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  • The STX X10 is the hottest D pole head in the game... period!

    Compliant for NCAA and NFHS play.

    Signature STX trestle sidewall provides extra stiffness and durability.

    10% stiffer than the Xcalibur.

    Additional stringing holes for easier stringing.
When it comes to the STX X10, the sidewall is the key on this defensive head, as STX specifically designed it for maximum stiffness, but to deliver smashing pokes and slap checks. The X-10 shines in all aspects, from its customizable pocket, stringing holes and its rugged durability. Defensemen who have purchased this head have raved about it, calling it the “ultimate” defensive head on the market, and we are inclined to agree. One of the best we have to offer, you will see this head on the top of every D-pole shaft on the elite collegiate level.
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do buy - 2/26/15 reply

not sure what the other guy is talking about but I've had this head for three years and the only time its ever lost stiffness is when i left it out in extreme heat. good head, gonna get another for my backup.
DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!! - 8/10/14 reply

This head is absolutely horrid. It stays stiff for a week, maybe not even, and then it basically turns into puddy. It also warps really bad from poke checks. I used this for one season before I replaced it. One good thing about it though is that it is very durable, meaning it will not break, not necessarily remain stiff. If your looking for a good, cheap defensive head, go look at the brine edge.
(no subject) - 7/03/14 reply

Does this fit on the Nike vandal
(no subject) - 2/07/14 reply

The scoop on this is angled perfectly and keeps that angle throughout the scoop
(no subject) - 8/02/13 reply

I play lsm and this was a great head its greAt for lsm but the stiffness wears out like in a season but its great for beginners
. - 6/22/13 reply

I would recommend this for any position especailly attack
Sucky head - 6/13/13 reply

It is way to much I played 5 games and it warped beyond use I wasted 80 bucks on a head that is crap
Sucky head - 6/13/13 reply

It is way to much I played 5 games and it warped beyond use I wasted 80 bucks on a head that is crap
(no subject) - 5/03/13 reply

Get the hammer my x10 just broke and it haven't even been a full season
(no subject) - 6/20/13 reply

x10s suck
Good - 11/23/12 reply

I really liked this head but STX came out with the Hammer which is way stiffer and doesn't warp like this one does so get the HAMMER
Great head - 11/11/12 reply

I love this head. I have had it for about 3 months and it is amazing. Best defensive head out there. I would highly recommend it
(no subject) - 10/14/12 reply

on a scale of 1 to 10 can anyone tell me how stiff this head is because I was considering on buying it then pinching it
stiff - 11/05/12 reply

had 4 of these they r very stiff. Probally not the best idea to pinch
(no subject) - 5/08/13 reply

i pinched mine just fine. it works great and i love it
X10 - 9/10/12 reply

Ok so i play defense and this is the best head for defense. It throws great and you can get a great string job off of it. I would recommend this head to anyone. But especially for defense.
attack - 8/27/12 reply

ive been seeing alot of people using this for attack. would it be any good for it?
(no subject) - 10/15/12 reply

It is the sickest head in the world. period. im an attackman and i rock a royal blue one
(no subject) - 8/14/12 reply

Alright I'm a goalie and my head is bent pretty bad so it will break soon I mostly use for warm ups should I get this head
(no subject) - 7/17/12 reply

I think the edge and stallion are better for lsm
(no subject) - 6/22/12 reply

would this be good with the sabre d-poll 4 lsm and d? Would u recomend something else.
(no subject) - 8/25/12 reply

This head is best for a close deffenseman. The head has hardly any give to it and for an LSM you might like your head to bend a little. This one does not move at all.
(no subject) - 6/16/12 reply

x10's are better for d than lsm. for lsm id recommend an evo ti x
(no subject) - 10/07/14 reply

or the stallion
For D? - 5/23/12 reply

This, the X2, or the Xcalibur?
Bends - 5/17/12 reply

This head is very stiff to start with but as a season goes on the head becomes weaker. I started in a small winter league and I bent the X10 and it started to warp after the first couple poke checks. I use now for LSM because it is flexible but can still be used for good slap checks and tomahawks. If you are looking for a close in D head don't get this get the other model called an X2 it is thicker and stays stiff much longer and is the same price. This head isn't as reliable as people say all players on my team who have them have started to warp their's and bend them.
(no subject) - 5/23/12 reply

thats what all heads do man...
LSM? - 5/15/12 reply

best lsm head: stallion, evo 3, x10, or anything better?
(no subject) - 5/19/12 reply

x 10 isnt good at all for lsm, but the lakota, surgeon, and super power my top 3 for lsm
x10 - 5/14/12 reply

