringing track allow you to seat the posket in the mille of the head. This is an advanced head at a not so advanced price.
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HEAD - 8/22/15 reply

WHAT IS BETTER clutch elite or this
triton - 10/07/14 reply

this head is great and all, but does anyone remember the triton head? bring it back TRITON U!
This or... - 4/30/14 reply

I play attack, should I get this or a proton power for my backup stick?
FOGO - 11/28/13 reply

This is probably the best fogo head since the og blade.
(no subject) - 4/10/15 reply

I don't see how, the bottom rail is so uneven it looks like a mountain ridge
greag for midis - 10/24/13 reply

this head has awesome flex which makes it a prime faceoff head, and has the perfect amount pf pinch.
greag for midis - 10/24/13 reply

this head has awesome flex which makes it a prime faceoff head, and has the perfect amount pf pinch.
Gait torque - 7/18/13 reply

If any one has an Ollie's near you, it's like some store that sells random stuff. They are selling a gait torque on a shaft for 20 dollars.
pita pocket - 7/13/13 reply

Would it be easy to string up a pita
(no subject) - 10/17/13 reply

i have a pita on mine and it was really easy to string up
get the torque 3 instead - 6/03/13 reply

this one not strong but if you want get the torque 3
Fit - 3/23/13 reply

Does this fit the new brine f22
(no subject) - 2/21/13 reply

Anyone know if this is good for a middie with a Gait ice shaft? Or should I get the super power instead with the gait ice? Any suggestions?
(no subject) - 4/10/15 reply

My friend has the super power with the ice shaft, it's a really good setup. Go with the super power.
don't do it. - 2/11/13 reply

I played with it in u-13 and i play D, it had a tendency to warp and bend and it's really hard to string well so overall, it's not the way to go
(no subject) - 5/22/13 reply

hella easy to string
Help!!! - 1/31/13 reply

im not sure what head to get, im an attackmen/middie. Reply fast plz. :)
Help! - 12/16/12 reply

Is this better than the gait torque 3 all around and for faceoffs
waste of money - 11/11/12 reply

this sucks. i bought it and then i broke it when i took a faceoff.
torque - 9/06/12 reply

does this fit on the h2?
(no subject) - 8/14/12 reply

need help. this or the lakota volt
(no subject) - 6/17/12 reply

Amazing head. Stiff at first but has that perfect blend of flexibility and stiffness. Can do any faceoff move and doesnt warp or break easily. infinite stringing capabilities.
(no subject) - 6/09/12 reply

not very stiff but it's ok. i was using it for 2 years for face-offs until it broke. now i'm gettin the sameone again
(no subject) - 6/12/12 reply

If a head lasts 2 years on f-offs then its a really successful head....
(no subject) - 7/06/12 reply

(no subject) - 5/13/12 reply

is it stiff
face off? - 5/10/12 reply

good for face offs?
(no subject) - 5/04/12 reply

i loved my torque until i went for a ground ball and it bent completely backwards. the top of the head now can touch where the shaft goes in.
difficult - 5/01/12 reply

this head really frustrates me, i have a really hard time picking up balls and stringing holes are too large
East Coast Leathers - 4/19/12 reply

How's this head for a leather pocket (East Coast)?
(no subject) - 6/28/12 reply

pretty sick i did one with a pita and it was awesome
? - 4/06/12 reply

Hows this head for defense?
(no subject) - 4/09/12 reply

I have it for my d'pole. It has really nice hold and a good, accurate throw. Kind of thin compared to my other d'pole head, Bionic, but as long as you're not throwing poke checks as hard as you can, it should last for a while.
(no subject) - 3/31/12 reply

would this fit Warrior GNAR?
(no subject) - 4/09/12 reply

Fits very comfortably on it.
UNREAL - 3/09/12 reply

love this head amazing for its price easy to string, and pinch for the price its at this is the best you will get.
head stinks! - 2/26/12 reply

broke mine on the first practice
(no subject) - 2/20/12 reply

Ummm... mine melted
(no subject) - 4/29/12 reply

your proably one of those knuckleheads that put it the oven
compare to brine answer pro - 2/08/12 reply

i m thinking... shall i get this or brine answer pro? any suggestions please
(no subject) - 6/04/13 reply

never heard of a brine answer pro
where do you find it - 1/29/12 reply

where do you find the blue and carolina ones
(no subject) - 2/11/12 reply

buy a white one and dye it carolina blue
reply - 3/12/12 reply

ill sell you 1 for $40 on ebay
buying - 1/02/12 reply

how do i get the sale price on the blue torque it ant show up
(no subject) - 12/08/11 reply

is it just me or is this head retarted and overpriced
(no subject) - 1/27/12 reply

