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Maverik Tank Lacrosse Heads
east coast mesh
black pro strung
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east coast mesh
grey pro strung
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east coast mesh
white pro strung
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  • The Maverik Tank Lacrosse head features Level 5 bottom rail, True form technology, two screw holes, a wide face design for intercepting passes and is made in USA. Legal for all levels of play.
The Tank is creating quite a buzz here at from guys that are in the know. Maverik finally nailed a defensive powerhouse with wide angle scoop - forward pocket placement and super stiff rib crunching power. The Tank will be used by top D-poles this coming season for its durability and lightweight design. This thing is properly named as a defensive beast with all the stopping power expected by top collegiate players.
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head - 9/17/15 reply

tank or stx stallion U 550? i play D and LSM.
(no subject) - 8/09/15 reply

Best d head
(no subject) - 7/28/15 reply

Is this head good for shooting if I need to??
(no subject) - 8/03/15 reply

not really. it's pretty wide and stiff and is meant for a defensive player.
(no subject) - reply

Does this fit a surgeon a Surgeon sci-ti
Hammer vs tank - 7/17/15 reply

I play LSM, and my hammer is warped (extremely) I am on the edge of getting another hammer or a tank. I've looked on other websites, but only get positive feedback on the heads. Please help!
(no subject) - 8/03/15 reply

tank all the way
(no subject) - 8/11/15 reply

as an lsm and an all around middle id say that you should probably get something more on the lines of a stallion, stallion u 500, or an epoch hawk, however if you are more like just a 4th defender and are completely a defensive player, get the tank, but either would most definitely work
Hammer vs Tank - 8/17/15 reply

I would definitely go with the Tank. I had a Hammer U before getting this and I absolutely love my decision. This has a much better feel and gives better control, and has a nicer scoop. Also, if you are stringing it yourself, it is MUCH easier to string.
LSM head - 8/18/15 reply

Play LSM in college, If you like to push the pace and play a little offense, honestly go with a lakota U or Evo 4 (I know weird but they're stiff and durable). Definitely go with this or a a Revo 3 if you just want to play shut down defense however. I use the Evo 4.
B day - 7/03/15 reply

This head is great for ground balls I just got this for my Birthday and strung it up with ecd it's sick
Tank or Hammer - 6/02/15 reply

I currently have a hammer and i am quite satisfied with it. Should I get another Hammer or this.
Tank - 5/02/15 reply

This head is good overall but sucks for poke checks. Everytime I poke Someone it just beds. Very disappointed
lsm - 4/27/15 reply

Would this fit a brine f16 d-pole
shaft - 4/27/15 reply

I got this head for Xmas. It's a great head but it doesn't fit my shaft ( a Brine F15 longpole) even with 2 holes I was looking into buying a new shaft. I play LSM and regular Dpole, I kinda want a wooden but want to hear other reccomendations
(no subject) - 7/08/15 reply

Just drill holes
The Best - 4/16/15 reply

This I by far the best defensive head. It goes great with east coast mesh. Get it. I have used the hammer and a few other okay defensive heads and this one beats all of them be a mile
warning - 4/14/15 reply

I bout this head just over a month ago and it's already terribly warped
pattern - 1/31/15 reply

I need a high pocket pattern for the tank
Defense - 1/23/15 reply

I just broke a revo 3. Should I get this, a hammer or another revo?
(no subject) - 2/06/15 reply

(no subject) - 11/29/14 reply

Does this fit on the vapor elite
(no subject) - 11/28/14 reply

Would this be a good head to take draws with? I am new to this sport and my mate informed me that this would be perfect to take faceoffs with.
(no subject) - 12/06/14 reply

no it would be terrible its very stiff and very wide. You want to have a flexible pinched head for face offs like the blade pro.
Tank - 11/07/14 reply

Hands down best defensive head on the market. Super stiff, awesome scoop for gbs, and it looks great. I was sleeping on Maverik but their new stuff is sick.
Please - 11/01/14 reply

Will this head fit on the hickory stout blackfoot shaft???
Interesting fact - 11/02/14 reply

Yes will the head will fit you don't have to ask
Tank - 10/22/14 reply

Same.. I ordered mine over a month and still havent go it
Tank - 10/21/14 reply

Ordered this head three weeks ago.. And still haven't gotten it and I'm pretty dissappointed because it said they had it in stock but I got an email saying they didn't have them. Wonder if can get a discount for this
Tank is a Tank - 10/05/14 reply

I just got this head and it is super stiff and excellent for ground balls. Really good defense head.
First!!!! - 8/25/14 reply

I hear this head is amazing
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