STX Proton Power 2 C-Channel

2 Proton Power 2 C-Channel
2 Proton Power 2 C-Channel
2 Proton Power 2 C-Channel
2 Proton Power 2 C-Channel
STX Proton Power 2 C-Channel Lacrosse Heads
east coast mesh
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black pro strung
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forest green
east coast mesh
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forest green
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neon green
east coast mesh
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neon green pro strung
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royal blue
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  • The STX Proton Power C Channel features strategic use of STX's C-Channel technology provides more strength and stability at the lower section of the head without adding weight.

    STX's scalloped design allows for extra flex when shooting, providing max power and snap.

    STX's island ball-stop reduces weight at throat.

    Features STX Forward Cant technology
The Proton Power with C-Channel technology is a great addition to the line up and a must have weapon for every goal scorer. The highly anticipated best offensive head of all time is finally here and flying off the shelves. Stiffer plastic equals faster shots. If this was a sniper before... it's now more deadly than ever. This is a upgrade to the best selling head of all time !!!
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super power plus - 4/13/15 reply

has anyone seen the new super power plus
Super power plus - 7/24/15 reply

If u are looking for a super power or proton power definitely go with the super power plus
Proton Power or Surgeon - 4/13/15 reply

For attack/middie but mostly middie should I get the proton power or surgeon
Snowflake - 7/31/15 reply

Honestly get the proton for mid feild but for attack go with the surgeon (personally though I like the proton for attack)
proton power 2 ecm - 1/10/15 reply

What's the best type of pocket for a proton power 2 with ecm. (For a middie)
Mid/Mid-High - 2/25/15 reply

Look up ECD's tutorial for either the mid or mid high pocket, it works great for the face shape of the head. It has great hold and a good amount of whip, I definitely recommend.
Marcus - 7/31/15 reply

I have this head and strung it with ecm and found that a mid low pocket works best
pp - 1/10/15 reply

which one - 12/17/14 reply

Proton power c channel or maverick optik
(no subject) - 8/15/14 reply

What's the difference between this one and the old one?
(no subject) - 9/26/14 reply

this one has c channel technology and it looks like it has more stringing holes
Good for attackmen - 7/29/14 reply

I play attack and this has been one of my favorite heads that I own along with the metrik. if you arent taking faceoffs this is a great head for middie as well. if your looking for good FO heads there are way better.
FO - 6/07/14 reply

this head would be better for faceoff due to the c-channel which allows it to maintain its shape and durability longer than the original or heads without the c-channel
(no subject) - 6/12/14 reply

This head doesn't flex
HELP - 5/31/14 reply

Is this head good for middie? Short stick or long?
HELP! - 6/24/14 reply

I just got this head with the gait ice, it is a very good head for a non face off middie like me. I use a short pole.
(no subject) - 7/29/14 reply

I just got this on a gait ice too its awesome! and really light
this or clutch elite - 5/25/14 reply

I am wondering if I should get this or the clutch elite for faceoffs next season?
clutch - 8/31/14 reply

Nothing beats the clutch in face offs.
Blade pro - 11/04/14 reply

If you do face offs you should get the blade pro.
east coast mesh - 4/16/14 reply

what is the east coast mesh?
(no subject) - 5/21/14 reply

east coast mesh is a waxed, weather resistant mesh. easy to string too. It is better than regular hard or soft mesh
Pinch - 4/13/14 reply

I have blade pot now but it's starting to warp, I need a head with a good pinch for my faceoffs should I get this one of a noZ
Proton Power - 4/05/14 reply

Is it really worth the extra $40 for this, or should I just get the regular Proton Power fro $50
(no subject) - 4/08/14 reply

It is worth it!
Which? - 3/26/14 reply

I play attack, should I get this, super power, clutch or ceo?
best - 11/23/13 reply

so stiff, its like the hammer but in a attack head. I'm surprised how light it is to.
This or brine clutch 3 - 10/07/13 reply

