Stringking Performance Mesh Kit Lacrosse String Supplies
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wqdfbgfhirefw - 8/20/14 reply

this or ecm
1x or 1s - 8/06/14 reply

Called and the kit is 1x, the harder one.
(no subject) - 2/18/14 reply

is it 1x or 1s?
1x or 1S - 12/14/13 reply

is the mesh in this kit 1X or 1S
1x - 12/17/13 reply

their original 1x mesh
1s or 1x - 7/18/14 reply

how do u know cuz i want is cuz its soft
SKL - 8/30/13 reply

Not as much of a fan. Doesn't string as easy as wax mesh (bunching wise.) Also doesn't have as much hold whip I don't like.
100x Better Than Wax - 8/22/13 reply

I used to use east cost until my teammate told me to try stringking -- he said the mesh plays like wax mesh but it doesn't change how it feels after a couple weeks of use. i've had it for 6 weeks and i'll never go back to wax mesh. SO GOOD!!!
StringKing - 7/31/13 reply

Definitely the best mesh I have ever used, and every part to the mesh kit down to the sidewalls are unique and improved for the best performance
Good Stuff - 7/21/13 reply

I tried this mesh about a month ago. Breaks in almost immediately, slightly harder than traditional soft mesh, holds it shape kind of like wax mesh but has no wax, never bags out. Overall really good stuff. I would recommend to anyone.
completely satisfied - 7/19/13 reply

Ive been pretty dedicated to east coast mesh for a while and was hesitant to try out this new string king, but finally tried it out and now I will never go back. The sidewalls are awesome and the mesh is super easy to mold and maintain. Solid product
awesome - 7/12/13 reply

this mesh is far better than any other mesh you can buy because it is reliable and doesnt change in bad weather like other mesh will. It is far superior to jimalax and ECM
Good Mesh - 7/10/13 reply

This mesh is really good. It's easy to string, very waterproof and the perfect amount of hardness. Plus, the colored shooters are the same thickness as the white jima ones. This is well worth the money and I recommend it to anyone. In my opinion, it's better than ECM.
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