14 Rome NXT
14 Rome NXT
14 Rome NXT
Maverik Rome NXT Lacrosse Gloves
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  • Introducing the Maverik Rome NXT KEEP COOL. STAY QUICK.MAXIMUM VENTILATION. IMPOSSIBLY LIGHT. ALWAYS GAME READY. FLOWCOOL: Maximum ventilation and cooling. DURASTRETCH: Supreme comfort and responsive fit. XFOAM: Impossibly lightweight construction provides ultimate protection.

The next generation of the best selling Rome glove series. These glove are cut a little tighter that conventional and are specially designed for those offensive players that want a golf glove feel with maximum protection. Maverik upgraded the palm, put shark gel on the thumb pivot and added forefinger slash protection. This is the pinnacle of technology from Maverik... slip them on and you know you are getting what you are paying for. Elite level collegiate players covet these gloves and you will see them on ex-studs hands across the nation as these guys graduate to men's leagues. The Rome NXT glove is a top quality and technology rockstar.
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(no subject) - 8/03/15 reply

Depends, m3s are great, never heard anything bad about them, I've heard complaints about the cuff in these, how it doesn't protect, but the RX3s are Super expensive. If u will pay, RX3s, but if not, go with the m3s. Hope this helps.
(no subject) - 7/31/15 reply

these, M3s, or RX3s?
(no subject) - 8/03/15 reply

(no subject) - 11/21/14 reply

these or vapor elites?
(no subject) - 8/03/15 reply

Never heard a major complaint with the vapor elites or these, both great.
(no subject) - 9/13/14 reply

What size is a large 13 or 14
(no subject) - 9/11/14 reply

Do these gloves grow when you sweat?
The same - 6/01/14 reply

These look exactly like Wounderboy gloves
(no subject) - 3/10/14 reply

is the feel on this glove good!!!!!
Fit - 1/31/14 reply

Is it me or do the gloves run really small. These in 13 feel tighter than some 12's.
fit - 2/06/14 reply

they have a special tech so that they feel tighter and thinner on your hands, its so that you can feel ur stick better
(no subject) - 11/10/13 reply

I Wish They Would Sell The Carolina Glove, Argh!
FIRST - 10/02/13 reply

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