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  • A spool. Full of crosslace. 100 yards(300 feet).
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Men's vs. Women's - 1/14/15 reply

I know this is meant for men's stringing, but could you use this to string a women's stick for the "gutting" as they call it? (I'm planning on stringing one for a friend).
(no subject) - 4/04/15 reply

Yes its the same thing as gutting
Nylon - 5/20/14 reply

My mom has a bunch of nylon that she uses for weaving and I was wondering if this could be used as crosslace
Color - 5/19/14 reply

(no subject) - 4/08/14 reply

If I could have a dollar every time someone asked what the difference between nylon and crosslace, I would be rich
(no subject) - 9/04/13 reply

great for goalie heads
Stringing on head - 7/16/13 reply

Can you use this to string any head
(no subject) - 8/15/13 reply

its mainly 4 traditional
(no subject) - 5/27/13 reply

Does this come in a littler size.
(no subject) - 8/24/12 reply

Isn't this if you're stringing a traditional head?
i can string - 10/13/11 reply

if you live in alberta in canada i can string u a traditional pocket thats customized like a rocket pocket or a cobra pocket(if u dont know what a cobra pocket is look it up on you tube. the guys youtube name is westonfromcolorado)
(no subject) - 10/13/11 reply

i got 2 spools
(no subject) - 2/22/11 reply

this just has a lot of it but i think theyre sidewalls
(no subject) - 5/26/11 reply

theyre crosslaces for traditional stringing
(no subject) - 6/02/11 reply

hey stupid it says cross lace retard there not the same duh learn how to read!
(no subject) - 11/26/10 reply

whats the difference between crosslace and sidewall
thickness - 2/17/11 reply

pretty self-explainatory. sidewall is for attaching mesh to the head, or laying down a sidwall layer if youre stringing traditional. crosslace is the thinner strings that make up the majority of a traditional pocket. crosslace can also be used in place of sidewall string. keep on laxin
(no subject) - 11/08/10 reply

go to
(no subject) - 3/18/11 reply

do what this guy says!they have this there for $14 instead of $22!they also have 10 yd pieces for like $4.
WHICH IS BETER?? - 5/29/10 reply

what is betteer a pita pocket or just normal traditional
WHICH IS BETTER?? - 5/29/10 reply

(no subject) - 5/28/10 reply

could u use this for the top lace side lace and bottom lace on a goalie stick
(no subject) - 6/06/10 reply

(no subject) - 5/26/10 reply

any one know when there getting royal blue and flourescent yellow back in stock
this vs sidewall? - 5/26/10 reply

alright. just tell me everything different between this and the sidewall spool. i want to just use one spool for the whole stick (not shooting strings) thanks
(no subject) - 6/06/10 reply

sidewall is thicker and you can use it for a Sidewall or a nylon shooter Crosslace you can use for everything, including customs like pitas turtles ect.
(no subject) - 4/25/10 reply

i bought one of these and have made enough profit to buy five through stringin rock-it pockets 4 teammates. really good strings
(no subject) - 5/29/10 reply

where can i find out how to string a rockit pockit
sidewalls, top string, bottom - 4/11/10 reply

how long should each sidewall string, top string and bottom string be?
(no subject) - 5/13/10 reply

a good length for all sidewaals and topstring is from the tip of your finger to center of your chest, bottom string from finger to elbow
Best stuff - 3/28/10 reply

Used this to string hard mesh and traditional, its awesome! the 100 yards will last a verryyy long time
answer quickly pleaseeeee!!!!! - 3/13/10 reply

which should i get. like i read all the comments but overall which one: this or the sidewall spool? and can you use this crosslace spool for sidewalls, tops, bottoms, and can you use this as a nylon shooting string? thanks
i use this 4 everything - 3/21/10 reply

crosslace - 4/06/10 reply

but this wouldnt work very well as a nylon shooter
stringing with boomer - 3/07/10 reply

just use stringing with boomer on this site to learn how to string. dont get someone else to do it for you, cause then you cant tailor it to how you play.
crosslace vs. sidewall - 2/27/10 reply

I am pretty much the go to kid for stringing and dying on my team. if you want lace you can use for the sidewalls,topwall,and bottom go with crosslace.
????? - 2/21/10 reply

do u use sidewall or crosslace string 4 pockets
@jumpshotjohnny7 - 2/26/10 reply

What do u mean for pockets?
is this nylon????????????? - 6/18/09 reply

landing strip - 6/18/09 reply

i cant find landing strip mesh anywhere besides the warrior kit do i have to make my own?
(no subject) - 5/13/10 reply

just cut a piece of mesh yourself, pretty easy
what is the difrence? - 6/05/09 reply

