STX K18 Arm Guard Lacrosse Arm Pads
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  • -Designed and developed with Kyle Harrison for the elite player
    -Engineered to be the lightest and most breathable shoulder pads that STX has ever produced for the elite game
    -Floating armour plate system for dispersion of high impact
    -Extended upper arm coverage for added crosscheck position
    -AEGIS microbe shield protects against odors
    -Highly breathable mesh vents coupled with sweat wicking liner provide maximum airflow and breathability
STX is putting their full marketing force behind the K18 line for this coming season. Why?? Because they know that they over engineered this pad to have many of the same qualities and technology of pads twice the price. The K18 line is simply awesome. Slip these on and you will know why. The upgraded mesh materials on the forearms and super flexible outer shell affords all the protection of the big brother pads the sell at the top of the line. These will hit the best sellers list right off the bat.
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tay-sachs is dumb - 3/14/10 reply

tay sachs has nooooo life,he wrote a paragraph as a review. wtf? and hes my bro
(no subject) - 3/14/10 reply

These are so nice. I have owned them for a while, and the stitching holding the plastic elbow is starting to come undone, and the clear plastic has cracked in to pieces from checks, but while they lasted they were amazing. Great range of movement, lightweight, and very protective.
(no subject) - 3/10/10 reply

im about 5"3 and 106 what size should i get?
(no subject) - 11/19/13 reply

i would say medium
(no subject) - 2/16/10 reply

These babies are SICK!! Thair super light and comfy but still realy flexible with great protection too. These are definetly worth the money perfect for midie and attack. STX rules!!!
Cell or these - 12/24/09 reply

I play mostly attack and some middie and i am thinkin about getting these or the cells. I need good protection but also some flexibility. Also, are these worth the extra money, since they are more expensive then the cells?
large or medium? - 12/07/09 reply

im 5'9'' 140 pounds..
Are they bulky? - 12/01/09 reply

Right now i have the STX Choppers, i am looking for something a little smaller thann that but i still want protection. How are these as far as size?
(no subject) - 2/11/10 reply

u hate em
Medium or large - 11/20/09 reply

im 5'8 140 should i get the large or medium?
size help - 10/30/09 reply

im about 5'10 185 medium or large i weaar a medium arm pad which is why i am asking
Good but... - 10/24/09 reply

They are so squeky but it is worth it. They are super comfortable and have good protection.
good but squeky - 9/25/09 reply

yeah i have had these for about a year now and there so light and protective and i love them almost as much a my mom. the only thing wrong with them is the THEY ARE SO FRIGGIN SQUEKY
GRIP???? - 8/15/09 reply

does the grip inside fall off?
GOOD FOR A MIDDIE? - 8/07/09 reply

These are AMAZING!!! - 7/30/09 reply

It feels like u don't have pads on they so flexible and light! Got them 3 days ago and I've fallen in love wit dem.
WHAT SIZE????????????? - 7/28/09 reply

I'm 5'10 and 128 lbs. Should I get a medium or a large?
(no subject) - 7/28/09 reply

Depends. Do you have some muscle on your arms?
(no subject) - 7/30/09 reply

No I have noodle arms. I'm 15 and am trying to beef up. I want these to last me some time before I have to get new ones.
(no subject) - 7/30/09 reply

If you really do have noodle arms then get mediums since they are kinda big around the arms. I got large and I just went to the gym beefed up a bit and they fit better.
(no subject) - 7/31/09 reply

Well how well do the straps tighten and loosen? I could always use some athletic tape to wrap around and get them tighter. And don't these have little rubber things inside to prevent sliding around? I just want these pads to last me awhile.
(no subject) - 8/02/09 reply

The straps tighten good the straps are just a bit long/big so i'm thinking if u get mediums they are made a bit shorter. They are big and offer great protection so mediums are good size for you.
(no subject) - 8/02/09 reply

Sorry. YES they do have rubber inside so it won't slip. It does work tryed shaking around and doing things you would do in a game and they stayed in place well.
Can't make up my mind!!! - 7/25/09 reply

