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  • Just one lonely string. For, suprisingly, your sidewall. Don't forget, you need a sidewall string for the top to string mesh. So you need at least three to string a mesh head.
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(no subject) - 8/24/15 reply

I'm stringing my first head and I got this for the sidewall top string and bottom string and I'm doing the top string and the string isn't long enough and on my other head I got strung by universal lacrosse the string is much thinner and flexible
Traditional - 3/04/15 reply

Hey, does anyone know if these are long enough for the diamonds on a traditional stringing? I want to string a girl's stick with the launch pocket and need to know if I can use these for the diamonds on the side. Thanks in advance!!
(no subject) - 2/20/15 reply

how long are these? also how thick? i doht like a super thick sidewall string
(no subject) - 4/11/15 reply

These are about 3 ft. and the white is pretty thin when you string it tightly but colors are thicker than the white. Put it this way, the white can fit in the sidewall at the bottom of the clutch superlight thrice.
(no subject) - 2/12/15 reply

how many comes with it
(no subject) - 1/26/15 reply

Does it only come with one
(no subject) - 4/01/15 reply

stringing - 12/27/14 reply

if I'm stringing a head for the first time, how many strings do I need?
(no subject) - 12/29/14 reply

5 2 sidewalls 1 top string 1 bottom 1 nylon
(no subject) - 4/11/15 reply

No, just us the left over from one or both of the side walls or top string for the bottom
Goalie - 11/02/14 reply

Are these long enough for goalies
Color - 8/06/14 reply

Does the Carolina blue sidewall match the STX Surgeon Carolina blue?
(no subject) - 6/15/14 reply

is the Carolina brighter like in the pic or darker
(no subject) - 9/23/14 reply

Carolina blue looks the same color that the Carolina nike Lakota u looks in the picture
these are long - 5/01/14 reply

The strings are super long you can literally do a triangle top string with only one.
(no subject) - 4/27/14 reply

Order 4, 3 isn't enough
Color - 4/17/14 reply

Is the neon green a volt color?
(no subject) - 4/22/14 reply

Yellow in neon is kind of like volt. That's what I use on my Volt Lakota.
Nylon - 4/06/14 reply

Can I use this string for a nylon above the shooter strings?
hurry! - 2/26/14 reply

Are these long enough for goalie sidewall and top string?
goalie? - 2/21/14 reply

Can you use this for a goalie head
(no subject) - 3/27/13 reply

is the neon yellow like volt
(no subject) - 9/12/13 reply

no its not its more yellow than volt
(no subject) - 3/02/13 reply

So I am string a head and I have one thicker piece of string can someone tell me what it is and what I should use it for (topstring, Nylon across the mesh or bottom string) Thanks!
The Thicker String - 3/18/14 reply

I always buy thicker string and use it for my topstring
String Length - 7/20/12 reply

Each string is roughly around 2 feet in length.
(no subject) - 6/20/12 reply

can you use these string for a traditional pocket?
(no subject) - 4/29/12 reply

is this one side or two sides
Goalie? - 4/24/12 reply

will these work for a goalie head?
Answer - 4/24/12 reply

For all of you out there, you need to buy 3 to string the top and two sidewalls. You can just cut some off the sidewalls to make the bottom.
(no subject) - 4/04/12 reply

can you use a sidewall strign for a nylon? if not what can I use
(no subject) - 4/14/12 reply

yes. put it in like a normal shooter string
(no subject) - 1/01/13 reply

(no subject) - 3/24/12 reply

how long do these last
(no subject) - 11/11/11 reply

so how long is the string
(no subject) - 7/19/11 reply

Sorry my key board is broken. They all tear
Black and white - 7/19/11 reply

All of the other colors silliest other than black and white NEED TO KNOW
(no subject) - 7/07/11 reply

you need at least three for a normal head not goalie
yellow? - 6/18/11 reply

is that actually what the yellow looks like not the flourescent yellow but just the plain yellow it looks like peach pleaz reply quick!!!!
help - 6/07/11 reply

i oreder some and i was wondering how long each is i oreder 4 and will that be enough for 2 sidewalls a top string and a botttom string
lengeth - 6/05/11 reply

can someone please tell me if this is long enough for a goalie head
yes - 3/14/12 reply

Yes I believe these are long enough I have them on mjne
(no subject) - 5/11/11 reply

are these nylon
(no subject) - 5/03/11 reply

Are these long enough to do a goalie head?
(no subject) - 4/09/11 reply

how many do i need for a regular head
strings - 4/27/11 reply

you need one for the top of the head, and one for each side of the head. so three strings. (you can normally cut off some extra string hanging off the stick after its strung and use that for the bottom string)
(no subject) - 4/09/11 reply

how many do i need for a regular head
(no subject) - 2/17/11 reply

haha they listed the white as -211 available
(no subject) - 12/13/10 reply

my bro wants to know if these are long enough to string a goalie head, i don't know, so i was hoping some one could tell me
(no subject) - 10/23/10 reply

