STX K18 AP Lacrosse Arm Pads
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  • -Designed and developed with Kyle Harrison for the elite player
    -Engineered to be the lightest and most breathable arm pads that STX has ever produced
    -High impact injection molded elboe cap
    -anatomically contoured for maximum coverage with minimum bulk
    -Highly breathable mesh vents coupled with sweat wicking liner provide maximum airflow and breathability
STX is putting their full marketing force behind the K18 line for this coming season. Why?? Because they know that they over engineered this pad to have many of the same qualities and technology of pads twice the price. The k18 line is simply awesome. Slip these on and you will know why. The upgraded mesh materials on the forearms and super flexible outer shell affords all the protection of the big brother pads the sell at the top of the line. These will hit the best sellers list right off the bat.
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these or shadows??? - 11/23/13 reply

are these pretty much just a cheaper version of shadows?
(no subject) - 11/29/13 reply

Yes. I tried both on in my local lax store
r these good? - 7/26/10 reply

i play def r these good arm pads for the $
d-fence - 9/21/10 reply

ahhh yea i play defence they a comftrable and they flimsy with great protection
(no subject) - 6/14/10 reply

light, low profile, good mobility and they don't slide down my arms. They are not that protective, but they make up for it in mobility.
Nice armpads - 6/12/10 reply

I like these theyre probally just as good as the new ones just a lil more protective
size - 6/05/10 reply

guys im about 5'7 weighing 165... what size am i best off going with
(no subject) - 6/12/10 reply

(no subject) - 5/27/10 reply

i have these and they are so comfortable with just enough protection

arm guard version of this or brine ventilators?
reeadddd - 4/26/10 reply

aighhtttt fools deez elbow pads are beast they are really comfortable have good protection and even though i play middie i use dem for attack hell i even kno a kid who uses defence elbow guards for attack on my team but anyways deez elbows are da best k18 all day
metal? - 4/20/10 reply

i was reading the comments on these and saw the word "metal".. i know that this is problably a stupid question but...there is metal in these?????
(no subject) - 4/22/10 reply

no just apart of the strap
(no subject) - 5/10/10 reply

NO. i have a royal pair. only medal part on them is where the strap comes around
Good pads - 4/15/10 reply

I got these when they first came out and have used them since. Ok protection and very mobile. But it does pinch your arm
dont - 4/11/10 reply

DO NOT get these. they are terrible!
ouch - 3/29/10 reply

this hurts my upper arm DONT get it!!!!!
Which ones??? - 3/21/10 reply

These or Brine LoPro AP Defense? Other suggestions too possibly??
(no subject) - 5/07/10 reply

what postion r u?
(no subject) - 3/14/10 reply

bad protection and uncomftorble
Great arm pads - 3/11/10 reply

I have the white ones and I used these pads for three years and they always have provided perfect protection. nice and flexible they only issue I have had is the metal rusts and stains the pad but just washing with a little bleach in the washer makes them perfect again. For other colors I don't think the rust will be a problem
nasty - 2/06/10 reply

not nasty in the good way either, these suck, u feel every thing, theyre comfortable, but they do pinch your biceps, do not get, but do get the other k18's the bigger kind, those are great
what protection? - 11/02/09 reply

you will et more protection from a condom than these bad boys, overall flexible and they look cool but that is about it ... no protection go with brine lopros
what should i get? - 9/07/09 reply

these or brine lopros. any other suggetions would be help full.
wowwww - 4/26/10 reply

these man theyare amazing
HELP!!!!! - 9/05/09 reply

what should i get. these or brine lopros. any other suggetions would be help full.
Good for defense - 7/22/09 reply

bros !@#$%^&*(!@#$^&*()!@#$%^& - 7/21/09 reply

bros shud i get head 4 my wonder boy that is just sitting around (like 4 a back up stick) or shud i get new arm pads i have the brine menace they r rlly small
aps - 7/26/09 reply

These King AP's, or Mavs - 7/19/09 reply

K18 aps king aps or dynasty supreme mids
PLEASE READ!!!! - 7/14/09 reply

i have these arm pads and one thing ive noticed is that they rust. Your sweat will make the metal clip rust and you really cant find the right comforbility with them.
That happened to mine to - 7/20/09 reply

These worth it? - 6/16/09 reply

i play D and i dont want big arm pads. these look comfy but are they really worth 60 bucks?
(no subject) - 6/17/09 reply

no dont get them. well actually it depends on the size of your forearm. if its big get them. but my forearm is kinda big i guess for a 13 year old and they slide down my arm all the time
wait? - 6/21/09 reply

if your forearms big wouldnt that make them not slide down your arm?
Great - 6/05/09 reply