Difference between what? - 6/05/09 reply

First off you forgot to mention the two things you were wondering about, but I will assume you are wondering what the difference between crosslaces and sidewall laces is. Crosslaces are a little thinner than sidewall laces and are more commonly used for stringing traditional pockets. Sidewall laces are a bit thicker and used for stringing (what else?) sidewalls, they can also be used for topstrings (however if you go to a lacrosse string specific store you can find topstring specific laces) so they are very versatile. Hope that helps.
Nylon?????????? - 6/02/09 reply

Can this be used as a nylon shooting string????
fancy strings vs. the game? - 6/01/09 reply

It's weird but a lot of kids on my team have really expensive custom stringing, now i think it looks cool, but i have my clutch strung with old shoe ties that are laying around the house (granted they wear out fast) yet im better than most of them...Now tell me this is a "true" lacrosse player someone who strings their sticks with fancy pants strings or the one that loves the game so much that the color and "matchy-ness" of their strings don't matter?
I agree - 6/02/09 reply

Its not about how expensive your gear is or what you string your head with. Its about how you play the game and your love for the game.
my opinion - 6/04/09 reply

LAX is very personal game. If you play best with aa fancy 200 dollar head than thats what you need. But, that doesn't mean you're better than evrybody else. I learned the hard way, I bought a Rock-It Pocket for 150 bucks on a Voyce. I loved the head HATED the stringing. So I strung it up myself and it couldnt be better.
True - 6/05/09 reply

I guess if you're no good at stringing, then really the only other option is getting a custom strung head and those are usually more expensive.
(no subject) - 8/10/09 reply

u gotta look good 2 play good
can it be used for sidewall - 5/30/09 reply

im stringing traditional and wanna know if this can be used for top and sidewall
authentic lacrosse is cheap - 5/17/09 reply

you can go on there and get a crosslace spool that is nylon for $13
this is better - 5/13/10 reply

these strings are less stiff and work better in my opinion than other sites
(no subject) - 5/10/09 reply

where can i get nylon??
URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 4/30/09 reply

How long would u make this string if u were a goaly
Is this like nylon string? - 4/27/09 reply

to answer all of your question - 4/05/09 reply

yes you can string this with sidewall or topwall. the only difference is that the string is thinner. Although stringing topwall with it can sometimes make it hit off of the plastic because it's not as strong. I string all my sticks with this
not really - 4/23/09 reply

the crosslace doesntmake it roll off the end of your head. if the ball is doing that, then tighten the first shooting string
question - 3/27/09 reply

whats the difference between crosslace and sidewall string? or are they the same
????????? - 3/18/09 reply

can i use crosslace in place of nylon for a pita pocket?
SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE! ! ! ! - 2/18/09 reply

(no subject) - 3/27/09 reply

dunno i have the same question
answer - 6/18/09 reply

its the strings u use in a landing strip and i guess u could use it for sidewall but id just get a sidewall spool if ur not doing landing strip
Help - 2/25/10 reply

I actually prefer this over sidewall string. you can use this for the sidewall and toplace
a must for any stick - 6/25/08 reply

the crosslace string are more durable and frey less than sidewall string. just use this on a regular mesh stick instead of sidewall string.
one question bro - 11/21/08 reply

is this the thick durable string? i need it for my top string
true but........... - 12/05/08 reply

this also stretches much much more than normal sidewall. Use it for customs but not for mesh.
cheap - 6/01/08 reply

get off your ass and buy this stuff. you can string like 50 sticks for your friends and charge them like 5 bucks each time this easily pays off!!!
true that - 6/14/08 reply

it is not very strong but if you put a coating of finger nail polish on your top strings works great trust me
(no subject) - 6/27/08 reply

you can string 600 sticks actually
(no subject) - 3/11/09 reply

$5? I charge $10 and thats only if they give me the materials! IF they just gove me an unstrunf head its $25!
dif? - 5/26/08 reply

is there a difference between crosslace spools and sidewall spools?
(no subject) - 5/29/08 reply

crosslace is thinner than sidewall
is this good for traditional - 5/19/08 reply

is this string good for traditional stringing
needed - 5/20/08 reply

its needed for traditional dumbass
(no subject) - 12/05/08 reply

wow your cool. lets rip on the new stringers who dont know the difference. im jealous. i wish i could be half as cool as you are.
(no subject) - 5/19/08 reply

string does not last as long. very flexible and easy to feel the ball while the string lasts but breaks eazy
help!!!!! - 5/10/08 reply

which is thicker sidewall or Crosslace?
not that much - 5/04/08 reply

it like half the height, and honestly its string it wont be different from place to place. so if your getting a set up from then just get this.
is this good string??? - 4/21/08 reply

is this good to use as cross lace and sidewalls
its ok - 5/19/08 reply

i use it it breaks eazy use nail polish to put a hard layer on it
(no subject) - 4/21/08 reply

is this good string
Same as side wall string?????? - 4/21/08 reply

Is this thing the same as teh side wallk stirng. I cant find anything saying that this is way different
I think - 4/24/08 reply