The white or black ones!!! I'm getting the white stx cell liners too.
(no subject) - 8/11/09 reply

ive got the black ones, my brother has the white ones..the whites a little bit more flashy cuz of the gold trim do i think they look cooler then the black ones
mobility? - 7/23/09 reply

im looking at going with these for mid because theyre just plain nasty looking,but i have a ques; i rip shots on the run so i was wondering if these are restrictive at all, they look pretty flexible though
answer - 7/24/09 reply

saying you rip shots jsut sounds kinda dumb. but these are pretty sick. you dont really feel em all that much, excellent movement. but if your a mid id go with either the K18 AP, King AP, or the Mav Mids.
thanks - 7/25/09 reply

okay well... Read!!! - 7/13/09 reply

ok i have these they are so protective and i love them they are very flexible but they are still big for me even though they are medium my arms fit good on hitman 8.0s *medium* and dont slip and stuff but even with medium k18s they are still abit big. but i wanted to know if they stink and stay wet after practice/game cause i havnt used them yet
Help!! - 6/16/09 reply

I need new arm pads for middie and i wuz wondering if i shud get these exodusII or players club??
heres your help - 6/22/09 reply

I beleive the ratings are under-rated. these AP's are the best thing I have used. I dont know about the warriors but these are worth getting.
AMAZING - 6/15/09 reply

I just got these and when i tried them on in the store and fooled around, it was the best feelever. All you have to do though is buy some scotchgard and spray them down pretty good before you use them for extended times outside, if you get the white ones and want to keep them that way
did anyone ever notice... - 6/14/09 reply

it says.. "Engineered to be the lightest and most breathable shoulder pads that STX has ever produced for the elite game" about arm pads? haha
MUST READ! - 6/09/09 reply

apparently... the new K18 line is coming out sometime this summer, so I'm holding off on the elbow pads til that comes, I bet its going to sick. If anyone has a date of when it would be appreciated
Help Gangsta - 6/08/09 reply

These or G22's
g22 - 6/11/09 reply

These - 7/06/09 reply

Squeeky - 5/25/09 reply

I just got these and they are BEAST but... They are really Squeeky is this normal? i've had other elbow pads and they never made this much noise. I've been trying to break them in but they still squeek. has this happen to anyone else?
same... - 6/04/09 reply

yea it's happening to me too... only on the left pad though. However I don't think it really makes a difference. When I put them on they felt lighter than any other arm guard i've ever had and I've had about 5 or 6...
(no subject) - 6/07/09 reply

same things with mine they squeek cuz the leather rubs against the inside of the elbow cap
Sizing? - 5/14/09 reply

How do i know what size i am?
hows the sizing? help - 5/12/09 reply

do i get mediums or larges
HELP - 5/10/09 reply

G22 or K18
(no subject) - 5/11/09 reply

Idk there both good but the g22's r lighter. These are really good too and the venelator pro's r good i'd get these though
not the ventilator - 5/12/09 reply

i have them and im getting new ones (k18s) cus the damn straps fall on every dam check dont get the ventilators
elbows - 5/09/09 reply

these have a weak protection spot right by the elbow on your bottom hand whichever it may be. i have a constant bruise on my right elbow (im a lefty).
HELP QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 5/05/09 reply

im a middie which of these arm pads should i get should i get k18, cells, or the maverick dynasty arm pads
these - 6/17/09 reply

this vs supercrosse - 5/01/09 reply

i play attack and need new arm guards, in proctection and how far they come down on your forearms witch ones are better
(no subject) - 5/02/09 reply

these go farther up your upper arm than on your forearm, but these are a lot better and lighter than the supercrosses, with basically the same protection
1 mor question - 5/02/09 reply

ok thanks wat about the king 2 ag(the ones right above these)
(no subject) - 4/29/09 reply

liked everything except the plastic broke and if your wearing an under shirt these slide a lot when you start sweating
ridiculous - 4/25/09 reply

these are so amazing I would get them but I already have supercrosse slip ons, but if ur willing to spend the money and need some new aps, GET these theyre amazing
review - 4/17/09 reply

if you are a middie and you like mobility, dont get these. They are so big that they kind of resrict your movement. But for attack you should definately get them because after you get used to them they are great for protection and you wont feel a thing.
D? - 4/14/09 reply

Are these good for a defender
No - 4/26/09 reply

They might be a little big get the k-18 A.P or the sleeve
honest opinion - 4/14/09 reply

I have used these for two seasons now and they are fantastic. they are incredibly light, i really dont feel them there, and once you start sweating the fit quite well. the protection is very good. On the first day of having bought them a dpole on my team told me he was going to shatter the plastic part with one check. He was wrong, they have held up so well. A great, great buy.
ok, for real now - 4/09/09 reply

