STX Alliance 135 Lacrosse Shafts
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royal blue
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  • Maximize velocity and snap on shots; precision on feeds; and improved control and ball feel when handling.

    Number (85, 135, 160) equates to pressure in pounds needed to bend the handle.135 is mid-flex.

    Built with "Flex Technology", exclusive to STX, which optimizes performance by matching a specific flex level to a player's style and field position.

    Made by True Temper from lightweight and high strength composite materials .

    Concave octagon profile with super fine texture for best handle feel.
For players that shoot over 70 MPH, this shaft will certainly add some snap to your blast. Designed for time and room shooters from the outside, the whip in this stick works like a carbon shaft golf club. If you can generate the foot torque to bend it, its gonna go far and fast. This shaft is recommended for mature high school and collegiate middies who can let it fly.
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Which - 6/21/14 reply

This the stx alliance 85 or the epoch dragonfly c30 I shoot between 50-60's consistinly and I play attack
Shoot speed - 6/20/14 reply

I shoot between 50-60's consistently should I get the 135 or 85 answer soon!!!!!!!????????????
(no subject) - 7/04/14 reply

Neither since u shoot really slow you should get the 60 because the 135 is for people shooting high and mid 80's
Which - 6/20/14 reply

This or vapor elite
Feel - 2/03/14 reply

What does this feel like. It looks like a scandium feel but I'm not sure. Can some1 help me out
Feel - 6/21/14 reply

This shaft has a sandpaper grip
Feel - 2/03/14 reply

What does this feel like. It looks like a scandium feel but I'm not sure. Can some1 help me out
Feel - 2/03/14 reply

What does this feel like. It looks like a scandium feel but I'm not sure. Can some1 help me out
Feel - 2/03/14 reply

What does this feel like. It looks like a scandium feel but I'm not sure. Can some1 help me out
Feel - 2/03/14 reply

What does this feel like. It looks like a scandium feel but I'm not sure. Can some1 help me out
Composite - 2/23/14 reply

It feels like a grippy composite shaft.
(no subject) - 12/09/13 reply

Thinking about getting one of these. I shoot mid high 80's would the 135 be better or the 110?
135 - 2/23/14 reply

135 but maybe you could go 160, if you shoot 80s in a game
(no subject) - 8/25/13 reply

this shaft allows u too shoot so much harder!!!!!! I find the 85 is alittle too whippty and this gives a hard and acurrate shot... I have the syaricuse shaft and it is amazing
fitting - 6/05/13 reply

Will the evo x fit on this shaft tightly? or is it lose and wiggle around on the shaft.
It is possible to break - 5/13/13 reply

My friend broke one of these towards the end of the season but im pretty sure it took a lot of beatings in games. From what i hear tho this is the best offensive minded shaft in the game
(no subject) - 5/08/13 reply

i shoot high 70s mid 80s which one should i get 135 or 160
(no subject) - 5/18/13 reply

Strength - 3/01/13 reply

Will this shaft dent? A lot of people have told me it can and a lot say it can't, it can only break. Someone just tell me straight up if it can or can't
Strength - 4/26/13 reply

This shaft cannot dent. Ive used it for over a year and not a single single dent.
hold - 12/06/12 reply

if your stick doesn't have much hold will the ball go flying or will it go straight?
(no subject) - 6/29/12 reply

it works pretty good for me
flex - 5/30/12 reply

How fast does my shot have to be to feel a difference with the 85?
(no subject) - 6/17/12 reply

about 60-70 but if you shoot around 80 get the 135
someone answer plzz! - 5/29/12 reply

does the number also depend on how strong it is? like will the 85 be weaker than say the 135? i need to know to make a better desition..
(no subject) - 6/25/12 reply

NO they all the same strength. The 85 just has higher flex points but it stays strong. the 135 flex has medium flex points and they 160 flex has lowest flex points
(no subject) - 5/24/12 reply

