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  • A standard, individual piece of hard mesh in goalie width for your custom stringing needs.
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(no subject) - 7/13/13 reply

Is this 20 D or monster?
(no subject) - 5/29/13 reply

This or 12d on a stx training eclipse
Sidewall pattern - 6/17/12 reply

Can anyone give me a good sidewall pattern for goalie? I'm trying to string up a nemesis and I can't get a good pocket. Any sidewall patterns I should try?
(no subject) - 11/10/12 reply

i have 2 (1 for medium deep pocket and 1 for a pretty deep pocket)if you are still looking.
(no subject) - 3/13/11 reply

It's 17D
12 diamond or Hard mesh!?!?!?! - 11/17/10 reply

the title says monster mesh but it says hard mesh in the description. PLEASE HELP ME
(no subject) - 10/27/10 reply

i got this for my proton power and i have a HUGE POCKET lol sooo fun
Mesh choice - 8/23/10 reply

Should i get monster mesh or 12 diamond or is it the same thing
(no subject) - 9/23/10 reply

get 12 diamond cause its easier to break in and the difference is that 12 diamond has less holes spanning the mesh
same - 4/16/12 reply

theyre both the same
(no subject) - 7/07/13 reply

monster mesh is 12 Diamond
Black mesh - 6/18/10 reply

Does it fade? bc if so i will get royal blue.
(no subject) - 5/22/10 reply

whats the difference between canadien soft mesh and soft...
# of diamonds? - 5/22/10 reply

Is this 12 diamond mesh?
(no subject) - 5/17/10 reply

r u retarded for using a contender?
(no subject) - 4/30/10 reply

lax goalie424 r u retarted really how many peaces of mesh r u like 4 have u ever played lax
(no subject) - 4/17/10 reply

how many pieces do i need to string a whole goalie had???
Wow - 6/24/10 reply

1 u retard
(no subject) - 8/01/12 reply

you need like 200, because they only sell the individual diamonds. you ask stupid questions, you get stupid answers
(no subject) - 4/03/10 reply

could u just cut this down the middle and get 2 attack pieces of msh
hard mesh vs. 12d mesh - 3/07/10 reply

hard mesh is better for goalies cuz it absorbs the ball better and makes better long passes. the only thing 12d mesh is good for is attack/mids who want a faster shot
DON'T GET HARD MESH - 2/27/10 reply

whenever the ball goes in your pocket with hard mesh, thee ball bounces out. get twelve diamond instead
Biggest diffrence? - 1/31/10 reply

Hey so wats the biggest difference beteween hard and monster mesh? I have monster mesh on my g head and it good...just seein
are these meshes all 12D? - 11/29/09 reply

NNNNNNOOOOO!!!! - 5/25/10 reply

i need help. - 7/22/08 reply

ok, my goalie is looking to get some new mesh and i need to get it for him, so i need some help one what kind of mesh i should get. and also i have to string it for him. cuz i saw him try to do his last one and i wanted to slap him. so i can use some tips on how to make a amazing goalie pocket as well
(no subject) - 8/31/08 reply

only use one diamond per hole till your around the middle of the head then double up till your at the last few holes and then single up again. this will give an awesome channel and depth for any type of mesh. and i stay loyal to my 12D.
Dosent fit - 5/16/08 reply

I bought one of these and tried attaching it to my goal in my back yard with the quick net fasteners and it doesnt fit any tips to get this to fit my goal.
are you serious? - 5/26/08 reply

this is for a goalie head genius
From Ridgewood - 6/04/08 reply

He's from ridgewood what do you expect?
they suck - 3/18/09 reply

(no subject) - 7/29/08 reply

please say your joking. if not you are the biggest freakin retard. uh yeah genius there for a goalie head. hense GOALIE hard mesh. ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. you are a pain in the ass.
franklin lakes owns ridgewood - 8/08/08 reply

franklin lakes owns ridgewood
are you kidding me? - 5/31/09 reply

Franklin Lakes beat ridgewood? How? Ridgewood is so much better!!!
(no subject) - 7/08/09 reply

Shut up riverdell owned both teams
(no subject) - 1/31/10 reply

riverdell we beat you? lenape valley..

U ARE MY HERO - 10/19/08 reply

depth with mesh still hard - 5/03/08 reply

(this may be long and difficult but if you can't do this and me 14 and my cousins 8 and 12 can this says some thing so just do it and it will make ur pocket awsome) All u guys have to do to make the pocket bigger R these 3 steps (1)run the mesh (with it already strung) under hot water (2)bound a ball in it to desired depth (3) put a pocket stretcher (leaning to front)in it with a ball in the back (but u guy wont under stand step3) so just get 4 wooden pencilesand 2 balls put 1 ball under under ur last string and 2 penciles on the ball to hold ball in Then put the other ball at back and dosame thing with the penciles and let air dry For better pocket in between step 1and 2 get "vo5" strawberry and cream conditioner and rub in mesh
spacing - 4/23/08 reply

does this esh go right up to the sidewall or does it have like 1and a half inches of space between them filled with sidewall
Depth - 3/31/08 reply

What depth will it stretch to at max before it is useless and becomes soft mesh. And how well compared to 6 diamond does it throw
(no subject) - 4/18/08 reply

get six diamond its best for goalie even though i dont play goalie
(no subject) - 4/22/08 reply

then u dont know what ur talkin about
disagree - 5/14/08 reply

a good lax player knows best for all positions not just there own
(no subject) - 1/31/10 reply

get 12 diamond i am a goalie and its so much better
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