This head isn't really that good because all of the defense cause this head breaks really easily and it warps to the side a lot. One of the d-poles on my team broke one in like 2 games.
Defense - 5/08/12 reply

Which is better for close d and lsm, the stallion or x10?
x10 - 5/09/12 reply

definitely x10. The stallion is way to small for a defender and I find that the x10 releases the ball extremely accurately and far which is what you need really because you aren't going to possess the ball long and go on offense with it.
Best head for lsm? - 5/07/12 reply

I want a head that is great for lsm and good lsm d. any price.
(no subject) - 5/12/12 reply

If you play high school the Excalibur is the way to go because it's a bit more pinched than the x10. Plus if you can find a stiffi that's great for lsm.
(no subject) - 5/06/12 reply

This, Evo 3, or Stallion as an lsm head.
(no subject) - 5/13/12 reply

Bad - 4/26/12 reply

Its good d head if u don't clear the ball. No hold. It's very stiff and easy to catch with... Just no hold.
(no subject) - 4/28/12 reply

Dude you can put mad hold on any head you just have to know how to string it right
(no subject) - 5/06/12 reply

??? - 4/21/12 reply

would anyone recommend something different for defense? i need it as solid as i can get it!(;
(no subject) - 4/22/12 reply

yeah this or the proton U
(no subject) - 5/13/12 reply

i had a proton u and it flexes like a stallion that was put in an oven
(no subject) - 5/02/12 reply

I would use the Gait torque, I have two and I use them for my d'pole. You can get them for like 20 bucks on ebay, too.
(no subject) - 4/15/12 reply

My friend broke both of his x10's and his tallon beast in one week. over 400 dollars worth of equipment down the drain. It's an ok head, but it'll break after about a year.
(no subject) - 4/27/12 reply

the talon beast cant brake unless you put it through unnatural stress
(no subject) - 4/15/12 reply

If you play close defense, or LSM... get this head. You won't regret it.
(no subject) - 4/12/12 reply

this, the stallion, or the edge??? I play midde and some Long stick middie
pro strung - 4/05/12 reply

What mesh does pro strung come with
What - 4/03/12 reply

This or the super power
Hey - 4/03/12 reply

if you play middie or attack get the super power but if your a d pole get the X-10
defnse? - 4/05/12 reply

For defended this for middies or attack get the super power
(no subject) - 3/21/12 reply

im getin this or proton u on my scandium pro for my b day
(no subject) - 5/13/12 reply

look at my last post about it
(no subject) - 3/19/12 reply

good with a zirconium for lsm?
Checks - 3/09/12 reply

I poked a kid 1 time!!!!!!! And brusied his ribs!!!!!
i wouldnt - 3/08/12 reply

ive had this head for a year and its already warping super bad.. its all over the place and the hold isnt too hot either.
Edge - 1/31/12 reply

I have the edge and I play defense and sometimes lsm. If it's strung right, the edge can have a lot of hold. I've had mine since past summer and it is still very stiff.
(no subject) - 2/13/12 reply

I have an edge too, i dont prefer it. it was good for about a month. but then it became very flexible.
(no subject) - 1/19/12 reply

im doin lots of lsm but still switch over to closed and the head that i have is the proton u so im looking for somethin with good hold and still good for d is this good? and if not what else is?
(no subject) - 4/04/12 reply

lol shut up bauer, you and yo little d pole haha
dito - 1/16/12 reply

Ty313 knows what he is talking about
Worst of the worst - 1/14/12 reply

1.pain in the butt to string cuz it's insanely wide. 2. It's stiff but there are plenty of stiffer heads on the market right now. 3. Has anybody realized that it looks almost exacty like an stx starter head except with more support in the sidewalls. Go ahead and buy this head if you wanna waste your money when you can get something almost exactly the same for 20 bucks
worst head eva - 1/10/12 reply

