46 Vapor Liner
46 Vapor Liner
Nike Vapor Liner Lacrosse Shoulder Pads
In Stock
In Stock
  • A stealthy, snug fit around the chest promotes light weight and natural movement.

    Strategically placed hard plastic ensures pad endurance through many tough quarters.

    Removable chest air chamber for an even lighter and more fluent feel.

    For an advanced player.

Nike vapor shoulder pad liners are the workhorse of the liner spectrum. Priced amazingly well for the technology, Nike delivers a pad that is sure to be very popular with the advanced youth and high school crowd this year. These are the best value in the liner spectrum for sure.
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Size - 3/25/15 reply

Hi, Im a freshman, 5'11 and 129 pounds and was wondering what size you all would recommend. Thanks!
(no subject) - 6/27/15 reply

Dang, you skinny. Larges btw. I have cell 3s In larges and I'm 5'7" and 129 pounds and they fit great. Sizes are pretty much universal in pads.
PLEASE HELP... - 3/13/15 reply

I am 5'0 and about 95 pounds and and a starting attackman.. what size should i get . med or large.. PLEASE HELP
(no subject) - 3/23/15 reply

(no subject) - 6/27/15 reply

Medium. Go a bit large.
(no subject) - 2/03/15 reply

are these adult sizes
vapors - 2/03/15 reply

i have a medium warrior rabil nexts and I am getting these because those are to small, but it says I should get a medium; what size should I get?
Help - 11/08/14 reply

These, M3s or Cell 3s
(no subject) - 8/03/15 reply

Cell 3s are similar, just less expensive.
Help - 11/08/14 reply

These, M3s or Cell 3s
(no subject) - 10/29/14 reply

Can't wait till they come shipped today!
Great Pads - 10/04/14 reply

I play high school lacrosse with Rock Canyon High School. Got these pads. First game with them. 5 goals and 4 assists. They do not restrict any movement but cover what counts. I would buy them for twice the cost.
(no subject) - 7/09/14 reply

i'm going into 8th grade as my first year of playing lacrosse i really think ill be attack man would you recommend these?if not what pads would you suggest for an attack man
8th grade starter - 7/26/14 reply

No these are for elite players not starters
(no subject) - 3/24/15 reply

In what way is a shoulder pad exclusive by skill level?..
Review - 3/06/14 reply

(no subject) - 3/06/14 reply

Review - 3/06/14 reply

Great liners for pretty much any position, I play attack and they protect where I really need it. I got a large and it's a little big on the sides since I'm only 5'2" 140lbs. Hope this helps.
(no subject) - 11/26/13 reply

have these I play mid field and I got them exactly for that reason, to not restrict mobility. They are really great, lightweight, arent't to heavy so you wont sweat a crap ton like in another shoulder pads, and have protection where you need it even though it is a little thin. Ive gotten cross checked occasionally and wished there was that little more padding. over all love the pads.
? - 11/11/13 reply

Is this for a defensive or offensive player.
Re: LaxMaster716 - 11/13/13 reply

These are for the player who does not want the "bulk" of a full shoulder pad. Liners are mostly worn by defensive players, but I personally know a few offensive players who have worn liners because they do not restrict mobility. Hope this helps.
(no subject) - 11/03/13 reply

just ordered mine expect a review soon
(no subject) - 10/25/13 reply

Just ordered these, can wait for their arrival :)
(no subject) - 9/29/13 reply

Yo, when do these come out?
2013 - 9/15/13 reply

Can't wait to get!
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