I'm not sure whether I should get these, the cell arm gaurds, or the cell arm pads. I don't really care too much for protection, just a little cuz I do deke through the D as a midi a lot but my main concern is ultimate flexibility and comfort.
also - 4/09/09 reply

im also thinking about the king aps
the k18s will eat your childre - 4/08/09 reply

comfortable + light = the balls
HELP!!!!! - 4/02/09 reply

K18, supercrosse pro, or cell i play middie PLZ ANSWER
k18s 0r cells? - 4/01/09 reply

(no subject) - 4/01/09 reply

and why
help - 4/05/09 reply

i dont have the k18s, but one thing about the k18s that worry me is the plastic guard, it looks like it might be able to break, but im not 100% sure, but i have the cells and i love them, they offer alot of protection, but also flexibility (after you break em in) and also comfortability, just some of my help
Sick - 3/29/09 reply

These are sick as hell, perfect for a midie or attack. These babies are so fly.
(no subject) - 3/08/09 reply

this is the best arm pads i ever had
AMAZING - 3/05/09 reply

10/10. These guards are the best
K18 Or Supercrosse Pro's? - 2/28/09 reply

I tried on the supercrosse pros and they feel AMAZING. I was hoping if someone could tell me if the k18's are better or if the supercrosse pros are
(no subject) - 3/02/09 reply

my brother had the money to buy the k18's and wanted them real bad. But when he tried them on they were way to stiff and he got the supercross and loves them get the supercrposs!
(no subject) - 3/02/09 reply

Haha alright thanks! The supercrosse felt great when I tried them on. I'm about to go get them tomorrow. Thanks.
Are they restricting? - 2/24/09 reply

I have the warrior MLL 6.0 armguards and they restrict A LOT of my movement and its starting to screw up my shot, since I practice without them and once I put them on in practice it restricts quite a lot of my arm movement. However you never feel a thing and its basically armor covering your arms. So are the K18s really mobile and are they at least decent at protection? Cause I need to be able to move my arms around FREELY. I play attack if that helps any. Thanks.
practice - 2/25/09 reply

with your arm guards on and youll get past it
(no subject) - 2/28/09 reply

Lol I've used them for months. I'm past getting used to them.
(no subject) - 2/28/09 reply

yes these would be a good choice for mobility they let you move freely and do a good job of protecting your arms
wrist - 2/08/09 reply

i play attack and get hacked on the wrist. Do these come down to the edge of the glove or far down the arm? Thanks
Literally the Best - 2/05/09 reply

I'm not a big supporter of saying anything is the absolute best, but the only thing that even compares to these are g22's. They weigh almost nothing, and you can still move your arm just as much as you can without them. They're plenty comfortable, and when your hit in the plastic you will not feel a thing.
midfielders - 1/28/09 reply

are these arm guards any good for middies. cause i have the warrior mpg 4.5s and im lookin for a new set, im playing in high school and im wonderin if these proctect you enough and dont have a lot of weight that holds you back.
STX K18 - 1/28/09 reply

I own a pair, and believe that they are still the best arm guards on the market. The arm pads are very light and movable, yet they provide great protection for a middie or attack man. The genius design of the arm pad creates higher opportunities to score due to the flexibility given by the pad. Overall this is great product. I’m happy with the money spent. The only setback that has me worried is the plastic on the front of the pad. I can see that its thick but I’m still worried that it might crack and fall apart but I believe that it can still provide great protection without the plastic. I think the plastic is just there for sho’. Hope that helped
HELP!!!!! - 1/25/09 reply

Which ones should I get, these or the Maverick Dynasty Supreme. I'm a middy, but i'm looking forward at playing attack.
anyone want some?? - 1/08/09 reply

i have brand new still in the bag k18 arm guards navy large ill sell it for 80 with shipping already included...just tell me
???? - 3/27/09 reply

Thats more than these ones!
wow - 1/08/09 reply

this is the best 90$ i have ever spent. not only is the mobility amazing, it fits and feels like your not even wearing an arm pad. and it still give you protectionnn. AMAZINGGG
ehh - 12/22/08 reply

im a sophmore and play attak, i've had em for about a year and theyve been really good but i was just playin with some friends one time and got cheked and a whole chunk of plastic craked off, easily fixed with a little duct tape tho :P...idk if its really legal cuz they call altering sometimes but i would suggest taping them when u get em so they wont crak as easy or at least stay together if they do
love them - 12/11/08 reply

