hard mesh
  • The STX Surgeon features ACP (All Climate Performance) technology that maintains head shape and form regardless of climate. Pointed and stiffer scoop provides quicker release and pin-point accuracy. Longer, contoured throat for enhanced control when cradling. Strategically placed stringing holes make stringing the desired pocket simple and effective.
As the name implies, the STX Surgeon is designed for the elite attackman who demands precision and control. The STX Surgeon features ACP technology, a V-Shaped scoop, and pinched throat that provides the perfect mix of durability, accuracy, and ball control. The Surgeon is a premium item, that is quickly rising among our best sellers.
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(no subject) - 12/17/14 reply

Dang, I remember when these were $94
Head Defensive - 11/02/14 reply

I already have this head for a shorty and i love it. Would this also work on a d-pole??
(no subject) - 11/03/14 reply

no it wont, it is too pinched, and too stiff. I know you want a stiff head, but this is more of an offensive head. It is also not an advanced head.
(no subject) - 11/04/14 reply

I disagree I use this head on defense and it does great.
Head - 11/02/14 reply

great head but the stringing that comes with it is disgusting. string it yourself or have someone else do it
surgeon - 10/27/14 reply

This head is really nice and I have two and they haven't snapped. This head is one of the stiffest heads out there so if your able to warp and snap this head, you must have hit it really bad. Although its quite heavy with the ACP and stiffness.
(no subject) - 10/29/14 reply

it cracks or breaks because it is so stiff. the weak spot is in the throat, that is where it tends to snap.
Head - 10/13/14 reply

This or Nike CEO
(no subject) - 10/14/14 reply

nike ceo. It is an overall versatile head, great for face offs, great for attack and can really snipe. CEO is an advanced head. Surgeon tends to snap and crack easy.
dont buy - 9/30/14 reply

dont waste your money on this head. Mine broke the second week i had it, and i bought another, and it cracked again in a month. Both times it cracked in the throat. Dont waste your money.
(no subject) - 9/25/14 reply

Wy did this head go discontinued
(no subject) - 9/25/14 reply

the neon green one
Discontiuation - 9/25/14 reply

They discontinued this head because they're making 3 different types of this head. The 100, the 300, and the 500 and they're based on levels of play. 100 being the lowest level, 500 being the highest
(no subject) - 10/23/14 reply

Because they made the new one
Stringing? - 9/14/14 reply

How hard is it to string cause I just ordered a black one
(no subject) - 9/14/14 reply

Why didnt you just order one already strung?....
(no subject) - 9/25/14 reply

Because it's not strung to one specific person's preference. I'd rather string a stick myself then get one pre-strung.
(no subject) - 9/15/14 reply

It doesn't have much stringing holes, but it is good for a simple beginner stringing. This head is a good beginner/intermediate head, not for advanced level of play.
stringing - 9/22/14 reply

its not very hard just burn the sidewall good.There are good patterns on youtube for high pockets if thats what your in to
Weight - 9/11/14 reply

How heavy is this head?
(no subject) - 9/11/14 reply

it is pretty heavy. because it is stiff.
Strung - 9/09/14 reply

Is it the same head if it comes strung with hard mesh? It looks a little different in the photo.
(no subject) - 9/09/14 reply

I bought this head brand new and I used it for three 1 1/2 hour practices, and on my second game I picked up a ground ball and got checked and the throat cracked in two places, making it useless. Waste of time and money.
(no subject) - 9/09/14 reply

Kinda mad that i bought a neon green one and the next day it drops price and gets more in stock but its a solid head. Should be very easy to string
(no subject) - 9/09/14 reply

Lmao same thing happened to me I'm gunna get another one now
DONT DO IT - 9/09/14 reply

Bought this head for fall ball last season for college. Used it for 1 week of practice, then in our first game it shattered at the throat rendering it useless and a waste of money. Everyone I know who has used this head has had the same problem. Just throwing this out there
Beginners? - 9/05/14 reply

Im gonna be buying my first stick to play in hs. I dont know much but is this a good head for beginners?
(no subject) - 9/05/14 reply

There are beginner heads, but this is a better head but an awesome deal. Doesn't really matter about if the head is a begginer or not but this deal is a steal so i say get it
Yes - 9/07/14 reply

what he said^ go for it
(no subject) - 8/20/14 reply

does this head fit the warrior krypto 2012
Faceoff head - 7/16/14 reply

This or the noz for a middle faceoff, but not fogo
(no subject) - 8/01/14 reply

surgeon - 5/25/14 reply

This or proton power 2 for faceoffs
(no subject) - 6/19/14 reply

neither. superpower
(no subject) - 6/20/14 reply

This guy knows^^
Great Head - 5/23/14 reply

I personally had three of this head and loved it, but after about a year of very consistent use it began to warp, so don't trust ACP entirely, but still a great head
Defense/LSM - 5/22/14 reply

