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  • Gonzo Mesh is a special coated mesh covered in a secret recipe of ingredients that makes it superior to traditional soft or hard mesh pieces in every aspect. Traditional mesh pieces bag out and become inconsistent and unusable in the elements. Wax mesh pieces tend to lose their wax coating in a rapid fashion.
This stuff is pre molded and ready to drop in your whip in minutes. If you know anything about mesh.. this stuff is the premium real deal. If you just have other people string your sticks and you can rip rope... you will want to pick some up and have it locked and loaded ASAP... Gonzo is beastly mesh for big cannons.
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great buy - 11/17/14 reply

I love this mesh. it has great hold and the pre-formed pocket doesn't affect performance at all. I highly recommend buying this mesh!!
never again - 12/21/13 reply

Tried it out, and i didn't like it at all. since the pocket is already formed, it was hard to make it in legal depth. didn't really like the way the ball felt when coming out of my head either. But, this is all preference I guess. Instead of buying this, i would suggest either east coast, throne, or marlin mesh. plus, Marlin mesh does some cool designs for super cheap too. hope this helps
(no subject) - 7/06/13 reply

also its rubber coated not wax coated, and the pockets come preformed
(no subject) - 7/06/13 reply

gonzo was my coach before i moved!
first - 7/03/13 reply

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