Just you. A high-end head for under $75 is hard to come buy. Who cares if they are an older design when the plastic is a new as any head just released? Stiff and still one of the lightest heads in the game. Massive amounts of stringing holes as well.
Fitting - 12/04/11 reply

Does anyboy know if this will fit the warrior Analog?
(no subject) - 11/24/11 reply

is it a good idea to get this with the maverik wonder boy?
YES!!!! - 11/25/11 reply

Bro I got this in royal blue and the maverick wonder boy in orange and blue with some hard ruby mesh with two blue shooters and 1 orange shooter and I play attack and middie..... i alternate and it is the best combo ever you should sooooo get this bro.
(no subject) - 11/10/11 reply

why do some colors cost less than others?
carolina - 11/10/11 reply

the carolina is only 25. thats probably why its best selling
and blue - 11/10/11 reply

really - 11/08/11 reply

best selling head?
(no subject) - 10/27/11 reply

is this light? Also would it b good 4 middie
is this a t.o.s head - 10/27/11 reply

I need a tos head!!!!! anyone know where i can find one
(no subject) - 11/05/11 reply

the torque pro
love it!! - 9/05/11 reply

i hav one of these one in pink and white the white one warped from about 30-40 faceoffs. the pink one is still in perfect condition!! its done about 10 faceoffs but overall this head is amazing i scored about 20 goals in 9 games/for attack i play a little bit of it and it works amazing! overall great head!!
(no subject) - 7/16/11 reply

i have put ruby mesh on this if it is strung properly it will shoot great
??? - 7/08/11 reply

i got a proton power and it flexs way to much i think because it "melted" while playing in da heat of the summer... is this a good replacement head
(no subject) - 8/14/11 reply

Dude, my torque is so flexible that i can bend the scoop to the throat no problem. Therefore, it is not a good replacement head at all.
no subject - 7/07/11 reply

i've had this head for 3 years now and there are no cracks of any kind. The only problem is that it bends like the helix. When scooping it flattens out. overall it is a decent head
(no subject) - 6/28/11 reply

This may be a good head and all, but im sorry this is really ugly
lol - 7/25/11 reply

your so right
which one? - 6/27/11 reply

this, or torque 3?
(no subject) - 7/04/11 reply

torque 3 my friend has it
(no subject) - 7/04/11 reply

well, if you play in high school, then get the torque, if you play in college or some high school league that follows NCAA rules, than get the torque 3. And btw, despite what a lot of people say, it really is a very good head, deadly accurate and has a good combination of pinch and wide catching area.
which one - 6/27/11 reply

Ruby Mesh - 6/01/11 reply

Has anyone ever put ruby mesh on this head. I am thinking about doing this for the superior hold to hard mesh while keeping hard mesh release.
warps - 5/28/11 reply

this heads is really flexibal and wraps over time
decent head - 5/23/11 reply

played with it for roughly a season and a half. it was good many stinging options. CANT throw many checks with it because it warps so fast otherwise it was great. threw well but it got SO pinched
(no subject) - 5/18/11 reply

in my opinion, i would just get the triton for a cheaper price, very similar in some ways to the torque.
How Pinched - 5/17/11 reply

How much space is there between the sidewall and the ball at the throat ( that includes the little plastic sticking out of the sidewall?
not extreme pinch - 5/19/11 reply

this does not have extreme pinch down at the throat but it does have a good amount. then it opens up fairly slowly, not the cobra or surgeon, which opens up fast. but this is the best head in the game. i shoot upper 80's with it.
(no subject) - 5/21/11 reply

who is this
(no subject) - 6/08/11 reply

wait trip u play lacrosse
si - 9/19/11 reply

not only do i play lacrosse ben, i enjoy playing lacrosse
(no subject) - 5/11/11 reply

this shiz is a boss i love it , it has alot of whip on it
(no subject) - 5/23/11 reply

Heads don't come wit whip. It's all in the stringing
DONT GET!!! - 5/11/11 reply

Mine's warping and all i do is play 1 v 1 to the goal with my friends. NO GAMES YET AND ALREADY ALMOST TOTALLED!!! Im thinkin juice on a krypto 9 d-pole for my next setup. Anyway, worst buy ever! Nough said!!!
BEST HEAD - 5/02/11 reply

this is the best head, great durability, good accuracy,amazing ball control
(no subject) - 4/24/11 reply

idk y this head is the #10 most popular head wen it sux ive broken 3 in a month and my pinched av8 is better than this they break really easly and they arent even any good wen u have than it is a waste of money laxers do not get this
great - 4/24/11 reply

I have this and is is really light, and very stiff too, I don't know about defense but it's great for throwing a hard check. Super accurate, and so many holes for stringing, get it, you won't regret it.
(no subject) - 4/19/11 reply

