Maverik 4.0 MM Net Lacrosse Goals and Nets
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  • Maverik sets you up with this quality price point offering. These are quality nets for the yard or team.
Our best seller for the backyard !!! Tired of your high school-er ripping your nets (and money) into Swiss cheese?? Get one and you are saved. These are the same nets included on the best selling practice goals and used by high schools across the country. Insane value too... we think Maverik sells these so cheap just so they can have their name on all the goals out there. Take advantage while they are silly enough to price these down here !
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durability - 8/15/13 reply

How is the durability of this net. Right now I have a 2.5 mm hockey goal and I ripped on the first couple shots. I understand that 5mm nets are in fact the strongest nets but how long will 4mm nets last under consistent mid 50 mph shots. I also shoot like 150 times a day.
(no subject) - 4/07/12 reply

Would this fit a highschool sized goal? Please respond, I'd like to get this for my son for his birthday with a high school goal, but I need a good, strong net to go with it.
(no subject) - 11/27/11 reply

what is the thinnest net size
(no subject) - 11/24/10 reply

does it come with the rope to string the net in
(no subject) - 10/27/10 reply

so whats that orange thing in the middle?
orange thing in the middle - 11/12/10 reply

probably either to show that the net is on a Maverik goal or just a sticker that comes with the net to put on your goal
1st - 10/15/10 reply

Really? - 10/22/14 reply

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