Throne Of String 12D Throne Mesh Lacrosse Stringing Supplies
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  • Hand Dyed: Wax Infused : Breaks in Fast : Water Resistant

    Throne Mesh is superior hand dyed and wax infused lacrosse mesh. Created for the exacting demands of modern lacrosse, this proprietary treatment shields mesh from the elements. The product will retain pocket shape longer, ensuring accuracy and legality.

    Throne Mesh is the unmatched balance between hard and soft mesh. The mesh forms fast to each players unique style while sustaining excellent hold-to-release. The treatment is not tacky and limits dirt buildup, preventing premature wear. All Throne Products are produced and packaged in North America.
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Throne Mesh 12D - 7/30/14 reply

This is really good mesh. You can control the rebounds. I'd buy this again but I like East Coast Mesh 12D it contains more wax so basically no rebounds
Mesh - 3/02/14 reply

Great mesh. It has great rebound control and is completely water-proof.
Throne Mesh 12d - 3/02/14 reply

Pros: - great resistance to water - strings and stretches very easily - perfect rebound control Cons: - kinda tacky - hard to determine the best pattern as it can bag out - gets very hard in cold weather Overall: - great product that I will definitely purchase again - awesome customer service and packaging
awesome! - 3/02/14 reply

This stuff is FROM THE GODS. Best mesh ever!
Review - 2/26/14 reply

honestly i dont have this mesh. but i tried my friends and it feels like soft mesh
12d - 2/25/14 reply

I love the mesh its incredible i have used the same piece for a year now and its still works like the first day i got it. Throne really knows what hes doing and is reinventing lacrosse mesh and stringing
fantastic mesh - 2/25/14 reply

I have used every mesh out there and i have to say that this Throne is the best mesh. I own a noz strung by throne with an assassins pocket and with 15mm frost mesh and it looks even better in person and is fantastic. it is soft which makes it easy to catch with and very water resistant
12D - 2/25/14 reply

Hey, I am a stringer and I have a constant customer who swears by this stuff. He is an amazing goalie on one of the most elite clubs on the West Coast and will use nothing but Throne until the day he dies. In short if you are looking for a great mesh that will hold up in all conditions and is trusted by some of the best, pick Throne.
throne mesh - 2/25/14 reply

This mesh is outstanding. I am a very big throne supporter. I have tried other wax mesh and it doesn't compare to any other wax mesh. This is the most consistent mesh I have used. Your pockets are amazing. This is the best wax mesh out there. I would recommend this to any one who plays lacrosse.
Best mesh - 2/25/14 reply

I have been using this all winter. Only good things to say, strings up nice, waterproof, and best wax mesh out there. Buy this mesh
- 2/25/14 reply

"No rebounds"
no rebound - 2/25/14 reply

Love it put super deep pockets in all of my goalies sticks. Hard crani shots no rebound perfect mesh
Awesome product - 2/25/14 reply

I went from hard mesh to Throne, and it was one of the best decisions I've made in my lacrosse career. I don't have to worry about weather, and I get unbelievable feel and hold, as well as great rebound control and a short break in time.
throne mesh - 2/24/14 reply

For a goalie I am always looking for something to up my game and this product, has helped me bring it to the next leval
Throne Mesh - 2/24/14 reply

Throne Mesh is awesome, they give you what your looking for in mesh,custom strong head or what ever you need. They give you top of the line products and they help you perform better because you have the right equipment to do so. I promise you will love there products.
Amazing - 2/24/14 reply

Honestly some of the best goalie mesh money can buy. I use it on my gamer stick and it holds, throws, and catches amazingly.
Throne of String 12D - 2/24/14 reply

Throne of string 12 diamond mesh is great. I'm not even a goalie, but stringing it up on my friend's nemesis made me want to consider becoming one. Great rebound control, crazy hold, easy channels, and barely any break in. Love it.
great product - 2/24/14 reply

probably produced my gods. Great with my warrior torch, helped with whip and scored me 20 goals. keep up the good work #thronearmy
Great mesh - 2/24/14 reply

This mesh has the great hold most goalies want. It also has great rebound control and is completely waterproof. I have used both 20D and 12D and love them both. Truly a great product.
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