Nike Elite Complete Stick Lacrosse Complete Sticks
hard mesh
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hard mesh
In Stock
  • Stiff, durable head for intense play.

    Bottom rail designed specifically for high pocket.

    Offered only in complete stick on 7075 custom alloy Nike handle.
Nike ups the game in starter sticks with this offering. We like the stiffer head that will allow a newer player to compete. This stick is really designed for an older player (ages 11-14) that is just taking up the game. The added technology and reduce handle weight are what you are buying here.
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great! (but get it restrung) - 3/07/15 reply

This is a great stick for a great price, especially for a beginner. It's light, but mine has taken checks from some pretty big guys. !!HOWEVER!! As some other comments mention, this sticks ships with a god-awful mesh. It is fairly well stung, but the mesh itself is so stiff that balls will sometimes bounce right out of the pocket. I would DEFINITELY suggest this stick, but plan on getting it restrung.
(no subject) - 3/09/15 reply

once you get it broke in restrung and have a nice pocket in it, the mesh isn't too bad. it works perfectly fine for me it just takes a bit of adjusting
good stick - 11/30/14 reply

bought this stick when i was just starting out didnt want to spend alot of money on my first stick. Overall this is a great starter i still use it, and it works perfectly fine. I tell all my friends that are just starting out to buy this stick, its a good price, and a great stick for learning the game.
(no subject) - 4/24/14 reply

Hard or soft mesh
Answer - 4/11/14 reply

It's OK Elliot
is it good - 4/01/14 reply

is the shaft grippy?
GOOD - 3/11/14 reply

this is a really good deal i would pay $70 for the head alone get it if u r just starting out.
stck - 2/23/14 reply

If you are getting this stick it does not consist of a nike lakota in fact it is the nike elite 10 head, the shaft is just a nike shaft it does not have a name. the head is very good worth the 50$!
NICE NAME BRO - 2/16/14 reply

MY TEAM - 2/07/14 reply

buying this - 12/08/13 reply

just ordered this last wednesday in white... still waiting for it to come in, im restringing it with some dyed east coast mesh, my friend has it and he says its an awesome stick if you have a decent pocket
(no subject) - 11/27/13 reply

i need to know if this stick would be good for a 17 year old to use because it looks a little too small for me
THIS STICK - 6/27/13 reply

I purchased this stick back in February, it served me well for my first season in High School. It is a pretty decent shaft, not heavy at all, pretty strong I don't have a single dent from all the checks I take, my mesh got kinda messed up but since I had it restrung its fine. It is for sure worth $50. The head is pretty much a different style Lakota. Very durable. NOT A CRANKSHAFT THOUGH. There is no 10° about this stick!
Shaft Head - 4/28/13 reply

This stick consists of a Nike Blur 10° head on a Nike Elite 10° crankshaft. This was my first stick, and one that I reccomend for all beginners. If strung well, this can put some serious speed on shots.
Shipping - 4/25/13 reply

How long dose this take to ship want to suprise my 10 year old for his birthday please help .
(no subject) - 4/15/13 reply

if its a lakota better deal than the seperete head
Question #2 - 1/24/13 reply

This or the Easton EON?
Question - 10/19/12 reply

What makes up this stick?
answer - 12/16/12 reply

i think it is a nike lakota head but u cant get the shaft if u dont get the complete stick
its ok - 10/09/12 reply

i have this stick right now, its pretty good depending on your taste, shaft has a good feel to it and the pocket can need a lil more breaking into but overall its a good stick
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