60 Performance Strings Pack
60 Performance Strings Pack
60 Performance Strings Pack
60 Performance Strings Pack
StringKing Performance Strings Pack Lacrosse Stringing Supplies
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  • StringKing Performance Strings
    -4 Sidewall Strings
    -Strings easy & stays tight
    -Tight construction & gripping texture
    -1 Bottom Lace
    -Soft & easily adjustable
    -Prevents mesh from ripping

    The best pockets in lacrosse. #ConsistencyIsKING
Why Performance Stringsā„¢?

The two most critical components of stringing a consistent, high-performing pocket are where/how you attach the mesh to the head and how tightly it's done.

We meticulously engineer the highest performing pockets in the world and provide stringing patterns that allow anyone to replicate these pockets.

Our sidewall strings have plastic tips and a tight, rugged construction that make stringing tight sidewalls easier.

Combine with StringKing Mesh and StringKing Pockets for ultimate consistency.
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SK Performance Strings - 1/26/15 reply

I love these strings. What I find funny though is that I string my ECD mesh with them instead of SK mesh.
stringking strings - 12/16/14 reply

These strings are the highest quality strings in the lacrosse industry. They stay tight, don't break and have an amazing feel. This pack comes with 4 sidewall strings and 1 bottom string, enough to string your twig up.
High Quality - 12/05/14 reply

StringKing materials have always been a favorite. There is a HUGE difference between SK sidewalls and a normal spool. Ive come to a conclusion that SK stings are much stronger and more durable than any others on the market. Not to mention the tipped ends allowing for even easier stringing. Will never go back. Check them out!
Favorite materials - 11/24/14 reply

Absolutely love SK materials. The tipped sidewall allow for me to string with ease and not have to worry about whether or not I can fit the strings into the topstring or sidewall holes. Always enjoy stringing with these! Definitely try them out!
Items - 9/05/14 reply

This package comes with 2 sidewall strings, 2 top strings (for Triangle topstring), and one bottom string(that is a shooter string).
whats the difference - 4/10/14 reply

what is the difference between this and normal strings? cuz this is quite expensive
(no subject) - 4/12/14 reply

i like string king sidewall much better than lax.com's sidewall its tipped so it easier to string with and better materials and this package comes with 4 sidewall and a bottom lace
question - 6/15/14 reply

Sorry, I don't know much and my son is 9. Does this pack include all the strings needed or do I still need topstring etc...? Thanks!
Strings - 9/17/14 reply

lax mom, if you get this. These string are the sidewall strings which go on the side of the stick and the there is a top string and which is everything you need to string the stick. The third part for string is also by stringking and it is 2 nylon strings to go across the mesh basically a shooting string which is also include in the other stringking pack which includes 2 nylon shooting strings and 3 regular shooting strings
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