60 Performance Mesh Type 1s
60 Performance Mesh Type 1s
60 Performance Mesh Type 1s
60 Performance Mesh Type 1s
Stringking Performance Mesh Type 1s Lacrosse String Supplies
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  • STRINGKING PERFORMANCE MESH TYPE 1s- The new, softer Performance Mesh- 2 out of 10 in terms of hardness- More feel & control- Better pocket shift- Performance Mesh Kit Part 1 of 3The most consistent, highest performing mesh in the game #MAKETHESWITCH
Why Performance Mesh? UNRIVALED CONSISTENCY - Diamond size & dimensions are 20x more precisely controlled than our competitors so your pocket always strings and performs consistently. ALL WEATHER PERFORMANCE - Constructed with advanced NEVER-BAG™ polymer fibers that are unaffected by rain, snow, mud, or various temperatures. Your pocket will never bag out. 60 SECOND BREAK IN - Our proprietary resin is applied to the yarn fibers during the manufacturing process instead of the mesh surface to create an immediate break in. NO POCKET MAINTENANCE - Break in your pocket once and it will maintain the same depth, feel, and shape no matter how long its used or left unused. Your pocket will never get crusty.
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(no subject) - 7/28/14 reply

This stuff is seriously good. I've been converted from ECM. Wax mesh has always been too sticky for my. Plus since most wax mesh base meshes are non-nylon, so after a while the wax wears off and it becomes affected by weather. I've played through rain, shine, heat, and cold and its never changed in any way, this is a real performance mesh, there is a reason people are starting to switch to this.
Position - 6/08/14 reply

Would u recommend this for attack or get 1x mesh I like hard mesh but I like baggy pockets
(no subject) - 8/01/14 reply

Get 1x if ur an all around player and like a high pocket for shooting and switches to a low when one handed cradling. This mesh would be if you want to feel the ball a bit better
(no subject) - 5/06/14 reply

Does it bunch up nicely when stringing it
Best mesh ever! - 1/21/14 reply

I tried this mesh for the first time a few weeks ago and I'm really happy with it. It's very slightly harder than most soft meshes that I've tried, but holds its shape similar to wax mesh. It doesn't get dirty like wax mesh and so far its holding up better than wax meshes I've tried.
what? - 12/15/13 reply

what's so good about this mesh? I don't see how its better then any other soft mesh.
(no subject) - 1/21/14 reply

It's unaffected by weather conditions and holds its shape a little better.
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