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Nike Legacy Lacrosse Heads
lax.com pro strung
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lax.com pro strung
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  • The Nike Legacy is lightweight for offense, but strong enough for defensive play.

    Stiff head for intense play all over the field.

    Complaint for both NCAA and NFHS play.
The Legacy is fast climbing the best sellers list for its sheer technology to value ratio. This head is priced so well that it flies out of Lax.com warehouse order after order. The shape and design are perfect for players who are developing advanced cradling skills and starting to shoot the ball with authority and accuracy. This is a dominant mid range head that suits any position on the field for a great price.
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Nike Legacy Review - 6/21/15 reply

Great head, definitely worth 50$. id recommend it to any middie or attackman. Good hold, accurate shots and its durable. I bought 1 and ended up buying another one.
Stringing - 7/06/15 reply

So if i order the head unstrung does it come with mesh sidewall shooting strings etc to string it yourself? And if so, how many diamonds are in the mesh
no - 7/26/15 reply

no it does not come with any unless you get it strung
help - 6/04/15 reply

I am a mid who is looking for a stick that will have great hold and a good release, is this the stick for me? I currently have a super power strung with east coast and I am not getting the hold that I want
(no subject) - 4/11/15 reply

Is this a good face off head for the plunger move?
(no subject) - 9/06/14 reply

Is this a good first head? I wanna play in highschool for the junior varsity team but never played before. Will this fit a nike vandal shaft?
(no subject) - 4/10/15 reply

Every head will fit every shaft. Yes this is a good beginner head because it's legal for all levels of play
Which One - 6/11/14 reply

This or Stx Proton Power
(no subject) - 6/23/14 reply

which position?
help - 5/18/14 reply

need a new head for middie and is this a good head
Great - 4/18/14 reply

Great head easy to string and cant get a better head for this price
Legacy - 12/30/13 reply

I have a lakota now and love it but need a backup i play atrack half the season and midde the other half should i get" this,surgeon,or CEO ????
(no subject) - 11/05/14 reply

surgeon breaks easy so id go with the ceo
Nice head, especially for $ - 8/08/13 reply

I got this head in the black, and I couldn't be happier with it. When I play with other heads after using the Legacy, this one seems even better in comparison. It's sturdy but does have some flex to it. It's definitely not a flimsy head that will give out on you. It has a nice array of sidewall holes, making it pretty easy to string. I've never thrown with the super expensive heads, but I'm pretty confident that this would stand up to them just fine. Also: It says Legacy on the side, the picture is correct. I recommend this head, although I would get Unstrung, as the lax.com pro-stringing wasn't done very well.
(no subject) - 3/03/13 reply

it says legacy if you zoom in on the pictures
Picture - 3/03/13 reply

It clearly isn't a picture of a lakota so get your facts straight before u post a comment dumass
it says legacy - 6/19/13 reply

its similar but it really says legacy
(no subject) - 1/13/13 reply

about to buy this for defense
(no subject) - 1/04/13 reply

why do they have a picture of a lakota on this? the side of the head ACTUALLY says lakota
STEFFEN - 10/19/12 reply

first for the win. Steffen is a creeper
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