Throne Of String 15mm Throne Mesh LE Frost Lacrosse Stringing Supplies
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  • Hand Dyed: Wax Infused : Breaks in Fast : Water Resistant

    LE Frost Throne Mesh is inspired by the current frozen weather. Its a mesh for the lacrosses winter warrior.

    It features a 3-color fade with Navy, Royal, and Carolina. It is the chilled out version of the popular LE Torch Mesh released for the summer Olympics.

    Be sure to pick up the LE Frost Stringing kit to make your stick look just like Throne's from the release video.Each piece of Throne Mesh is handmade in New York.
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(no subject) - 5/03/14 reply

How dose this mesh do in warm weather will the wax melt?
#FitForKings - 3/02/14 reply

I bought my first piece of throne mesh two years ago. I've had that same piece in my game stick and it outlasted my evo pro. the quality of these throne products is incomparable. It doesn't flake and the color doesn't fade at all. I also have a piece of red to white fade in my back up stick. So I have a piece of all white , le frost, red to white fade, solid navy, and black to white fade and I'm satisfied with all 5 pieces. It's super easy to break in and really easy to string up. the piece I've had for 2 years it's just as water resistant as the ones I recently got. throne mesh is going to be the #1 mesh for a very long time.
Throne Mesh - 3/02/14 reply

This mesh is amazing! It allows for great pockets and once it fully breaks in to a softer solid mesh.I having using the same piece for almost 2 years and it throws the same it did when I first got it! The mesh is a lot thicker than other mesh but that is better because unlike other meshes the wax does not wear off after a month or two. And you can't beat their customer service.
Throne mesh - 3/02/14 reply

This is somethe best stuff I've ever used. It is reliable and weather resisTant. It is on my professor and it is my favorite sick ever. Thanks Throne!
Throne mesh - 3/02/14 reply

Throne mesh is one of my favorite mesh that I have ever used and I will always use throne in my lax stick
Great mesh - 3/02/14 reply

I absolutely love it. I have such great hold and release.
Best mesh ever - 3/02/14 reply

I love this mesh and would kill to be able to use it. I had this mesh in my stick until I had to change the mesh out for white because of the new college stinging rule.
Lax bruh - 3/02/14 reply

I can't believe it's not butter
LE Frost mesh is great! - 3/02/14 reply

I'm currently using LE Frost mesh in all my sticks! I've been using throne mesh since last year and it's just amazing I would absolutely with out a doubt buy throne mesh in the future!
(no subject) - 3/02/14 reply

Looks really good on a white head with white shooters last long feels good and feels good in the rain love it
AMAZING - 3/02/14 reply

Great product excellent whip and nice color. keep it up
Throne mesh - 2/27/14 reply

Throne mesh is an overall amazing product it is a bit stiffer but softer then semi hard giving it the perfect feel in your stick. His mesh literally does not flake and it is one the best meshes at holding its shape. Throne really works hard on his product like his LE meshes are just jaw dropping. He is the only person I've seen with glow in the dark mesh. His frost LE is by far my favorite just because it Is a perfect navy to royal to Carolina blue fade and it has the thrones coating on it making it all weather performance, non sticky, non flakey, no rebound, perfect hold, perfect softness of mesh when broken in (takes like 5 min) and it has been my choice of wax mesh for almost 2 years now. So go buy throne mesh!
Throne ECD - 2/25/14 reply

Best mesh I've ever used, even better than ECD which is also amazing but still a close second, has the hold of soft mesh but shoots and passes like hard mesh, so good for everything including face off. Plus as an adds bonus, its the coolest looking mesh too.
Best mesh ever - 2/25/14 reply

This is the best mesh I have ever had I swear! This is like the god of mesh it takes literally 2 minutes to break in and BAM it's playable. It's in all my game sticks and I even have the throne leather kit and I have a PETA pocket with that. This is the best mesh ever if you don't buy this there must be something seriously wrong with you. Just saying
Best mesh ever!!! - 2/25/14 reply

This mesh will enhance your playing and will make your stick look icy clean.
great - 2/25/14 reply

I have used every mesh out there and i have to say that this Throne is the best mesh. I own a noz strung by throne with an assassins pocket and with 15mm frost mesh and it looks even better in person and is fantastic. it is soft which makes it easy to catch with and very water resistant
throne mesh - 2/25/14 reply

This mesh is outstanding. I am a very big throne supporter. I have tried other wax mesh and it doesn't compare to any other wax mesh. This is the most consistent mesh I have used. Your pockets are amazing. This is the best wax mesh out there. I would recommend this to any one who plays lacrosse.
LE Frost Throne Mesh - 2/25/14 reply