Would this head be good for Defense or LSM. If not what should I get
Whats the difference? - 5/05/14 reply

Whats the difference between the surgeon and surgeon 10?
(no subject) - 5/06/14 reply

Surgeon 10 is NCAA legal so it is less pinched and is not legal for hs or pro but the normal surgeon is hs and pro legal but not college legal
(no subject) - 6/23/14 reply

Surgeon 10 is NCAA legal only
lakota or surgeon - 4/28/14 reply

I play middie and i don't take face. I like to rip and snipe when i can so i wanted to know whats better surgeon or a lakota
lakota - 8/06/14 reply

lakota for life
(no subject) - 4/25/14 reply

wil this fit on the Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond??
lakota or surgeon - 2/15/14 reply

a friend offered me his surgeon for 65$ and i like the lakota but it might be illegal for high school next year what's better lakota or surgeon
Surgeon and lakota - 3/01/14 reply

it depends on what position you are playing the surgeon is good for wings while the lakota is ggod for face off and X
(no subject) - 3/24/14 reply

Are you crazy? That's not even close the Surgeon is wayyyyy better, if you're attack.
LACROSEEE - 12/17/13 reply

Wassup dudes. So i play middie but i like to play attack to and i tend to rip a few from outside every once and a while in a game. I like a nice mid/high pocket. Would you think a brin clutch 3 or a surgeon would be right for me?
Clutch Elite - 1/08/14 reply

The clutch elite is a much better choice for a midfielder. I use it personally, and if you take care of it, it won't warp. Don't leave it in your gear bag when you're done and don't take faceoffs when it's really hot outside. Its got a tiny bit of flex which is always good, whereas the surgeon has absolutely no flex at all. I'd use the surgeon for Attack and Attack only; for quick feeds and quicksticks.
(no subject) - 2/17/14 reply

If you like mid/high pocket go with this pockets come out pretty clean and just the way u string it
(no subject) - 10/21/13 reply

love this head!!! but not for face-off men, bad for working on crease
(no subject) - 8/25/13 reply

This or a brine clutch elite
not the clutch elite - 10/11/13 reply

My clutch elite warped and now it's unusable because it bends on every ground ball. I'm thinking about getting the surgeon for the upcoming season if you want a clutch maybe try the clutch 3
? - 9/09/14 reply

If you have a problem with ground balls you probably aren't getting your backhand low enough trust me I also have the clutch elite.
Face-off? - 8/12/13 reply

Is this a good head for face offs?
Yes - 5/18/14 reply

The best face off person on our team has a surgeon and he doesn't even play midfield, I think that says something about the head
surgeon or stallion - 8/01/13 reply

i play mid and dont take face-offs would the surgeon be too slim? which is all around better?
lakota or surgeon - 7/29/13 reply

i play mid i dont take faceoffs i play year round at an elite level
(no subject) - 7/31/13 reply

Surgeon the lakota warps too easy
Lakota or surgeon - 7/22/13 reply

I mostly play attack but there is times I'll play mid field which is better
Surgeon or Super power - 7/11/13 reply

I play mid and normally don't face this or super power
(no subject) - 6/05/13 reply

This or Stallion for attack?
Surgeon - 6/13/13 reply

For sure get the Surgeon, the stallion is a midfield head.
(no subject) - 7/05/13 reply

Get this head very good
(no subject) - 7/20/13 reply

stallion - 2/22/14 reply

I would use the stallion because its just a better head. its also a stick made for attack even though many people think its for mid. I like it more too.
Surgeon or CEO - 5/21/13 reply

which one is better for an attack who shoots a lot?
defence - 5/18/13 reply

is this head god for defense need to know soon
(no subject) - 5/28/13 reply

Yes but only if you like stiff heads with a lot of pinch...
(no subject) - 5/07/13 reply

Will this fit on the new Warrior Rabil Dolo Diamond shaft? Need response!
(no subject) - 5/14/13 reply

yea, i have a surgeon on a diamond. you just have to wiggle it to get it on at first and drill another hole for the screw
This or proton power? - 5/04/13 reply

