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2 Stallion HD Shoulder Pads
2 Stallion HD Shoulder Pads
STX Stallion HD Shoulder Pads Lacrosse Shoulder Pads
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  • The New Fit System allows for a snug fit, letting a player to maintain natural, unhindered movement.

    HIGH DEF Polymer combined with a breathable mesh liner, promote both staying dry on the field and keeping your equipment smelling fresh off the field.

    Remove or adjust the bicep pad to achieve maximum comfort.

    For increased movement this pad also sports a removable Air Zone.

Big time successor to the best selling Assault line. Extended back and stomach protection for advanced offensive players. This will rocket to the top of the best sellers list just like the assault.

This is basically soft exoskeleton protection chosen by the best collegiate players in the nation. Check the big dogs on TV and see who is wearing what... these are the best for sure.
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(no subject) - 8/02/15 reply

You could almost use these for goalie. Wow.
Sizing - 7/18/15 reply

My son is 11 years old, 57 inches tall and 69 pounds. What size chest protector should I get him.
(no subject) - 8/02/15 reply

Small. Definitely not xsmall
Sizing?? - 6/09/15 reply

Hey guys I'm 5'8 and around 150-155 and could anyone tell me what I shoukd get? M or L?
(no subject) - 8/02/15 reply

Help Sizing PLEASE RESPOND - 2/28/15 reply

hi im 13 and growing im about 95 pounds and 5'2 and play elite game play. i need help sizing .. please help
(no subject) - 6/09/15 reply

I'd probably get a medium in your situation
Sizing - 2/02/15 reply

I am a 6' 4" 220lb middie. Waist 36", Chest 46". The XL is too tight across my lower rib cage and restricts my breathing. I have to play with one side unfastened which sux. I intend to extend the buckle strap across the back after the winter season because I do overall like the pads... But what a pain!!!
Sizing - 12/02/14 reply

My son (13) needs new shoulder pads. He's 5'8" and 125 pounds. Plays all positions except Goalie. Looking at these pads (M or L) or Nike Vipor for xmas. Anyone care to weigh in? Truth is ... I can't really tell the difference between all the choices. He also needs some new arm protection, so I'll take any suggestions there too?
Incredible - 4/26/14 reply

These shoulder pads are awesome. These will run all the way down to ur mid abdomen. They have awesome protection with the HD polymer. They also don't stink up the the liner and are very light. I would recommend these for attackmen. Overall these are well worth every penny.
Stallions - 3/16/14 reply

i just got these and they are so light but still have a ton of protection without the bulk. they have a new strapping system and there are a couple of different ways to strap them on over all these are a 10 out of 10 shoulder pads
best pads - 1/23/14 reply

i have these and they are amazing thy move with your body and not too bulky they feel great after a game or too and they are the best shoulder pads
????? - 11/23/13 reply

do the shoulder caps flap un and down, cause I hate that
They're the same - 10/19/13 reply

Same thing as the stx assault shoulder pads but black with built in rib pads it looks like. They're probably great with the shoulder caps cut off
First - 10/05/13 reply

These go really low.
yeah - 11/16/13 reply

holy crap this could've gone unsaid FLGoalie
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