So I go this head first of November and played only about 6 indoor games with it and it just snapped this head the weakest most horrible I ever played with! yea sure it's light but the stupid thing is so weak. I much rather play with the bionic head then this thing this head is the worst head in the history of heads! DO NOT GET THIS HEAD!!!!
(no subject) - 12/17/11 reply

this edge,or proton u, looking for the most stiffness
(no subject) - 12/26/11 reply

cannot beat edge in stiffness, i play in Florida where it's sometimes over 100 degrees and my 6 month old egde is stiffer now than my 2 month old x10 was after about 2 weeks
need to get - 11/05/11 reply

I just got this head and my D pole is almost as light as my shorty it's incredible best combination is the X10 on the ziroconium 2.
nice - 10/25/11 reply

I really need to get this head for my pole
For Sale - 10/15/11 reply

I have a brand new white X10 that still has the tags on it. I'm selling it for $65, which is $15 less than on here. Hit me up with your number or email if you want it.
Great - 10/03/11 reply

I just got this head the other day, and I used it for a fall ball game and it's awesome. Very stiff for groundballs and poke checks, and still has a little flex to it. I recommend this head form close D/lsm
THIS or EDGE - 9/29/11 reply

getting a new head, ive used this before, should i re-up on this or get the Edge
(no subject) - 10/13/11 reply

(no subject) - 9/25/11 reply

hey can any1 tell me with is better 4 d? its between this and the edge. PLEASE RESPOND!!!!
(no subject) - 9/25/11 reply

I play d and i have both and i like the x10 better, the edge is a little to wide for me and the x10 its not to pinched but not to wide and very stiff
(no subject) - 9/22/11 reply

this head was good, but it broke way to easy. i went through 3 of them in about 4 months. other than the durability issue, great head
(no subject) - 8/31/11 reply

is it good for attack
(no subject) - 9/07/11 reply

super power or professor. I use the professor and I love it. x10 is for defense mostly, but a few offensive players use it
(no subject) - 8/29/11 reply

should i get this or the xcalibur??? plz respond quick
either - 9/07/11 reply

x10 is wider so its easier to catch and all that. also if you're planning on playing college ball this head is college legal. Its a little stiffer than the xcalibur, but the excalibur is more pinched so you'll have better control. you pick
duribility - 8/12/11 reply

i broke 4 of these in a year its a great head until they warp but once that happens they snap really easily
ReddingLax23 - 7/27/11 reply

X10 all the way great head stiff and easy to play with because it is wide.
d head - 7/22/11 reply

edge or x10? please respond quickly.
(no subject) - 7/22/11 reply

x10 all the way it is way better i am a lsm and it is my favorite over the super power and evo3x
good? - 7/20/11 reply

is this head good for attack cuz someone said it was
(no subject) - 7/13/11 reply

wonder boy or swizz beat for D
(no subject) - 7/13/11 reply

wounder boy or swizzle
(no subject) - 7/09/11 reply

i have this for my d pole and a revo pro 2.0 for my lsm stick. Both are great but i have to say the x10 is a little stronger than the revo
one of 3 pick one - 7/08/11 reply

x10 or Mav juice or Revo

last fall i got a regular x10 for my dpole. a few weeks later my friend got a chrome x10. his head snapped after about 3 weeks(ONLY 3 GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) it snapped while he was poke-checking a kid!!!!!!! then in the spring, he got it replaced...... IT SNAPPED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! then like 3 weeks after that..... MINE WARPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i did everything to bend it back. i would stand and bend it, i tied it a different way and pinched it... NOTHING!!!!! I am not very impressed by the x10, but if you want to take your chances go ahead.
(no subject) - 7/22/11 reply