I need a new head. Should I get this or the proton power for attack?
(no subject) - 5/16/13 reply

definitely this
Surgeon or Stallion - 5/02/13 reply

I play d-fence but I don't normally use the d heads that people say are good for d sticks and I am used to using attack head and middie heads. Which one do you think would be better
(no subject) - 5/04/13 reply

The Stallion is wider and stiffer the Surgeon is slimmer and more flexible
(no subject) - 5/06/13 reply

I had a surgeon for d and after 8 months it snapped where the sidewall joins the throat. if you do get this then don't bend it back after it gets warped. the ACP will make it go back to its normal shape later
(no subject) - 4/23/13 reply

if you need a head for face offs M80 X
Surgeon or sceptre7 - 4/20/13 reply

For those of you who know about tribe7s sceptre7, would it be a good faceoff head? I got the surgeon and love it but am paranoid about using it for face. ( yes, im a faceoff middie) am i screwed with using the surgeon? And should i get the sceptre?
(no subject) - 4/18/13 reply

surgeon if you play attack a lot, but stallions good
ADVICE - 3/27/13 reply

Should I get the Stallion or the Surgeon. I play attack and sometimes middie.
Surgeon - 3/28/13 reply

Surgeon for attack, Stallion for middie. My favorite attack head is the Warrior Cobra though, very similar to the Surgeon.
stx surgeon - 3/13/13 reply

i had this head for 2 months and never played a game, only practice. the spine cracked when i lightly checked someone. its also way to stiff
(no subject) - 3/26/13 reply

cool story shut up
Sergeon - 3/13/13 reply

surgeon or ceo - 2/25/13 reply

which is a better attack head? surgeon or ceo
Sidewall Pattern - 2/03/13 reply

does anyone have a good sidewall pattern for a mid pocket on this head?
(no subject) - 2/03/13 reply

Check eastcoastdyes on YouTube
(no subject) - 12/20/12 reply

would this head fit on a Warrior Kryptolyte 2012
(no subject) - 12/14/12 reply

whats the best head out there for an attackmen that is an outside shooter
(no subject) - 4/13/13 reply

Evo 3 Cobra clutch surgeon super power
(no subject) - 12/13/12 reply

this or stallion please reply quick need answer
(no subject) - 1/03/13 reply

best head out there - 12/01/12 reply

this is the best head ive ever used. it has a nice pinch so you can play attack, easily stiff enough for d, and light enough for middie. it isnt the lightest, but if its too heavy then you should probably quit lacrosse. the only thing its not good for is faceoffs, because its too stiff.
(no subject) - 11/18/12 reply

What is more pinched surgeon of CEO
(no subject) - 11/20/12 reply

I'm pretty sure the surgeon is because the CEO is NCAA legal
(no subject) - 11/13/12 reply

Super power but this is a great head
Review - 11/11/12 reply

OVERALL: I used this head for about 6 months and I must say... this is my FAVORITE head I have ever used. It went through a ton of tournaments this summer and a lot of games/practices. The way it flares aggressively at the top and the pinch to this head makes it harder to catch, although after you get used to it it provides a massive advantage. It is a bit hard to string due to minimal sidewall holes, but there are great patterns out there for this head. FACEOFFS: I know you wouldn't consider this as a faceoff head, but I used it for faceoffs on the occasion and found it great. It never, as a matter of fact it doesn't even bend haha. If can clamp fast enough the head is so stiff and strong the opponent won't be able to do anything. PLEASE READ: I have noticed that there are 2 versions of this head. My friend got one pretty recently and his is one piece at the bottom of the head were mine is 2. This is why it broke so easily (mine broke in 5 places lol). The bottom part was fragile but they fixed this in the new design. OVERALL THIS HEAD IS GREAT
attack - 11/10/12 reply

this or superpower
Attack - 11/22/12 reply

Thats What i want to know
defense - 9/07/12 reply

this head is honestly good for defense. i love it, its stiff, but only get it if you like d heads that have a pinch.
(no subject) - 8/15/12 reply

this or super power im leaning toward superpower
(no subject) - 8/13/12 reply

this is easy to snap
lax - 7/31/12 reply

this or encore x super light
Braking - 7/30/12 reply

Is this head fragileI keep hearing stories about people breaking it how long will it last
ninjas - 8/01/12 reply

yes ut is fragile it is also VERY stiff
Head - 7/29/12 reply

Surgeon, stallion, s power, or m80 for attack?
surgeon review - 7/12/12 reply

this head has a very good shape, but it is VERY heavy. the acp doesnt really work at all i bent it and it warped soo bad. get the stallion.
surgeon or m80 - 6/30/12 reply