This or brine clutch 3
Best attack head! - 9/23/13 reply

This head will make you the best attackmen in you state and here is why!!!
(no subject) - 9/16/13 reply

is it really stiff or a bit stiff
(no subject) - 10/05/13 reply

really stiff when you get it but once you break it in its not as bad
(no subject) - 7/27/13 reply

for mid/attack this rabil x hs or warrior evo 4 hs ?? hellp
(no subject) - 10/05/13 reply

faceoff - 6/11/13 reply

great faceoff head
(no subject) - 5/27/13 reply

this or evo4 for attakc
this or surgeon - 5/12/13 reply

for attack?
This or surgeon? - 5/04/13 reply

I need a new head. Should I get this or the surgeon for attack?
(no subject) - 7/02/13 reply

Surgeon - 8/14/13 reply

Hey I was wondering is the Surgeon good for a face off midfielder? I've been thinking about this head for a while but don't know if its a good faceoff head. Stiff or flexible
(no subject) - 3/10/14 reply

nope not a good face-off head
Needs more colors! - 5/03/13 reply

White is great, but as soon as this comes out in navy, I'm ordering it!
(no subject) - 4/14/13 reply

Face offs are possible on it if you're not 10 years old. I just bought it so when I play a couple games with it I'll compare it to the old one and a Lakota
(no subject) - 4/06/13 reply

(no subject) - 4/06/13 reply

this of the surgeon for attack
(no subject) - 4/03/13 reply

(no subject) - 4/03/13 reply

I play face off kiddie should i get this or brine clutch elite or brine clutch super light
(no subject) - 4/04/13 reply

no dont use this head for faceoffs because its to stiff
(no subject) - 5/26/13 reply

Idiot.... all heads soften up after some use.. they are always stiff when their brand new
(no subject) - 8/09/15 reply

Not all heads are super stiff brand new. And when broken in some heads get really flexy some dont
(no subject) - 7/17/13 reply

Definetly this my Friend had both of those heads and they'll snap on faceoffs
lsm - 3/28/13 reply

what is the best head for lsm
(no subject) - 4/27/13 reply

I use the stx stallion, it's been working pretty well since 2012 summer
Which one... - 3/26/13 reply

This or the Nike Lakota ???
this one - 3/30/13 reply

(no subject) - 3/24/13 reply

does anybody know if i can get this head strung on this website with eastcoastmesh?
AMAZING - 3/20/13 reply

This head is absolutely flawless. I would choose this head over anything. It could come in more colors though.
(no subject) - 3/24/13 reply

can i get this head strung on this website with 15mm east coast mesh? ive heard that mesh is really good
Pattern - 3/19/13 reply

Anyone have a good mid pocket pattern they can help me out with?
pattern - 3/25/13 reply

start second hole interlock, interlock,(make it tight),skip, knot, double, single, single, interlock, knot.
Defense - 3/17/13 reply

Is this a good defensive head? If not, what is your recommendations?
(no subject) - 3/19/13 reply

It all depends on how you like to play. I play LSM and I have the proton power and it works fine for me.
Dye - 3/10/13 reply

When is it available in different colors?
sick - 3/10/13 reply

ive had a lakota, superpower, stallion, and surgeon, and this head has by far the best feel for faceoffs, passing and shooting. super durable, does not warp, and is a crazy light sniper. Strung with east coast dyes
(no subject) - 3/12/13 reply

What kind of pocket do you use?
pocket - 3/12/13 reply

mid-high. i just triple alittle bit above mid point of the head.
I got it - 3/06/13 reply

I got it March 1st with soft wax mesh for my LSM and its sick takes great face offs its light, durable and has the best feel ever get it, its amazing
(no subject) - 3/02/13 reply

this is pretty sick
pp2 - 3/02/13 reply

Is it nice?
Bought It. - 3/01/13 reply

Just Bought It.
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