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  • The Metrik is Maveriks most innovative head developed to date.

    Level 3 bottom rail design offering the perfect blend of accuracy and power for the all around player.

    Dual designed scoop ideal for picking up GB's, while pointed inner scoop strings in a naturally channeled pocket for increased accuracy.

    Redesigned sidewall cross sections for maximum stiffness and durability.

    17 sidewall holes for a truly customizable pocket.
Ok - here's the real deal. Maverik heads have had trouble gaining serious traction for advanced players in the past. This head breaks the mold and tears down all the old walls. The Metrik is a serious offensive weapon standing tall along side the highest class big name heads in the game. Maverik finally nailed the high end with this launch. This will be a top seller for aggressive minded middies and attack players that want the top shot power and accuracy in the game.
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(no subject) - 10/03/15 reply

Would this be good for me to string up a traditional. If not what head should I get.
Fit on STX Stallion Sci-Ti - 6/23/15 reply

Can this head fit on it? Because I am about to buy the head and shaft
metrik vs cobra? - 10/29/14 reply

Should i get the metrik u or the cobra x? not sure which one to get...
Metrik - 5/17/15 reply

The Cobra warps in about 3 muuonths so get the metrik u
Honest Review of the Metrik - 7/29/14 reply

I bought the metrik back in the middle of march, and strung it up with stringking mesh. My initial thoughts were that its good head a bit on the heavier side which makes the stick top heavy. but what it makes up for is that this head has a lot more velocity then a lighter head. aside from being stiff, the only big issue I have with this head is getting ground balls it a pain in the neck. Overall 8/10
(no subject) - 9/23/15 reply

do you mean you can get more velocity on shots?
(no subject) - 7/11/14 reply

I love the face shape of the Maverik Metrik, but scooping the ball is a huge issue with this head, if you don't get super low the head gets caught up on the turf/grass. Its not a head that I would recommend, I would rather pick the Super Power or Noz X (current game head). 2/5 rating.
(no subject) - 6/24/14 reply

is this head good for lsm?
(no subject) - 6/12/14 reply

Optik U or Metrik U? I play attack and some middie
(no subject) - 9/23/15 reply

optik. best head in the game
Awesome head - 4/26/14 reply

This is absolutely one of the best heads out there. This is awesome in its performance with shooting and passing and it is also very stiff and durable. The one hand ground balls are a little difficult with this head but it's not a problem. The side wall holes are really small and will be a little challenging to stick the string through it. Overall this is a superior head for attackmen.
(no subject) - 12/09/13 reply

this or cobra????
(no subject) - 12/04/13 reply

Looks awesome, easy to string and looks sweet!!
This or ceo? - 11/20/13 reply

Which is better CEO or metrick I like pinch but I reallyvlike the scoop on the metrick I just want the head that shoots better
Which one? - 11/16/13 reply

I'm a high school attack men and I'm looking for a wider head for feeds but not sacrificing shot speed and accuracy. Which head should I get the Nike CEO, This Metrik U, or Warrior Evo 3x?
CEO or Metrik - 11/16/13 reply

CEO or Metrik. Just depends on if you like a little bit more of an aggresive flare
Great Head - 11/15/13 reply

A little heavy but very stiff. Easy to string too
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