I play with these, love them. Very movable and more protective than they may seem.
Ryken lax - 12/31/08 reply

Dude RykenKnight0021 do you go to st mary's ryken in MD?
i do.. - 1/19/09 reply

i go to smr..who are you ?
Size?? - 12/11/08 reply

IDK what size to get? medium or large
READ - 12/02/08 reply

these are very comfortable and easy to move in. but they do slide
these or supercrosse - 11/25/08 reply

i play middie and run the lane a lot. i get some wicked stick checks to the arms and my elbow pads are falling apart. any suggestions?
(no subject) - 12/03/08 reply

i got the same old arm pads slide down a lot and i want pads that won't. i dont know which of these two to get.
K-18 - 12/14/08 reply

K-18 r extremely light they r comfy and they protect good I've had mine for 2 years
macshaw or anyone - 11/13/08 reply

okay so i play attack and have these, i like the mobility but i broke them so easly, what should i get that wont break, i dont mind getting hit so all i really wants is mobility with some proctection on the elbow
really? - 11/21/08 reply

they broke? ive had mine and ive been playing college club and not one issue. if you want cut the stiching that holds the plastic on and go back to useing them.
ive had for mine for 2 years - 11/25/08 reply

ive had mine for like 2 years and there still perfectly fine i would get these again
help - 11/11/08 reply

im looking for most comfortable elbow pads. does anyone recommend any thatfeel like im not evening wearing elbow pads?
(no subject) - 11/12/08 reply

they are ok. some places they aren't very protective, especially around the elbow. but they are super flexible.
(no subject) - 11/12/08 reply

also, if you wanna feel like nothin, buy some of those sleeves that defenseman usually wear. i think warrior has some
not worth it!!!!! - 11/09/08 reply

help! - 11/04/08 reply

will the clear plastic part break if you get checked really hard?
(no subject) - 11/06/08 reply

sometimes but it has to be like a d pole ragging on you really badly ive had these for a season and a summer season nd they have held up to some pretty hard checks
durabilty - 11/08/08 reply

these things are great, i have had them all season and played in the summa and only scratches.
LETS GET REAL - 11/08/08 reply

these are really not that good, they are falling apart on me the plastic is broken the part that hold the cap to the sleeve part is breaking. the good side is that they are really light and alot of flex but if u play attack at a high level these will not hold up that good
not true at all - 11/21/08 reply

i play college club and thease havnt let me down yet bro. you might have just goten a bad pair or somthing
(no subject) - 11/16/08 reply

the guy at one of the stores i go to said the plastic is some of the most durable plastic you can get, so i wouldnt say it would break that easily
((((( These Or STX Cell )))))) - 11/02/08 reply

Does anybody know if these are made like the STX Cell arm guards arm guards but just with the two little clear bubbles?
THE VIDEO??? - 11/01/08 reply

yeh - 11/01/08 reply

the video sucked
(no subject) - 11/11/08 reply

whatever that video was so kick ass!!
K18 or Warrior MPG - 10/21/08 reply

Ehich ones are better? The K18 or the Warrior: MPG Elbow Guard 8.0? Please help me.
K18 - 7/25/09 reply

The 8.0 slide down your arm if they get sweaty the padding to supossedly keep u dry is a gimmick. Get these fo sho!!!
jakelax7 - 9/21/08 reply

go k18s i have them tere really nice, protective, and flexible.
g22 or k18 - 8/28/08 reply

g22 or k18 please help
K-18 - 10/15/08 reply

K-18 are so much more comfy and cool looking
plzz help - 8/12/08 reply

these or the old exodus by miky powell i play attack
G22's - 8/20/08 reply

G22's are by far the best elbow pad available. Get them over these crap elbow pads.
No way! - 11/24/08 reply

these kill the G22 APs/AGs much more protective, comfy, and flexable.
G22 suck!!!!!! - 2/23/09 reply