I used this head in high school with a kryptolite and it was nasty. I don't know what you guys are talking about. as for the holes, I mean its not hard to make a hole in your shaft, just use a drill. it works fine with tape though. this heads a lot lighter than it looks, just an fyi
aha weirrd - 5/07/11 reply

im in 10th grade in highschool and i use the same set up u did. i got a torque and a kyrpto just a weird fact
Gait Torque - 4/03/11 reply

Does the screw hole match up with the two on the Brine Swizzle Scandium?
(no subject) - 4/07/11 reply

no u have to get gait shafts so dont waste money on they peice of crap they call a lax head
(no subject) - 4/16/11 reply

kids out of his mind these were great when i played in hs. as for the the screw not lining up, just put 1 or 2 pieces of tape vertically over the top of your shaft and force the head down, works with any head. i just use tape, no screws
(no subject) - 5/19/11 reply

accually i have this head on a swizzle scandium, so it does fit. and the head is dope, get it
The holes won't match up - 4/11/11 reply

You can use a self tapping screw to make a new hole..
(no subject) - 4/01/11 reply

good head, i have it, and it is difficult to scoop with, and it has tons of stringing styles , but overall its good
(no subject) - 4/05/11 reply

no it weak and it is illegal plus it a gait head and they r=srtingholes crack and so does throat cus it has like the wierd shaft holder thingy
No it doesn't - 4/07/11 reply

No it doesn't have the "shaft holder thingy" I had one last year and until I got a maverik vision it was easily the best head I had ever owned. It is durable, insanely light (that was actually my problem, it was just too light for me), and has great ball control and feel.
(no subject) - 4/12/11 reply

this head isnt lite u tard it like 5 oz and just because ur team lead scorer uses this doesnt mean it a good head it all about skill the best kid on my team uses a bionic yes i said it a boinic and he didnt pinch it hes had 20 goals in 4 games ok head makes u better but it doesnt make the player
(no subject) - 4/23/11 reply

You, good sir, are an idiot. This head is 4.5 ounces (not five), and is a fine quality head. I've used it for two seasons with about 15 face-offs every game, and face-offs every practice, and it hasn't broken on me. It is easy to string, has a great scoop, and is at a great price aswell.
head - 3/30/11 reply

this head is really good, my friend is lead scorer and uses it, but after a few years it somehow gets pinched and the ball gets stuck in the head otherwise its amazing
(no subject) - 4/03/11 reply

that makes absolutely no sense
(no subject) - 3/27/11 reply

this or the blueprint x
(no subject) - 4/07/11 reply

they both sux
(no subject) - 4/12/11 reply

i got one and a week later it warped and a day after that the bottom side wall piece this is a peice of trash anyone who gets this will through it a way 2 weeks later
(no subject) - 5/07/11 reply

just got this head it is amazing
(no subject) - 3/21/11 reply

I have that head
Good Head?? - 3/15/11 reply

Hi, I play midi and my friend told me about this head, I was thinking about buying it, is it worth the money??
TUURRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 3/09/11 reply

no head sux i broke 3 they r horrible even wen had them they werent that good was of money get evos or cobra they best head ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! period no if, and, or buts do not waste ur money
(no subject) - 3/27/11 reply

Please learn how to spell, and this head is great. For the price, it's one of the best heads out there. You have no idea what you are talking about.
TUURRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 3/09/11 reply

no head sux i broke 3 they r horrible even wen had them they werent that good was of money get evos or cobra they best head ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! period no if, and, or buts do not waste ur money
(no subject) - 4/10/11 reply

its prolly cuz u suck...
(no subject) - 3/06/11 reply

this a rely good head i recommend this to beginners and experienced players
torque - 3/05/11 reply

definetly i hav one and it is highschool legal its a little harder to string but its overall performance is 100 times better. looks really cool when u dye it even cooler then all the other heads
tough decision - 2/22/11 reply

ok i play mid and am either gonna get this or the stx surgeon. which one?
(no subject) - 3/09/11 reply

cobra surgeon over rated this is turrible evos also good
(no subject) - 4/10/11 reply

get this
(no subject) - 5/07/11 reply

syrgeon is stiffer but equally as good
tough decision - 2/22/11 reply

head - 2/22/11 reply

no - 3/30/11 reply

its not defense i know 3 attack and 1 mid that use it
(no subject) - 4/10/11 reply

i know 7 mid 4 attack and... Hmm... no D. not for D
(no subject) - 2/22/11 reply

I have a this head, a proton power, clutch, gospel, cyber pro, silencer, and an answer, this is the best head i own and i wount use any other head ever again. Throws perfectly and shoots perfectly. whouldnt use any other head.
(no subject) - 2/22/11 reply

yea problem with that list is all of the heads uve had sux except for ppp it decent. this head sux get the evo or cobra and u will be wanting to remove ur last post
(no subject) - 2/17/11 reply

i'm stuck between this, the revolver and the surgeon. any suggestions?
Surgeon. - 2/20/11 reply