I never buy full stringing kits. It's a waste of money. I have a huge spool of sidewall that I cut from. I only buy the mesh and 3 shooters which is only like 10 bucks
so . . . - 11/07/10 reply

Respond please - 8/06/10 reply

Ok if I order 4 will it be enough for side walls top and bottom ?
(no subject) - 8/13/10 reply

Length - 8/05/10 reply

It's good string, but its barely long enough for sidewall and too short for trad and top string!
are u kidding me - 9/27/10 reply

they are to long i end up cutting them after i string them
(no subject) - 7/31/10 reply

ok so i string my own heads. and the last time i got a string kit, the top lace wasnt long enuff, is this long enuff to be used as a toplace string? please respond ordering in the next week
(no subject) - 7/02/10 reply

no you will need a sidewall spool so you can make it custom length
Good for goalie?! - 6/02/10 reply

Can you use these (3) to string goalie sticks because this'll be my first string job and i dont wnt to buy the wrong material.
(no subject) - 6/01/10 reply

is this long enough for traditional
(no subject) - 6/03/10 reply

please answer! is this long enough for traditional stringing
(no subject) - 3/09/11 reply

yep, its perfect
(no subject) - 5/29/10 reply

this is good if you want dif. colered strings on ur head. otherwise go to authentic lacrosse and get 5 yd. for $4, 10 yd. for $6, 20 yd. for $10
(no subject) - 5/02/10 reply

hahahahahaahha one string for a dollar fifty hahahahah thats great
(no subject) - 4/27/10 reply

ho long is itt
Goalie??!?!?!? - 3/15/10 reply

(no subject) - 2/28/10 reply

would this work for goalie sidewall too??
problaby not - 5/08/10 reply

get the spool of string its 100 yard for 22 dalloard this only fits regular heads
(no subject) - 2/10/10 reply

for $2.50 you can get 1/8 nylon rope x 48ft @ walmart in the hardware dept. ask a retard (associate) where it is if you cant find it. and if you want it colored get some dye and do your head as well.
people of walmart - 3/18/10 reply

Hey, - 3/29/10 reply

My dad used to work their as a chef dude, but then he got a job as a real chef. lmao
(no subject) - 5/02/10 reply

at walmart??
(no subject) - 2/08/11 reply

wow you could buy this and it would be cheaper cause u dont need to buy dye and no one needs tht much sidewall sting
length - 1/21/10 reply

the strings are able to one side wall thats it
String Size - 12/12/09 reply

I just bought some of this. You need three strings for top, left and right side. The string is good length though, you should be able to take the rest of the top not being and put it on the bottom.
DAMM - 11/28/09 reply

Man how long are these strings I want to buy them but idk if they are long enough or not
?? - 11/25/09 reply

i mean sidewall
Bottom lace - 11/25/09 reply

Is 1 string long enough 2 use 4 a sidewalk and bottom lace
OK - 10/21/09 reply

this is ok its not very durable
HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 10/21/09 reply

How long is this string and is it nylon?
trash - 8/07/09 reply

This sidewall is trash after two times of use in box lax the sidewall ripped and i had to restring it. Not suggested to buy this might as well get a warrior stringing kit and use that
Nylon - 6/02/09 reply

u can use this as a nylon like if u dnt wnt the ball to throw off the top of ur head
how long is it - 6/01/09 reply

READ THIS!!! - 5/30/09 reply

Noone is giving me a staight answer. Can the sidewalls be used as nylon throwing strings. Yes or no and why?
YES!!!!!!!!!!!! - 6/18/09 reply

You can because it doesn't really matter what type of string you use for a nylon shooter. Actually a sidewall string might work better than any other type of string because its is thicker than x-lace. Also, it is cheaper that the actual nylon shooters you can buy. So yes it can be used as a nylon shooter.
Yes - 4/10/10 reply

Yes they could because nylon is supposed to be a thin piece of string. Good luck. Hope you have a good Lacrosse Season!
ROYAL BLUE... MORE CAROLINA - 5/16/09 reply

is the royal blue like quite dark or is it very similar to carolina blue? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(no subject) - 5/21/09 reply

no its darker
LAX.COM!!!! - 5/11/09 reply needs to get some nylon shooting strings
Nylon - 3/25/09 reply

I hear my coach always say how we need nylon shooting strings, is this the string I use for nylon? If not, which one is it?
(no subject) - 3/27/09 reply

if he said you need nylon shooting strings this isnot it. the shooting strings are the ones neer the top of the head that go acrosse the mesh.
(no subject) - 5/04/09 reply

are their even nylon shooting strings on here??
no - 5/04/09 reply

you dont use nylon *shooting strings*. you usually will use shooting strings first, say 2 across, 2 u's, etc. but then u put 1 or 2 nylons above it for a nice throw. for me i have 2 fat u's and 2 nylans across and it throws GREAT.
(no subject) - 5/12/09 reply