There really good if your a wuss don't get theses

Im 6'0 155 lbs nd skinny. do u think mediums would be too small? Thanks for the help.
go to a lax store near you! - 6/02/09 reply

that or just check the size of your current pads
(no subject) - 6/17/09 reply

no u need a small size if ur skinny. they slide down my arm all the time nd im 170 lbs and 5'11
middies - 5/25/09 reply

hey im a middie and i really dont care bout protectin tht much but i mianly care bout FLEXABILITY so are the mainly flexable and comfortable and also wats better between these g22 small and supercrosse and stx cell mid
(no subject) - 5/16/10 reply

finally some1 who doesnt give a crap if they get a little boo boo....evry1s wimps and get the rely big pads tht u cant move in
D!!! i NEED HELP - 5/25/09 reply

how r these pads for d. i dont want alot of protection but i dont want like elbow sleeve crap so are these ok. i run the ball up sometimes and i use the shogun elbows right now how do these compare to those.
? - 6/02/09 reply

don't know, but how are the shoguns, are they any good?
(no subject) - 6/02/09 reply

they r ok but i mean they have limited protection and it hurts a little getting slashed on varsity but i just play through it not to bad
shoguns suck - 6/28/09 reply

dont get them what ever you do.
great pads - 5/13/09 reply

theese pads are great for d they give just the right amount of protection if u bring the ball up
Attack?? - 5/03/09 reply

are these good for attackmen???
if you can take a beating - 5/12/09 reply

im a middie and i LOVE them but if your an attack you might be going through more traffic so you might want to go with the arm GUARD version. the brine supercross arm pads are also really nice
help - 4/18/09 reply

what should i get these or g22 armpads???
what position? - 5/12/09 reply

size - 3/29/09 reply

im 6'3 and 275 and i have big arms. is this a tight fit or is large actually large. ik lax isnt a big guy sport so its hard for me to find equipment so plz help me if you have info
fit - 4/15/09 reply

yeah they might be a little tight on you. im 5'8 and 145lbs. and i have em in medium and they're pretty tight. be warned, they have no protection.
they will fit - 4/17/09 reply

They will def fit large is very big
These are awesome - 3/22/09 reply

Im a midfielder and these are perfect, My first game with them i forgot i was wearing arm pads. And by the end of the game I had 5 goals
Should i get theres - 4/12/09 reply

Are they as good as every one says, i play d and i really just want a cheap pair
(no subject) - 7/16/09 reply

get the sleeve one
(no subject) - 3/16/09 reply

warrior arm pads or stx k18 arm pads?
(no subject) - 4/13/09 reply

These or LoPro's? - 3/10/09 reply

I play mid and i can take a hit. Which arm pads? these or the LoPro's?
straight no protection - 2/17/09 reply

great if you can suck up the pain but have no cover up at all
of course. - 2/18/09 reply

need help - 2/16/09 reply

would these be good for middies who play middle school lax and will be playing hs lax
possibly - 2/18/09 reply

i think that these being a young player ms/hs are great for defense if i were u i would get the guards not the pads for middy. i play attack n i no for sure u need awesome protection. reply what skill level and i should be able to help u.
elbow cap - 2/09/09 reply

is it a hard elbow cap or a thick pad?
pad - 2/19/09 reply

its a thin pad
i cant decide - 2/01/09 reply

im looking at the k18s, the cell aps, the cell arm guard, or the lopro aps. I want a pad that has good mobility and protection that protect the side of your elbow
good but im stupid............ - 1/13/09 reply

good but im stupid - 1/13/09 reply

dont get white, it looks good but the dirt will make you regret it big time
u are retarded - 1/28/09 reply

help - 1/04/09 reply

These or the other K18 Arm Pads?
Depends - 1/04/09 reply

It really depends on what youre looking for and what your preferences are. These would be good for midfield or defense because theres a lot less padding and a lot of mobility and the K18 arm guards would be good for midfield and attack because it has great padding and has great mobility for arm guards. But it just depends on what you want. Hope that helps!
Attack - 12/26/08 reply

Are these any good for attack?
v - 4/11/09 reply

Maybe if you dont mind getting hit in the arms a lot...they are great for mobility but lack protection...and get medium
Defense - 12/25/08 reply

Good for defense.
forearms - 1/04/09 reply

How much coverage do you get on the forearms?
depends - 1/10/09 reply

it all depends on how big you are and what size you get. I am 5'6 and 145pounds and it covers about half of my forearms. so that might give some kind of feel for what they cover. oh and i wear a medium.
THESE SUCK! - 12/24/08 reply