Not true man. 160 is perfect for those big stong guys like Anthony Kelly. Scandium Pro is just light and strong. The 160 still has the FLEX technology, just stiffer since stronger guys don't need as much flex
so legit! - 5/24/12 reply

i bought the 135 first cause i am a fogo middy and play attack too and loved it right away! i loved it so much that i bought the 85 too! (more for when i play attack and need that extra snap from an outside rip) best set up= any alliance STX superpower cant go wrong with it
(no subject) - 5/26/12 reply

wats a fogo
(no subject) - 5/30/12 reply

f-face o-off g-go o-off
(no subject) - 6/25/12 reply

face off guy
(no subject) - 5/08/12 reply

i play middi and im 5'6 and i rip low 70s high 60s what shaft should i get the 85 or 130?
for sure 85 - 5/23/12 reply

only shooting low 70's youll be lucky to feel a difference at all shooting 70's
(no subject) - 4/30/12 reply

i got this and i play attack with a cobra and it is super sexy
(no subject) - 4/30/12 reply

Red white and blue but y do u care u don't colorful stick
this shaft - 3/27/12 reply

I was there wehn our local lax store was testing this and rippin with it. They shot wit all of tehm and they were pretty awesome. All of the shots were faster with the alliance cuz it bends when you shoot which makes it go faster. Its also really ligt.
(no subject) - 2/29/12 reply

this looks pretty sick but I wish they had more colors for it
(no subject) - 2/19/12 reply

im looking for an unbiased opinion for a new shaft i already have a super power ive tried it out and i love it. but i need a shaft, i went from pole to x attackman, im not looking for lightness but something that wont dent easily and wont snap or shatter. any answer would be appreciated thanks.
sci-ti pro - 3/10/12 reply

very light, and almost indestructible. has the highest weight-strength ratio
scandium pro 2012 - 3/27/12 reply

Pretty light, great feel and only a hundredish bucks. Could be alot 4u but not much compared to this and other shafts
(no subject) - 5/25/12 reply

honestly the best shaft out there is the sic-ti pro. Its pretty expensive so you really have to shell out for it. If not i just recently bought a gait ice and its REALLY light, i meant ridiculously light, so thats a great shaft to get. People have said that it will break but so far it hasn't for me, so id recommend those two shafts.
(no subject) - 1/18/12 reply

hey ive looked at this at laxworld and its really good but the only bad side to it is the cost
(no subject) - 11/14/11 reply

so i had been thinking of getting this shaft already but when i heard about the contest i decided i really wanted to get it. i got the 135 and it is amazing. for being a composite shaft it is very light and extremely strong. when you are passing normally you don't really feel anything but when you so a hard feed or take a shot you can tell that the shaft is flexing. Unfortunately for me i actually bought this during the area of time for the contest and now they keep adding more time cause most people won't buy this shaft because of the price.
Good Shaft - 10/26/11 reply

I know the shaft is very expensive, but my friend's dad came up with the technology for this shaft, and i used it last summer. You can really feel the shaft bend, but it is very durable and will last you longer than most other shafts. This shaft is Especially good if you are a pole or LSM
(no subject) - 12/23/11 reply

retard.. its an attack shaft.. doesnt come in d pole..
scit ti or this? - 10/26/11 reply

Alright guys what should i get sci ti or 135 alliance. i play middie
for middies - 10/26/11 reply

If you are the type of middie that rips G's all game, this is the shaft for you, but if you are the type that feeds the ball inside, go for the sci-ti
scit ti or this? - 10/26/11 reply

Alright guys i play mid what should i get sci ti or the 135 alliance?
(no subject) - 10/16/11 reply

i saw this at UNC lax camp and it is BOSS! its frikin amazing, super light and its just amazing
FIRST!! - 10/14/11 reply

FIRST! This is actually a pretty sick shaft though. I prefer the 135 because it is right in between and shooting feels really nice and accurate. Only thing that I don't really like about it is that it feels very strange playing with, as it is very light and surprisingly strong, but don't be surprised at how light it is because it is actually quite sturdy. Overall a great buy, but I'd probably recommend this more to attack then middy, due to the fact that middys will generally be more physical and take more hits. I'd spring for the sc-ti pro if a your looking at this and your a middy, as long as price isn't an issue.
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