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  • The STX Stinger features wraparound protection for forearm, elbow and bicep. Includes a high impact PE elbow cap for excellent protection. Contoured for maximum coverage with minimum bulk. Durable polyester construction for multi-season play. EVA foam in key areas. Lycra sleeve with adjustable strap. Super soft lining.
The Stinger Arm Pad is a best seller for youth and starter players. Offering plenty of protection for those who are in their first or second year of play, these pads are durable and comfy. At $25 there is no better value for a season or two of starter play.
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terrable - 12/11/14 reply

I had these and they would always slide down my elbow then I would get hit in the elbow and it would still hurt. These are 20$ go buy the stx cell 2 for 25. I got the cell 2 and they are amazing
Protection at zero - 2/06/13 reply

Worst protection imaginable.... Very light and flexible
(no subject) - 4/09/12 reply

the arm pads are good but i wish they were more flexible.
Review:4 *'s - 3/25/12 reply

Good protection but a little uncomfortable and heavy. Overall good protection, but i would have liked it if they were lighter.
Dumb - 11/04/10 reply

u guys r dumb as hell these actually arent that bad they are pretty flexiable and protect me just fine and ive had these for 3 years shur they arent the best but they arent bad
Ehhhh - 5/18/10 reply

i had these pads for 4 years and i switched to the full length version of these because someone stole mine (blessing for me). The problem i constantly had with these were that they kept sliding down my arm even if it was tighten all the way and usually depending if you know how to avoid checks to the arm, due to its shortness you usually got checked below the shoulder but above the pad. You'll have decent mobility but its just not worth it because you''ll spend more time adjusting it than it will protect what little flesh you will have left after a season with these. The full length version is great for protection and mobility but just look so ugly. im changing my arm pads soon. any suggestions?
bad - 4/22/10 reply

these are terible no affense to the stx company but they could have made better pads. i constintly have to ice my arm after practices and games just because how bad they are.
(no subject) - 4/12/10 reply

these are not good pads, the vellcrow or however u spell it kept coming off aftr a while, if ur a young kid they slip off really easily. so i really don not recomened these pads at all, sorry kids
NOOOOOOOO - 3/08/09 reply

these are terrible. the actual guard on your elbow is alright but the rest of the guard is soft material
(no subject) - 3/16/09 reply

protection should be a 1.1
(no subject) - 2/08/09 reply

really comfortable
50-50 - 11/23/08 reply

they have good protection, but they have like no flexibility
pretty sick - 5/12/08 reply

these pads are pretty nice, i have them and love 'em. they are a little thin though, so i wouldnt get them if u cant take a nice whack
pretty good - 3/16/08 reply

These pads are okay. They are really comfortable but they kind of limit movement because on me they always move to my forearms and i dont really like it like that
great - 3/10/08 reply

If your going for comfort buy these but if your scared of getting hit with a stick then dont
HELP!!!!!! - 2/19/08 reply

are these good for D!?!?!?!!!!
Yes - 2/29/08 reply

I have them and i play attack and they work great!!!!
DON'T BUY - 7/23/07 reply

These don't do much, protection wise; they are comfey though. Expect bruises after every game.
comfort over protection - 2/23/07 reply

they are very comfortable and are not resticting at all but you sacrifice protection. they're good if you don't mind cuts and bruises
Which starter kit?!?!?!?!?!?!? - 7/14/06 reply

Im getting the starter kit and was wondering which kit is the best overall for a First year highschool freshman playing midde ,warrior stx or brine? i already have the Stinger Lg gloves from Stx
get stx but buy diff. stick - 10/12/06 reply

you dont want an aluminum shaft for high school go witheither a db803 or zirconium shaft their pretty cheap and bionic head or triron
amazing - 4/21/06 reply

if you dont mind sacrificing a little protection for comfort these are great. At 20 dollars these are better than a lot of other arm pads that are 50-70 dollars
So comfortable! - 4/12/06 reply

these are the most comfortable arm pads ever. I play at Bridgton Academy, PG School and we play a lot of college teams and big prep schools and I use these and they are nasty! Cheap in price too!
sure... - 5/15/06 reply

they are good if ur playing, like, middle school. i have these too and i think they suckkkkk. i always get bruises up and down my arms. these are flat out beginner pads.
Get the job done - 2/25/06 reply

inexpensive and comfortable not best if you are worried about a few bumps and scrapes but if you dont mind they will work just fine
Don't Fit great - 2/12/06 reply

They seem to slide down my arm when I wear them but they are made out of very comfortable fabric!
ur dumb - 3/02/06 reply

The pads dont fit you cause ther to big for ur small biceps
hmm - 4/21/06 reply

try getting a smaller size, because mine fit pretty good
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