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  • The Metrik is Maveriks most innovative head developed to date.

    Level 3 bottom rail design offering the perfect blend of accuracy and power for the all around player.

    Dual designed scoop ideal for picking up GB's, while pointed inner scoop strings in a naturally channeled pocket for increased accuracy.

    Redesigned sidewall cross sections for maximum stiffness and durability.

    17 sidewall holes for a truly customizable pocket.
Ok - here's the real deal. Maverik heads have had trouble gaining serious traction for advanced players in the past. This head breaks the mold and tears down all the old walls. The Metrik is a serious offensive weapon standing tall along side the highest class big name heads in the game. Maverik finally nailed the high end with this launch. This will be a top seller for aggressive minded middies and attack players that want the top shot power and accuracy in the game.
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midfielder? - 5/09/15 reply

is this good for midfield?
Metric head - 11/10/14 reply

Ok I am a field goalie my local lacrosse store is doing box pickup games this winter I played middie my first year of lacrosse and for the past 3 years I played goalie I don't want to play goalie in box is this a good head to mess around and play box if not what other good heads are there please help me out
choosing - 9/27/14 reply

this or CEO for right wing attack
Defense? - 8/29/14 reply

Choosing - 6/06/14 reply

This or the Optik?
Position - 5/23/14 reply

Is it good for attack
Metrik - 7/03/14 reply

It is very good for attack and also its pretty good with any pocket because of its high pinch.
(no subject) - 4/16/14 reply

This or the stx stallion ? I'm a faceoff but not fogo so I need it for shooting too....
(no subject) - 11/06/14 reply

honestly, i'd get the noz. its a great all around head
Which head - 3/23/14 reply

Should i get this or the stx stallion i play attack
(no subject) - 4/10/14 reply

That depends on your pocket and such. Both are solid for mid pockets but the stallion was designed for high pockets. I guess its up to you, but I use a stallion also.
(no subject) - 3/18/14 reply

i love this head.
(no subject) - 2/02/14 reply

This head is, from my experience with it, very good. Keep in mind I've only used the display sticks they use at tournaments. This head is very stiff, which is up to preference. If your an aggresive lsm it may work well for you.if you're a faceoff man, you should probably steer clear. Other positions it's up to preference. Also it is tightly pinched, so may not be the best for close d.for offensive players it is a dream. I was split dodging and swim dodging people with it with ease. Also the low offset makes ground balls a bit difficult but you can adjust quickly. This also has like 17 or 18 stringing holes so obviously that will help a ton. Hope this helped.
LPM? - 1/15/14 reply

Is this head for LSM?
great head - 1/09/14 reply

this thang is awesome
First - 11/17/13 reply

I am so the first one. I am number one.
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