The Le frost Throne is Mesh is an amazing product I have gotten 3 piece and can't wait to go back for more, Love the colorway and it's on Throne MESH, what more can you ask for, glad to say im a supporter of throne!!
Need mesh - 2/25/14 reply

This mesh is the all time greatest it will work with all playing style an the color combination is absolutely great it escaially looks great with the Scott or I think pioneer also it's a good price and looks great in a royal hea it is cheap an durable good stuff. Hook it up
Get Stuff - 2/25/14 reply

Throne mesh and ECM are by far the best wax meshes on the market, I personally like throne more...and will always be a customer #thronearmy
Throne mesh - 2/25/14 reply

The stuff is really consistent and is great for fogos
(no subject) - 2/25/14 reply

It's pretty gross, strung it up in my Super Power throws smooth looks even smoother. Great service quick and reliable, I even posted a pic on twitter and got a retweet
Frost LE Mesh - 2/24/14 reply

This mesh will keep your stick looking icy all day every day on the field. Once you use this mesh there is no going back to regular mesh, it will keep you ripping top cheddar and making fatty stacks till the day you die! So what are you waiting for buy a piece now and stop being stupid!
frost mesh - 2/24/14 reply

freshest mesh around.
Throne Frost Mesh - 2/24/14 reply

I love this product. You won't find wax mesh like this anywhere else. The color way of the frost mesh is bright and vibrant and barley fades over time
Frost mesh - 2/24/14 reply

This stuff is top ched. The fade is still on my stick and looks nasty, as all throne products do! This is a must buy if your looking for some quality mesh and a fade that stays! OVER ALL IT'S NASTY!
Throne Mesh - 2/24/14 reply

Throne Mesh is awesome, they give you what your looking for in mesh,custom strong head or what ever you need. They give you top of the line products and they help you perform better because you have the right equipment to do so. I promise you will love there products.
(no subject) - 2/24/14 reply

Everything it says you get. Water proof, wax infused, and not to mention how create the colors are. All hand made right here in the USA, what more could you want?
Throne Of String Frost Mesh - 2/24/14 reply

Unbelievable mesh, I've always been a fan of the Throne products, but this Frost mesh blew me away, it looks amazing in the picture, but even better in real life. Really nice feel, perfect wax coating, easy to string, great hold, all around amazing mesh, absolutely buy it
(no subject) - 2/24/14 reply

Great mesh thats easy to string and provides great hold. Also looks good with multiple different color Head's.
(no subject) - 2/24/14 reply

This is just the best mesh I have ever used i will never use anything else ever again! You haven't had the best lacrosse experience playing lacrosse until you used this mesh GET THRONE MESH
frost mesh - 2/24/14 reply

Love this mesh and looks sweet in my proton power c channel
Made with love - 2/24/14 reply

Bought my first piece of Frost Throne Mesh at the beginning of last season and couldn't have been more satisfied and thrilled. By far the best mesh I've ever boughten. Fast break in, no flakes, playing with this mesh you can just tell that it is get quality and Throne really cares what they're sending out.
Great - 2/24/14 reply

I got this for christmas 2013. It strings easily, even on heads with few sidewall holes (O string it on my STX Revolver). It has great hold and you can string any pocket with it. And obviously, it looks sick. I also love what ToS's mission is and they are really revolutioning lacrosse and making major advancements in wax mesh. I love it abd have already reccomended it too many of my friends and teammates and am excited for my next purchase!
Best mesh ever!!! - 2/24/14 reply

Throne of string's mesh is the absolute best mesh ... I use it a lot on my sticks and I highly recamend it to anyone who wants a stick strung .... I rec,ande it a lot to the people the want me to string there sticks
LE Frost Mesh - 2/24/14 reply

This mesh was my first throne of string mesh, and I absolutely loved it! I still have it In my old gamer, and now I use some LE soldier mesh.
Throne of kings - 2/24/14 reply

Throne mesh is the best mesh on this planet. It has a perfect blend between soft mesh and hard mesh. It is way more consistent than soft and it also keeps it shape. Unlike hard it has immediate break in. It has no flaking, so in conclusion throne mesh kicks ECM's butt!
Throne LE Frost mesh - 2/24/14 reply

This stuff is fantastic. The colour is very detailed and lasts for a long time. The mesh itself does not feel like a wax mesh, you don't get that same annoying sticky feeling like other wax meshes. It is a harder wax mesh so it does indeed maintain its shape without bagging out, but at the same time, you can still get it to reshape after face offs so that it does not get in the way like hard mesh. A great but for anyone who wants a long lasting mesh.
Best Mesh - 2/24/14 reply

This is the mesh i first used in my stick. The colors are vibrant and stay that way for a long time. The mesh is waxed and stays constant in bad conditions. The wax dos not have a sticky feel to it either.
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