Surgeon is better.
(no subject) - 2/20/11 reply

no they are heavy and have no flex so it hard to scoop and stuff it basically like using a steel head but liter
(no subject) - 4/10/11 reply

do you like boys or something?
(no subject) - 2/20/11 reply

bro what u need is an evo 2 evo x or cobra they are so good
life in the fast lane baby !!! - 2/21/11 reply

neither cobra or evo /evo 2 they the best heads ever made and ive had basically every head cuz my dad ownes 13 fulton banks so i can basically buy anything i want and they r the best
(no subject) - 2/16/11 reply

this or revolver
(no subject) - 2/20/11 reply

evo evo x or cobra they r best heads ever made!!!!!!
this - 3/05/11 reply

this no question
(no subject) - 2/10/11 reply

that prob cuz u a pussssssie and cant play lax and or r not agressive and if u are then u baught a shi .:' tty head and r a forty year old man that is a rapest and tom brady sux he is one of the worst quaterbacks ever it his wide recievers and notice when ever they go to super bowl they have a great d bucause tom brady sux and d needs to get points for him the same thing with steelers except that ben sux and that y they lost super bowl and d is over rated the giants could take them any day and cream them um hello 07 yeah that wat i thaught 18-1 bit';ch!!!!!!
dumbass - 2/18/11 reply

u r a f***ing dumbass
nice head - 2/09/11 reply

its a awesome head I dont know what ur talkin about with it breaking. ive had it for Two years and nothin has happened. definitely great for the price. i have it on the gnar which sucks cuz the paint chips every time it gets hit even if I just drop it in the parking lot but all around good head.
sux!! - 2/08/11 reply

k in jack thomas defence i got 1 week ago and mine broke at top where u scoop the top holes has a cracked in it. i was just playing with friendds on short pole and iwent for grond ball and someone pushed me and i fell over and i was cracked so i am not going to get this i wouldnt recomend this but it your money and if u want to aste it well that ur decision and the head was weird to get used to. it not shaped like normal hads so it weird it will porb take wekk aybe 2 to get used to it
false this head is amazing - 2/07/11 reply

i have this head and i love it. i can get ground balls all day long with this head. and who ever says it will break is dumb because i beat the living hell out of it and it has never broke. yeah buddy
sux!!!!!!!! - 1/31/11 reply

head sux!!! Was o.k. friend got it and checked enother kid and like 5 if the stringing holes broke. then he got a new one and a someone wraped checked him and it did the same thing and he said it was weird to get used to cuz the stringing holes make it weird cus they take away part of the catching area it basically like the cheat cheat of a ncaa legal head!!! do not get
good - 1/25/11 reply

this a good head
(no subject) - 2/22/11 reply

guys dont buy this it sux period never get this it falls in the catorgory of all gait heads the trash can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(no subject) - 1/24/11 reply

this is a great head, im a goalie but my friend has it. ok durabiity....snapped after 3-4 years
faceoffs? - 1/19/11 reply

yes? no? maybe quite possibly so?
worst head!! - 2/02/11 reply

head sux broke 2 of themthe part where bottom sidewall meat the rest of head isnt melted together all the way so they snap broke 1 this way on faceoff and other i got triped and fell and the top hit grong first and the side wall just came off again
yesssss! - 3/05/11 reply

this is the perfect head for anyone even for a fogo[face off get off]
(no subject) - 1/19/11 reply

is this a good head??
This or... - 1/08/11 reply

Should I get this or the Warrior Helix, and does both fit my 2011 brine swizzle scandium?
(no subject) - 1/09/11 reply

Oh I am a midfielder
This - 1/15/11 reply

i've had this head for 2 years, no warp yet and still a great shot....plus the scoop is amazing.....and any head will fit any shaft just get a self-tapping screw and drill your own hole
ur answer - 2/22/11 reply

those are mainly d heads try clutch any but 2 and 2x or try SP PP Viper2 ...I ve had many heads these wer my favorite as a middie
(no subject) - 1/02/11 reply

Why are the royal blue and black ones $10 more?
fitting - 12/22/10 reply

Does the Gait Torque head fit on the Maverik Phenix longpole??....Need answers now!!
fitting - 12/22/10 reply

Does the Gait Torque head fit on the Maverik Phenix longpole?
(no subject) - 2/21/11 reply

idk but tourque sux
Answer me - 12/12/10 reply

Will this head fit onto a brine ignite shaft? anyone know?
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