(no subject) - 2/09/09 reply

please justify your comment
NEED HELP - 12/10/08 reply

i play varsity attack and i need lightweight but protection do these have that
half and half - 1/18/09 reply

they are very light weight and flexible but they arnt the most protective but u should just man up and take the hits
(no subject) - 4/09/09 reply

Yea, they have nearly no protection but are some are the lightest and most flexible pads
feel amazing - 11/19/08 reply

I tried these on and i fell in love with them. They fit perfectly with your arms except for the few people that have no muscles.
help - 11/11/08 reply

im looking for most comfortable elbow pads. does anyone recommend any thatfeel like im not evening wearing elbow pads?
Size - 11/04/08 reply

Hey i have been looking at these and i had the K18 arm guards but they were to big, the mobility was decent but i want something more. I am a middi that can take a hit 5' 6'' about 145 lbs what size should i get?? Thanks, Cj
These or cells? - 11/03/08 reply

Which arm pad is better for mobility and protection?
(no subject) - 1/18/09 reply

mobility k18s protection cells
NEED HELP - 11/02/08 reply

I havent been able to find these anywhere. What are the STX armpads that are small and used by players like Steven Brooks and Max Seibald? Are they these K18's cause they dont look the same
new armpads - 10/14/08 reply

i'm looking for new arm pads. i was looking at these ones... is there a better kind i should get. i'm looking for a decent padding but good mobility
mobility - 10/10/08 reply

Will these give me lots of mobility?? Cuz the other pads that i bought were very stiff and cannot move my arms at all.
MacShaw - 10/05/08 reply

shouls i gey these or warrior players club arm pads??? plz help
protection???? - 9/30/08 reply

does anybody know how good the protection is? I have the chopper arm guards and those are to big. But i want something that is not to bulky but does not loose protection. If anybody can give me an answer or other suggestion thank you.
depends - 10/02/08 reply

I have these arm pads and they are very comfortable and light, but as far as protection goes it kind of depends. The Chopper arm guards have that plastic cap on the elbow. I also have some Warrior PC elbow guards with the big plastic cap on the elbows and they are very protective, but for me they can sometimes get annoying and bulky. Anyways, the k18's ag's are protective in the fact that you can take a hard check on the elbow and it won't hurt. If they are worn correctly at the elbow they leave a lot of forearm unprotected.(some players slide them down to cover more forearm -incorrect, but do what you want)
(no subject) - 9/22/08 reply

yo i am lookin for some armpads that are light, well-padded (i can take a hit though), and don't consume your arm (i want small pads). are these good for that? i play att and like i said, can take a hit. i just want mobility and decent padding.
size?? - 8/09/08 reply

i'm about 163lbs what size should i get? medium or large? thanks
(no subject) - 8/10/08 reply

i have an answer - 8/12/08 reply

well in my opion consierderin ur weight u should go kill a couple sandwitches then consider buyin these
looking for arm pads - 8/08/08 reply

hey i am thinking about getting these or the g22 arm pads... to let u know i am 14 110 and 5'5 i am not the biggest kid of the if yall can help me out!
(no subject) - 8/10/08 reply

get the K18 ELBOW pads there so great and they fell like you dont even have them on.
(no subject) - 7/24/08 reply

ya dude. sick for middies. i have them in navy. theyre soo good
Tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 7/20/08 reply

Hey I've been looking at these for a wile now, but also I'm looking at the g22 slip on ones. I don't know witch one to get. Can some one tell me witch ones are better?
(no subject) - 7/24/08 reply

i have these and they are great. protection where u need it and great mobility. i haven't used the g22's yet. i would say get these but its up to you
THESE - 4/28/09 reply

THese are much more comfortable but have slightly less padding
trying to decide - 7/20/08 reply

these or the brine lo pros?
MIDDIES??? - 7/09/08 reply

hey does anyone know a good armpad for middies? if it helps, i can take a hit and i want good mobility. thanks
K18s - 7/13/08 reply

These are good or lopros supercrosse slip ons shogun d pads adn the new g22 arm pad
brine supercrosse - 8/13/08 reply

if you dont care about checks they are small and give you a ton of mobility
(no subject) - 11/03/08 reply

The STX K18 are very good for middie i play middie for my varsity team and you coudl take hit with them
how r these? - 7/09/08 reply

Help? this or somthing else - 6/22/08 reply

d - 6/17/08 reply

are these good for defense
alright - 6/20/08 reply

i have had them for a few practices now, and at first they cut and pinch u a little bit, but once u get them worked in they are pretty good d pads
sizes - 6/10/08 reply

mediums are small unless you small get the larges
please answer - 6/09/08 reply

does the strap with the velcro that goes all around go on the top or the bottom? and how do you know which one is right or left
(no subject) - 6/09/08 reply