I went to the local lacrosse store and got a nylon. I have one hockeylace shooting string and then one nylon
Great! - 1/22/09 reply

really great sidewall to string all of your sticks
question - 11/27/08 reply

are these usually used for custome stringing im jw because im tired of wasting more money on stringed ones and i wanna learn how to string em myself besides the lacrosse store doing it for me. but i gotta start of with the basic and buy like 5 20 dollar heads incase i dont mess up. and around 80 dollars of string and supplys to get good!
any string is good. - 12/09/08 reply

as long as the string is long enough for the head any of these will do. oh nd btw if ur gonna buy extra shooters dont get them here. my friend got a bunch for free with his reward points and they suk. they are huge and rough as fuk. just get an av8 complete stick for about 40 dollars and restring it until ur a good stringer.
(no subject) - 1/28/09 reply

are you stupid? why would you buy more then one head to practice on? if you mess up you unstring it and do it again.......
WTF - 4/30/09 reply

yea r u retared why waste ur money buy one crappy head and just string it and unstring it until u get good and dont listen to the mavricmiddy13 kid the shooting strings from here are perfectly fine just break everything in
REaLLy good QueSTion HeRE - 11/06/08 reply

okay so when you order 3-4 of these do u just have to keep on adding to cart? cause it doesnt let u control the quantity.
Actually it does - 1/03/09 reply

it does when u go to the cart
!!!!!!!!!!READ!!!!!!!!!! - 9/14/08 reply

How long are sidewall strings suppost to be?
Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 9/14/08 reply

These are great for everypart of string your head they are long and thick enough to string the top.
Aboout 40 inches - 8/07/08 reply

its about 40 inches long and fits for side walls but like other people said it might not be long enough for the top but for the side wall u need to cut it off like 5 inches
HOW LONG IS THIS - 8/05/08 reply

pls tell me how long this is in inches
looks sik - 8/01/08 reply

looks awsome with dark mesh or a dark shaft.
EWW!!! - 5/22/08 reply

the popcorn im eating is burned
length? - 4/30/08 reply

can anyone tell me how long these are
(no subject) - 6/20/08 reply

There a good length. they will defenitly be long enough for the side walls but it depends how you do the top wall
goalie head - 4/21/08 reply

are these strings long enough to string a goalie head. i no i need 4 but is each string long enough for each side
**********PLEASE ANSWER******* - 4/24/08 reply

can someone please answer my question
(no subject) - 4/25/08 reply

These wont be long enough unless you tie them together but that'll do for a crappy stringing job
(no subject) - 4/26/08 reply

o thanks so should i just buy a spool
(no subject) - 5/22/08 reply

Goalie Head - 6/24/08 reply

You can either get a kit or you could get a big spool of sidewall and throwstring
throwstrings? - 1/28/09 reply

where can you get a spool of shooting strings
(no subject) - 8/10/09 reply

you dont
(no subject) - 4/30/09 reply

no it isnt u neeed goalie strings this is for reglar headds
Dirty - 4/10/08 reply

this sounds stupid, but this string is soo sweet. Its strong and easy to use
(no subject) - 5/22/08 reply

i agree
help - 3/31/08 reply

will one of these strings work on the top of the head?
how long - 3/23/08 reply

anyone know how long one of these are
one piece - 12/17/06 reply

does one piece work for the whole head?
one piece - 12/24/06 reply

no it doesnt read about the product......
Team - 1/18/07 reply

What starz team do u play for i play for seattle
wow i live ins seattle too - 8/03/08 reply

i play for queen anne well i used to play for magnolia but they suck so im playing for queen anne i automaticly get on its so cool
how many - 3/10/08 reply

you need 3 pieces for a head
read - 3/22/08 reply

read the product info.....
help me - 12/04/06 reply

can you use these for the top and bottom strings? like to hook to the top on?
Decent - 11/13/06 reply

They hold up decently but they start frizzing up around the middle of the side walls. They are nice and cheap but buy a few spares
holy crap - 8/17/05 reply

OMG this is the best sidewall string EVER!!!!!! i put this string on my fiddle stick and my game increased 3000%!!!! GET IT!!! IT'LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!
poor now :( - 9/29/06 reply

i took thejeff23's advice and spent my life savings on buying thousands and thousands of these sidewall strings hoping it would increase my game by like a million percent.. then i realized he was being sarcastic..
SPOOL - 3/07/08 reply

Just get a sidewall spool with 300 inches for around $22
cheaper - 3/22/08 reply

the spools are now down to 20 dollars and you can string complete sticks atleast 50 times bc u need about 6 feet a head and 300 feet per spool so yea go with the spool... its worth it
not really... - 3/16/14 reply

Because i want to spend $60 to string one usa head.
this is the stuff - 9/06/04 reply

im telling you this is much better than any other sidewall string ive ever used
yeah man - 6/01/08 reply

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