false sooo false
d head - 7/05/11 reply

x10, edge x, warrior evo 3, which one?
(no subject) - 7/04/11 reply

Whats better this or normal xcal?
????????????????????????????? - 6/24/11 reply

I dont know which head to get for a d-pole X10, clutch 2x (which is on my regular lacrosse stick,)or super power. if there any other heads that are better than these, tell me PLEASE, i dont care about the price by the way
(no subject) - 6/27/11 reply

x10 by a mile
(no subject) - 7/02/11 reply

Get the mohawk mission. i had a x10 and it didnt last to long before becoming to warped from pokes. the mohawk mission is a lot stiffer than the x10 and my friends who are attack hate going up against me now after i jammed the stick right in his gut. also a lot of pple
(no subject) - 7/02/11 reply

Go the extra mile and look up the Mohawk mission... its 10 times stiffer because its made with a heavier plastic. this head is suppose to last years before breaking and i've never had a problem with warping. also the head cost around $55-60 which is a deal for how durable the head is
x10 - 6/19/11 reply

i play defense and thought the x10 would hold up, but its warped so much and has become 10x's more flexible than when i first bought it
Same - 6/22/11 reply

I found the head to be super awesome until it got warped so bad that i cant play with it without getting fustrated
Which to get - 6/18/11 reply

I can't decide which head to get for defense: proton u, x10 or xcalibur, or is there anything better for 75 or under
(no subject) - 6/27/11 reply

proton u is realllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good for the price
help - 6/16/11 reply

im between this, xcalibur, proton u or clutch
Attack - 6/16/11 reply

Would this head be good for attack?
This or proton U? - 6/13/11 reply

This or proton U?
never the proton u - 6/13/11 reply

That head blows. This head is the freaking jam. I have had 2 so far and both are in perfect working condition.
(no subject) - 6/12/11 reply

if i throw a lot of poke checks and wrap checks is this a good head? and any ideas on shafts im stuck on what to get. i play closed D and lsm
(no subject) - 6/13/11 reply

great head for all of that stuff. shaft i would go with the db803 or the warrior diamond
(no subject) - 6/02/11 reply

this i stung it traditional used it as close d and loved it i used it for about 30 games now its a little soft... the edge sucks i would go with a evo3x thats what i just got or a cyber pro(my back up)
(no subject) - 6/01/11 reply

this or edge x
(no subject) - 6/06/11 reply

for defense, idont cary it up but i throw hard checks i need it to be really stiff
(no subject) - 6/27/11 reply

i find them to be pretty even, edge is really comfortable carrying the ball and has a great scoop, this is stiffer but they will both have about the same stiffness in a few weeks so its your call
HELP - 5/28/11 reply

i play lsm, should i get this or the maverik juice?
(no subject) - 5/30/11 reply

Get the juice.I had it and loved it and it Finally broke after 40 games with faceoffs
juice - 6/08/11 reply

get the juice, its stiff as hell and holds the ball muck better than this, plus its better for ground balls
lsm - 5/26/11 reply

i need help finding a good lsm head. if it helps at all i take faceoffs too...any suggestions
(no subject) - 5/30/11 reply

Get the juice.so good for d and faceoffs
NEED HELP PRONTO - 5/25/11 reply

Im tryin to decide between the X10 and Encore X i play D but take it up ALOT i need my heads to be ground ball vacuums as well as have good hold to bring the ball up
(no subject) - 5/25/11 reply

This is a great d head for about a month. Then it's trash, it gets super flexy and becomes not stiff.
BAD - 5/22/11 reply

my friend has this and its warped to the right and he cant bend it back
Lax - 5/19/11 reply

To all D This head along with the xcaliber are good. They provide a good scoop with great stifness. Downside-These will warp on u. Revo pro 2.0 is another option. The x10 is meant for ncaa rules. This weighs 5.20 oz, which is pretty lite. The xcaliber is 5 oz flat, The revo pro 2.0 is 5.30 oz.
(no subject) - 5/19/11 reply

this head sucks afta to weeks of use its so wobbly and not stiff its such a bad head
(no subject) - 5/15/11 reply

i currently own a X!0, xcalibur, gospel, revo pro and a juice, and this is probably my favorite head so far
other defense heads - 5/10/11 reply