Attack/ Middie - 6/26/12 reply

What should I get if I'm an attack/ middie: Stallion, Super Power, or the surgeon? Need to know fast! Thanks
(no subject) - 7/09/12 reply

stallion, its light, decent pinch, and great for face
(no subject) - 6/18/12 reply

unionville#43 your retarded the surgeon 10 is illegal for u13
Attack - 6/12/12 reply

which head is best for attack: Evo3, Proton power, or Surgeon
Edge vs revolver defense - 6/08/12 reply

I need a new head my my d-stick. I don't like the wide fat heads I kind of like the narrower necks like the Evo 2.0 neck is perfect for me. Which head has a wider top for ground balls and which is more durable? Please help
Defense head - 6/07/12 reply

Ok I need a new defensive head. I made the wrong choice with getting a warrior kryptolyte d-pole dents like crazy totally regret it..... But not my head broke and I can't find any good strong stiff heads. I don't like wide heads. Like for me I like the Evo 2.0 width maybe a little bigger but that's max the min is a proton width. I can't find any new good heads out there. Please help
attack - 6/03/12 reply

Hello, can someone help me im looking for a good head that will not break but yet is still very good on scoops how is this head? if not please reply with good heads
(no subject) - 5/30/12 reply

this head is heavy and two of my friends have cracked theirs get the Stallion
WORLD - 5/23/12 reply

(no subject) - 5/23/12 reply

(no subject) - 5/19/12 reply

i meant surgeon for d
weight/ stiffness - 5/19/12 reply

reccomend it more for d because of the stiffness. this head is impossible to warp unless your f*cking around. sstallion is made for a facoff middie. stallion mid, surgeon attack, and something else like a super power for attack
(no subject) - 5/19/12 reply

Mine shattered at the bottom from a slap check it lasted half a season
defense - 5/17/12 reply

People say that this is not good for defense. They are incorrect. I have this in black on a easton stealth scandium plus longpole and i play lsm and close d and it does not warp at all on hard pokechecks. I actually recommend it for d if you are experienced.
attack - 5/09/12 reply

i play attack and want to know if this would be a good head
yes - 5/10/12 reply

yes it would be great also with a high pocket
(no subject) - 5/07/12 reply

the stallion is a middy/atack head sod poles dont get this or the stallion
THIS OR SUPER POWER - 5/05/12 reply

Help. Porfavor.
THIS OR SUPER POWER - 5/07/12 reply

get the super power, it is one of the absolute best heads i have ever played with and has great flex while shooting/passing
(no subject) - 4/30/12 reply

should i get this or the m80x i play middie
help - 4/29/12 reply

what is the best head for attack?????
(no subject) - 4/25/12 reply

Are these heads from here factory dyed or no?
yes - 4/26/12 reply

I need help - 4/22/12 reply

can u dye a red head green????
(no subject) - 5/08/12 reply

try dying it white first
(no subject) - 5/14/12 reply

how can u dye it white
(no subject) - 5/16/12 reply

you get white dye
Which? - 4/20/12 reply

This stallion or clutch for a face of guy
stallion - 4/24/12 reply

the stalion was made for face offs
(no subject) - 4/19/12 reply

what color
(no subject) - 4/12/12 reply

this or clutchSLX
What head? - 4/08/12 reply

I play LSM and I need a head that is stiff and pretty pinched. What head should I get?
Surgeon vs Stallion - 4/04/12 reply

Should I get this or a stallion for def. I already have a stallion though. Any opinion.
Surgeon vs stallion - 4/04/12 reply

I play defense, have a stallion should I get the surgeon or another stallion
(no subject) - 4/05/12 reply

this head is not for defense it is much more an attack head i would get the x10 if your going to spend that kind of money
? - 4/03/12 reply

is this as pinched at the Pp and any good for someone playing mid/attack?
which one - 4/01/12 reply

im a middie and cant decide between this or surgeon. Any ideas?
oops - 4/01/12 reply

i mean i cant decide between this or the stallion
Surgeon or M80 - 3/23/12 reply

Should I get the surgeon or m80x for defense??
good first impressions - 3/19/12 reply

can string a lot of different styled pockets, and i can string my usual one. very stiff for gb's and has good ball feel. great shape too.
(no subject) - 3/18/12 reply

i am selling this head for $55 only used it about 10 times looks brand new
selling - 3/18/12 reply

why selling it? Did you like it?
ill buy - 3/22/12 reply

bro ill buy it off u if you're still selling it
Retail Price: $94.99
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