Im pretty sure because there basically the same. when i string my heady i just use sidewall string for a crosslace
(no subject) - 4/29/08 reply

No it is not the same as sidewall this is a tiny bit thinner and knots easier. This could easily be used for side wall so it doesn't matter.
noob question - 4/14/08 reply

what is the difference between this and nylon?
stronger - 4/20/08 reply

this is stronger
Help me - 3/25/08 reply

Can I us this for sooting string.
(no subject) - 4/05/08 reply

you can but its called a nylon and its not as effective
how - 3/23/08 reply

how many heads will this string?
(no subject) - 3/25/08 reply

for a regular stick you use roughly 82inches of string. 36 for the topstring, 18x2 for each wall, and 10 for the bottom string(all the measurements are a little long). long story short, a lot of sticks.
(no subject) - 4/13/08 reply

good all around - 3/23/08 reply

i bought 5 yards of this stuff at my local lax store thinking it was sidewall, and i used it and it was actually pretty strong, especially on turf, turf rips up regular sidewall, i still use the crosslace now on my stick its been on there for about a year and a 1/2 and not one tear. i would go with this stuff.
URGENT - 3/20/08 reply

I dont want to spend that much. So could someone tell me (about) how this this is (so i can go buy at like a hardware store or somthin) PLEASE! Thanks!
??? - 3/08/08 reply

what do you use this stuff for is it the same as sidewall stuff
HELPP ! - 2/23/08 reply

Can you use this as side wall too? if not then what is it used for
(no subject) - 3/04/08 reply

it's for custom/traditional pockets, but you can use it as sidewall string even though it's not quite durable as real sidewall string. But if you run a lighter over it a few times you'll toughen it up a bit, but make sure you don't melt or burn it.
HELP! - 2/01/08 reply

how many stixs can this amount string??? plz answer
(no subject) - 2/10/08 reply

idk thats wat i was wonderen
ummm... - 2/21/08 reply

a hell of a lot of sticks, depends on if you're doing regular traditional or a special pocket. if you do a pocket like the big word from stick-tech at e-lacrosse, u wont get as many sticks. it really just depends
Sidewall To Mesh - 12/16/07 reply

I use this to attach my mesh to the sidewall. And it turns out great. My coaches, and a couple of pro plyers who have looked at my stick like it. So you can use it fo mesh. And I use sidewal string for the top. It is a bit stronger and looks better.
(no subject) - 2/10/08 reply

wat r u talking about
Great as a shooting string - 10/22/07 reply

Great for top shooting string. Gives a nice, crisp, hard release. I use it cuz i can feel where the ball is released, in other words, it gives u more accurate, but sacrificing a little shot speed.
is this string the same thing - 8/11/07 reply

is it the same thing as a nylon
yes - 3/04/08 reply

question???? - 7/19/07 reply

i wannna string up a custom stick so im gonna buy a spool of this. would it be ok if i used some for sidewalls too on another stick????
yup but - 3/04/08 reply

it won't last as long, but it will allow you to pull the mesh tighter to the head near the top.
nail polish makes it stronger - 5/19/08 reply

i use it on mine i just have to re string it every so often to keep the string from breaking. put nail polish on it. it works trust me
yes - 11/23/06 reply

yeah this is for stringing traditional or any other form of it...sidewall string is used for mesh pockets
hey - 10/29/06 reply

i think they should have a customer appriciation day like a 2 for 1 sale or buy one get one free or somethin
??? - 10/28/06 reply

is there any differnce between this stuff and the sidewall stuff ?
yes - 1/04/07 reply

um yeah because i tried to use the sidewall stuff for the crosse lace on a tradional thing and it was just stupid so unless your trying to sting traditonal dont buy it
what is this for - 11/11/05 reply

is this used to attach mesh to the head?
yes - 12/15/05 reply

yes. and a lot of it
(no subject) - 10/30/06 reply

like what
no - 1/06/07 reply

this is for string custom sticks. buy sidewall string for attaching mesh.
(no subject) - 2/10/08 reply

how come every one says they attach thier mesh. how do u do this?
... - 6/05/09 reply

You string it.....
question - 11/01/05 reply

is this the stuff used to string traditional?
yeah - 11/12/05 reply

yeah this is the stuff you're looking for.
(no subject) - 11/14/05 reply

i hope so, im getting a whole spool of it
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