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  • East Coast mesh is the greatest and latest mesh on the market.

    Water proof.

    Fast break in.

    Superior hold.
Basically the hottest new mesh on the market !! This stuff exhibits superior pocket hold and memory in any weather. For players who demand high performance and consistency... East Coast has the answer.
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ecm - 3/22/14 reply

good for a d pole?
ECD or StringKing? - 1/22/14 reply

I'm trying to decide between this and String King Mesh. I've tried Ninja mesh and liked that, but haven't tried this or String King Mesh. Has anyone tried both meshes?
(no subject) - 1/31/14 reply

I've tried both.. ECD is basically the same as all other wax meshes out there. It has good hold and is fairly weather resistant. StringKing Type 1s feels like a cross between soft mesh and wax mesh. It holds its shape like wax mesh but isn't sticky like wax mesh. I think I get more hold from the stickiness of the ECD wax but I definitely like the Type 1s more. I've never played with anything that performed more consistently and had as much feel as StringKing Type 1s. I'd definitely recommend the StringKing.
(no subject) - 1/07/14 reply

Does wax mesh slow down shot speed?
sweet - 9/30/13 reply

i strung my nike ceo with this and it turned out to hold a ton... we had our first game not so long ago and it poured down rain, and i was the only playing well becuaes of how nice the mesh is and how its water-proof.
Diamond Size - 6/14/13 reply

I ordered two pieces of 15mm East Coast and strung both pieces up on my two Evo 4's the same exact way and they came out completely different. I'm not sure if this is typical defect or not. Has this happened to anyone else?
That's normal - 6/19/13 reply

If u string a head with the same pattern, it doesnt mean u strung it the same way. Every head is strung differently because, no one is perfect. It has to be how tight your channels are on both heads, or the different tightness of the shooting strings. When stringing a head, the knots to create the channel have to be gradually loosened until u start forming the pocket.
diamond size - 6/25/13 reply

every mesh piece is different, this is normal. ive had this problem with ecm and just normal hard and soft mesh
Mesh - 7/05/13 reply

Believe it or not. There is a right side of the mesh to string. One side is hard, and the other not so much. You always want the rougher side to be the side that the ball is going to sit in.
Flakey? - 6/11/13 reply

My mesh is flaking a ton... I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen with ECM... Is anyone having the same problem?
(no subject) - 8/15/13 reply

(no subject) - 11/02/13 reply

its just some of the wax coming off.. dont worry but if it does really all come off just order some new mesh
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G - 6/05/13 reply

love it love it love ittttt
(no subject) - 3/31/13 reply

!5mm is most preferred it's the best all around. It's not too hard or too soft it's just right. I use East coast mesh in all my sticks. Dont get 13 mm got that in my Lakota it sucks.
Re:SIZE? - 2/18/13 reply

20mm actually has bigger diamonds making it softer and 15mm is a bit harder and 13mm is even harder but 15mm is pretty soft idk about 20mm an 13 but i hae 15mm and i think its good for most positions but its mainly preference but if u like hard mesh get 13mm but if u like soft get 15mm but idk about 20mm i guess thats really soft its for like fogo's
Re: Size? - 2/16/13 reply

20 mm has smaller diamonds. Im an attack and use 15mm. Its pretty much about preference and play style
Size? - 2/11/13 reply

Whats the best size to get? 15mm? whats the difference??
phenomenal - 1/10/13 reply

this is easily the best mesh on the market and greg is awesome
(no subject) - 1/08/13 reply

just buy it from east coast dyes for $15
boss - 12/03/12 reply

first gregs a best
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