These - 10/20/08 reply

These r much better
awsome get them - 8/07/08 reply

i just got theese 2day if u think they look kind of big there not they r so light. but they r worth the money
size - 7/31/08 reply

what size should i get i'm 5'8 and 115 pounds
(no subject) - 8/07/08 reply

in a bind please help - 7/29/08 reply

wchich elbow guards are the best
HELP! - 7/16/08 reply

I really need new elbow pads and i don't know what to get. Protection isn't too important. I need ones that r easy to move.
sizes - 7/11/08 reply

two ppl said two diff things bout the sizes whats for real?
(no subject) - 7/13/08 reply

Im a 5ft 8 140 pound freshman and the larges are big on me.
white ap - 7/11/08 reply

how bad do the white ones look
MIDDIES??? - 7/09/08 reply

hey does anyone know a good armpad for middies? if it helps, i can take a hit and i want good mobility. thanks
they snap - 7/08/08 reply

one of the guys in my summer league has them and they snapped at the top were the clear plastic is. is was one of those hits were youre running behing a guy nd you know ur not gonna catch him so you just swing your stik with one hand and hope to hit his stik, when it turns out that snaped them. these are good but over priced, they should be warrior, lol
i gotta Question - 7/08/08 reply

are these lighter than the G22?
if u want them read this - 7/07/08 reply

i dont have these but ik they have sick protection my the kidd took a shot ( i play 8th grade lax so if u think it wasnt hard think twice ) cuz my friend didnt have a bruise no nothing sick
wat size - 7/03/08 reply

im wondering wat size im 5'8 and 132
K18 - THE BEST!!!!!!!! - 7/02/08 reply

These are without a doubt the best arm guards I've ever had. I play attack so I need ones with good protection and amazing mobility. These are amazing. Buy them.
sick - 7/01/08 reply

these are sick especailly the white they run a little big so only get a large if you are huge the weight is really nice and the barley slide which i like also i recomend them if you have the money
These are... - 6/25/08 reply

These are incredible. They're pretty light and they fit snug to your arms. They provide great mobility and you play as if you don't have anything on your arms. And they have incredible protection
(no subject) - 6/21/08 reply

What size do you think would fit me best? I am 5 6 and 125 pounds
medium - 6/22/08 reply

im the same height and weight and i ahve mediums, if they dont fit u can tape the top strap til u grow into them
(no subject) - 6/22/08 reply

Ok thanks
(no subject) - 6/15/08 reply

Which arm guards should i get? the k18s the Supercrosse or the Exodus II?
(no subject) - 6/19/08 reply

for arm guards the k 18's are unbeatable. no other pad (that I've ever tried) offers as much flexibility for the amount of protection they give you.
(no subject) - 6/19/08 reply

the supercrosses are nice, but these just blow every other arm guard, arm pad, and elbow guard out of the water. I have a pair and they flex just as much as my arm, no restriction. I also cannot feel checks at all if they hit any of the plastic. the only thing I'm worried about is that maybe the plastic would break, but I haven't heard of that happening very much.
which one? - 6/01/08 reply

well, i play middie, and i was wondering if i should get these or the k18 ap, do these slow down my shots or anything, thats the main reason why im wondering if i should get these or the k18 ap's
(no subject) - 6/08/08 reply

I haven't heard of arm pads slowing down shots, but I guess they can. these arm guards are just as flexible as your arms, and offer a ton of protection, so I'd go for these because they have more protection and are just as flexible.
(no subject) - 6/08/08 reply

I haven't heard of arm pads slowing down shots, but I guess they can. these arm guards are just as flexible as your arms, and offer a ton of protection, so I'd go for these because they have more protection and are just as flexible.
k 18 or gait idenity - 6/01/08 reply

nice - 6/01/08 reply

these pads are sooo nice. they have little grippy things inside of them that keep them from sliding down your arm. and the hard plastic on the outside protects like its a piece of metal. they are light and are not bulky at all. i really don't have anything bad to say about these just get em'
?????? - 5/31/08 reply

do these offer more protection than the G22
these or the brine supercrosse - 5/30/08 reply

which arm guards are better for attack? for the brines, i'm talking about the bigger ones/the arm guards.
welll - 5/31/08 reply

i think these are beter then the pros but the ones that come in light blue only are really good for the price and you save alot of money and the maverick dynasty mids which i have are really good for the price too
These - 6/01/08 reply

Are these good HELP - 5/29/08 reply

I'm looking into getting these but i dont want to spend my money on something not worth the cash.
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