I currently have an X10 and am looking to get a new head, any suggestions other than another X10 or an XCalibur?
Brine Edge - 5/12/11 reply

What position? - 5/16/11 reply

I like the Edge for D and the Gospel for LSM
(no subject) - 5/10/11 reply

This or the cobra for D?
(no subject) - 5/20/11 reply

Definately this, It is a ton stronger than the cobra.
(no subject) - 5/23/11 reply

Thanks, is there any defense head better than this?
(no subject) - 7/02/11 reply

mohawk mission
defense - 5/09/11 reply

this is the best defense head ever
sick head - 5/07/11 reply

i play attack, i have this on my wonderboy and it feels great
(no subject) - 5/04/11 reply

Ive had this head for about one month. When i first got it i loved it. Really open and stiff. Great for ground balls and poke check. But the heads quickly warped and lost their stiffness. Since i bought my first head a month ago ive broken two and my new one is starting to crack. All have broken in the same spot. STX really needs to fix this flaw because restringing a head every two weeks is really annoying.
(no subject) - 4/30/11 reply

this is the best head ground balla are simple ans its rly stiff
Need a Good head - 4/30/11 reply

Does anyone have a good d pole head. I poke check a lot and I need a strong head that won't bend or brake any one have any good ones
Great Head DONT GET CHROME!!!! - 4/25/11 reply

I got this head around the same time as my friend got the chrome version. He may through a few more pokes than i do but the difference is negligible. He snapped his with a poke check in indoor and then again in our outdoor league. Again great head just DONT GET CHROME VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
here... - 4/22/11 reply

My team was playing our big rival fir hs sports and i play attack, I am friends with the guy who was playing defense on me and later that week he showed me and his x10 was bent to the side from poke checks
(no subject) - 4/20/11 reply

this wider
HELP - 4/20/11 reply

i play lsm what should i get this or the brine edge???
PINCHED - 4/24/11 reply

ive been playin LSM for awhile and i love the STX revolver. get somem thats a little more pinched.
(no subject) - 4/17/11 reply

the other day i was watching the syracuse game and i saw that stephen keogh was using one of these, so just putting it out there that one of the best players in the game uses it for offense so it must not be too bad for o
HELP - 4/17/11 reply

should i get this or the professor? I'm a pole who throws a ton of poke checks so i need a head that won't warp
(no subject) - 4/19/11 reply

I play D and I was using this and went for a GB on a bad dirt field with a bunch of ruts. My head got stick between me and the ground and now it is warped to the left, but i have been bending it to the right recently and it is getting better, SO it will warp but you can fix it
DEFENSE! - 4/16/11 reply

D-POLE HEAD! end of story.
legit - 4/14/11 reply

This is by far the best d head. You will hurt kids poke checking them and gb's are simple with it
(no subject) - 4/14/11 reply

ya i saw a couple up close and they look thin and cheap, like all the d poles on my team have them, maybe thats why they cant catch or pass, i stuck my brine truth on it and was pretty good, does anyone know of any legit d pole heads?????
(no subject) - 4/25/11 reply

the warrior revo is pretty good
(no subject) - 4/13/11 reply

this head is pretty bad my friend snapped 2 in 1 game i mean it was pretty cold but not that cold they both just snapped on the sidewall
this head - 4/11/11 reply

i just went from short stick d midi to long stick defense and midi, how good is this head????
(no subject) - 4/10/11 reply

X10 or brine blueprint for D?
LISTEN!!!!! - 4/08/11 reply

No STX head will fit on a Brine shaft. So you will just have to drill a new hole. ITS NOT HARD!!!!
drill it - 4/16/11 reply

dude like a year ago i bought a nike vandal and guess what my warrior head from my crap stick did not fit so i drilled a hole then when i got a proton plus i drilled a new hole in it you can do that it's super easy and unless you have a emo fear of hurting your stick u will be fine
(no subject) - 4/07/11 reply

will this head fit on my brine sugardaddys?
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