If i remeber correctly velco goes ontop. . . and i dont think theyre specifed for left and right arm unless its on the tags?
(no subject) - 6/10/08 reply

so the velcro that goes all the way around your arm is the top?
(no subject) - 6/16/08 reply

(no subject) - 6/16/08 reply

the stx logo and k18 logo are supposed able to read when you are standing still, arms at the side.....that make sense. so i guess that means the velcro strap, that goes all the way around, is at the top.
help - 6/07/08 reply

r these good? and im almost 14, 130 pounds and 5'6" i cant figure out which size to get please help
(no subject) - 6/09/08 reply

get large
Please answer - 6/04/08 reply

I'm 11, I play attack, I can take a check, and I have pretty big arms, will the medium fit me?
(no subject) - 6/06/08 reply

check the sizing chart. . . i dont see why they wouldnt and if they dont they comne with straps tio adjust them anyway. . . if all else fails wear an arm band right below where the strap is to prevent them from moving as much.
whats AP - 6/02/08 reply

this may sound stupid but what does AP mean?
(no subject) - 6/03/08 reply

it means arm pad
(no subject) - 9/02/08 reply

arm pad
(no subject) - 6/02/08 reply

im 11 and i have pretty big arms adn i play attack but im not a woussy-- i can take a slash--should i get these
These or Maverik Ap Middies - 6/02/08 reply

Which ones?
macerick - 6/02/08 reply

HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! - 5/31/08 reply

i have the warrior mpg arm guard and those are very restricking and was wondering wat is smaller less restricking but gives me protection
this - 6/01/08 reply

i have these and they dont fall down alot, i played with a bruised elbow..the bone was bruised and i wore these and not a scrath these are amazing get them
(no subject) - 6/01/08 reply

im a midi though these will work???
middie and defense - 6/01/08 reply

these pads were made for those positions so ur good. the pads are giant but the offer good protection for what they are. if these are to epensive look at the brine lopro ap those are really good. only down side they slide a little
(no subject) - 6/01/08 reply

are the g22 good or are those as restricking as the mpg
never - 6/01/08 reply

ive never tried the g22's but the k18 are sweet just get them
Help - 5/31/08 reply

ATTACK - 5/25/08 reply

I play attack and want an arm pad that light weight and doesnt cover too much? which arm pad should i get?
these are sick for attack - 5/26/08 reply

dude i play attack too, these pads are sick, just what you are looking for. they are not big and bulky like other attack pads and still have good protection, maximum mobility. i play varsity attack and i love them, best pads ever. and these stay on your arm, lots of the other arm pads slide down but these dont slide at all. GET THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stupid matt - 5/31/08 reply

get the dynasty mids or the k18s
Protection - 4/09/09 reply

These are great for mobility but dont have much protection at all...i use them for attack and they are really great for flexibility but my arms get destroyed...if you want a bigger pad i would get shogun's or k18
attack armpads - 5/25/08 reply

i play attack, but i want something that i can move around in... are these good?
YES - 5/26/08 reply

read the post above
(no subject) - 6/02/08 reply

yeah if you arent a wimp
(no subject) - 8/14/08 reply

New Review - 5/16/08 reply

I reccomend these for Defense all the way. They do offer some protection, but not a ton. If you keep the straps on your sholder pads, you can wear these for attack or midfield. If you a midfielder who doesn't mide getting checked a lot, these are good as well.
help - 5/13/08 reply

would these be good for attack. I usually dodge from the top though. if not good, recommend any others that arent over $70
(no subject) - 5/14/08 reply

i would get the maverick mid arm guard about the same size and has more protection really comfy and the same price
PLESE HELP ME I DONT KNOW..... - 5/11/08 reply

WHAT SIZE DO I NEED IM 5ft and weigh 81 pounds could i possibly ware a medium plese answer me
(no subject) - 5/12/08 reply

a medium would work, it might be a little big though, you can tighten them with the straps and use tape. you should be straight with a medium but definately DO NOT GET A LARGE, your tiny
thx alot :) - 5/12/08 reply

got em in today and they fit greeaaat idk no y everyone says they dont have protecttion becuse they do have pretty good protection for there size but they still dont rly protect u that much
yes - 5/29/08 reply

yes you can they have little grip things inside and straps on top and bottom
K18 vs. Lopro - 5/10/08 reply

I play mid, should I get these or the Lopros? Which provide more protection and are more comfortable?
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